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Report of the Forest Service: 1980

Description: Annual report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service describing activities of the organization, expenditures and receipts, and a discussion of other relevant topics for the fiscal year.
Date: February 15, 1981
Creator: United States. Forest Service.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Cost of energy from some renewable and conventional technologies. Progress report, FY 1980

Description: Up-to-date, consistent, and transparent estimates of the cost of delivered energy from a selected number of solar and renewable technologies were developed and these were compared with the costs of conventional alternatives meeting the energy needs in comparable applications. Technology characterizations and cost assessments of representative systems relating to 23 solar and renewable resource technology/application pairs were performed. For each pair, identical assessments were also made for representative conventional (e.g., fossil fuel) competing systems. Section 2 summarizes the standardized methodology developed to do the technology characterizations and cost assessments. Assessments of technology/application pairs relating to distributed applications are presented in Section 3. Central system assessments are presented in Section 4. (MCW)
Date: April 1981
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

List of DOE radioisotope customers with summary of radioisotope shipments, FY 1980

Description: The sixteenth edition of the radioisotope customer list was prepared at the request of the Office of Health and Environmental Research, Office of energy Research, Department of Energy (DOE). This document lists DOE's radioisotope production and distribution activities by its facilities at Argonne National Laboratory; Pacific Northwest Laboratory; Brookhaven National Laboraory; Hanford Engineering Development Laboratory; Idaho Operations Office; Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory; Mound Facility; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Savannah River Laboratory; and UNC Nuclear Industries, Inc. The information is divided into five sections: (1) isotope suppliers, facility, contracts and isotopes or services supplied; (2) alphabetical list of customers, and isotopes purchased; (3) alphabetical list of isotopes cross-referenced to customer numbers; (4) geographical location of radioisotope customers; and (5) radioisotope sales and transfers-FY 1980.
Date: August 1981
Creator: Burlison, J. S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Research issues and supporting research of the National Program on Carbon Dioxide, Environment and Society, fiscal year 1980

Description: This report outlines and summarizes the research conducted in the United States under the auspices of the CO/sub 2/ program. The Program encompasses six primary categories which, in turn, are divided into 18 research subcategories and 51 research issues. The research program was designed to describe the research which should be conducted regardless of institutional or even national sponsorship. Project descriptions have been collected and classified according to the research issue to which they most directly apply and have been inserted immediately following the applicable issue description. This provides, for the first time, a detailed view of the nation's effort in addressing the carbon dioxide question in FY 1980.
Date: January 1981
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department