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Charles Langford

Description: North Texas State Normal College, Charles Langford, lyricist of Alma Mater, "Glory to the Green" 1922. Man in a football uniform standing in front of a fence
Date: 1922~
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The implementation of international education in colleges and universities in the state of Texas: A follow-up study.

Description: This study is a follow-up to a study completed by Dr. Thomas Barker in 1994 entitled The Status of the Implementation of International Education in Texas Four-year Colleges and Universities: A Comprehensive Study. A survey of 35 Texas universities and 6 out-of-state benchmark universities revealed information regarding the international programs at these universities in four areas. The four areas surveyed include: (a) administrative, (b) instructional, (c) international student support services, and (d) outreach. A summary of the survey results includes 34 tables detailing the university responses for the 2004 survey compared with the responses obtained from the original, Barker (1994). The results from the 2004 participating benchmark institutions were also reviewed. Texas universities continue to work toward the internationalization of the curriculum with increased numbers supporting an international focus in their mission statements and staffing patterns. Benchmark institutions continue to lead Texas institutions in a majority of areas surveyed. Funding for international education continues to be an issue for both the benchmark and Texas institutions. Changes in attitudes and immigration policies continue to affect the implementation of international programs on the university level. While universities continue to provide support to community and businesses in the area of international education, the extent of this support has decreased in the ten years since the Barker (1994) survey.
Date: May 2005
Creator: Hodges, Sarah
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The Status of the Implementation of International Education in Texas Four-Year Colleges and Universities: a Comprehensive Study

Description: This study examined international education programs in Texas 4-year colleges and universities to determine how they compare to models found in the literature. A second purpose of the study was to compare Texas 4-year colleges and universities with out-of state benchmark institutions with a history of international education programs for over a decade. Areas examined in the study were: (a) administration of international education; (b) instructional activities of international education; (c) international student support services; and (d) outreach both in the community and abroad.
Date: August 1994
Creator: Barker, Thomas S.
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The Utilization of Computers in Public Universities in Thailand

Description: The purpose of this study is to identify, describe, and compare the use of computers in the various types of public universities in Thailand utilizing as factors (a) the general use of computers in administration, instruction, and research, (b) the budgeting allocation and accounting of computer resources, (c) the administrative organizational structure of computing facilities, (d) the policy formulation regarding computer use, and (e) the utilization of hardware systems and computer languages. All twelve public universities plus the eight campuses of Srinakharinwirot University in Thailand were sent questionnaires. The following major findings and conclusions are based on the information gained from the study: 1. The average number of years computers have been used by Thai public universities is seven years; 2. A greater emphasis is placed on instructional use of the computer than on other uses; 3. The majority of institutions have special funds allocated and budgets established for computer usage; 4. More money is spent for research computing; 5. The majority of the institutions have one centralized computing center that either provides the services without charge or charges only for a part of the services and software costs; 6. Directors of computing centers are primarily and directly responsible for computing, followed by vice presidents for administration; 7. The most frequently reported computing policy formulators are vice presidents, computing center directors, computer usage committees, and ad hoc committees; 8. The computer hardware systems used by Thai public universities vary both in size and in manufacturer, and there is no standardized use of computer languages. Since more importance is placed on instructional uses of the computer, budgets for computer usage should be reviewed for appropriate financial allocations. In addition, increases in computer course offerings and in computer literacy requirements in Thai public universities may result in serious faculty shortages.
Date: August 1985
Creator: Ruksaksri, Phawilai
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[Advertisement for the University of Dallas]

Description: Single page advertisement for the University of Dallas, featuring the tower and four different lecturers along with the words "The University of Dallas: Most people have heard that its education is superb. Have they also heard that its faculty is exceptionally cosmopolitan? that its professors bring their learning from major universities of the world? They form one of the special things about the University of Dallas."
Date: 19uu
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Existing Relationships Between Enrollment Size and Methods of Financial Management in the Public Universities of Texas Participating in the Ad Valorem Tax Fund

Description: The problem of this study is to ascertain the existing relationships between enrollment size and methods of financial management in selected public institutions of higher education. The purposes set forth for this investigation are to conduct a survey of the financial management methods of a major segment of Texas higher education, to analyze the existing relationships of these financial methods with increasing enrollments ranging from 2,537 to 26,531, and to assess the implications thereof for indicators of optimum and maximum enrollments under variable methods of financial management.
Date: August 1972
Creator: Childers, Lloyd Fred
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Quality Indicators for Private Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities

Description: The purpose of this study was to identify indicators of quality for liberal arts colleges and universities as defined by internal and external constituents, and to compare the results of this study with those of two-year public institutions. The internal constituents included college and university presidents and faculty, and the external constituents consisted of officers of Chambers of Commerce and the Kiwanis International, representing business and industry. A survey instrument of 70 items was sent to the constituents of 148 institutions accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. A total of 592 surveys were sent with an average response rate of 56.93%. The study was limited to Baccalaureate (Liberal Arts) Colleges I and Baccalaureate (Liberal Arts) Colleges II according to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. There were 57 survey items identified as indicators of quality by agreement of all respondent group means. The highest ranked indicator of quality was faculty commitment to teaching. The Analysis of Variance revealed close agreement by constituents on 17 of the quality indicators. There was close agreement also that three of the survey items were not indicators of quality. Fisher's Multiple Comparison test revealed that various constituents rated some survey items significantly higher than all other groups. The items that presidents, faculty representatives, and Chamber of Commerce officers each rated significantly high indicated the unique perspective of each constituent group. The Kiwanis officers responded similarly to the Chamber officers but did not rate any survey items significantly higher than other groups. Internal constituents rated seven items significantly higher than external constituents. These items centered mainly on faculty characteristics. External constituents rated three items higher than internal constituents. These survey items focused mainly on curriculum issues that related to the community and real-world problems. Seventeen conclusions were drawn from the study ...
Date: December 1995
Creator: Connors, Donald R., 1936-
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A Study of Academic Program Evaluation in Texas' Senior Institutions

Description: The problem with which this study is concerned is to determine the status of academic program evaluation in Texas' senior colleges and universities. The purpose of the study is to determine current procedures, timelines, participants, and use of results of academic program evaluation in the surveyed institutions. The presidents of the seventy-three senior colleges and universities in Texas were contacted for permission to conduct the study. Fifty-four presidents gave their permission and supplied designated contact individuals, forty-six of whom responded for a 62 per cent response rate. The twentyitem survey instrument, which was designed to fulfill the purpose of the study, was evaluated by experts in the field of academic program evaluation at the senior institutional level. All data are reported by frequency, percentage, and rank ordering because these data indicate frequency of use and degree of importance.
Date: August 1983
Creator: Loyd-Skidmore, JoLynn
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The Role of Admissions Officers in the Marketing Activities of Texas Colleges and Universities

Description: This study concerns the role of admissions officers in the marketing activities of Texas Colleges and universities. The purposes of this study are to identify the marketing activities of Texas colleges and universities for admissions and recruiting, to determine if these marketing activities vary according to identified characteristics of the colleges and universities, to determine the role of admissions officers in marketing activities, and to determine the organizational structure for marketing activities in Texas colleges and universities.
Date: December 1989
Creator: Rahman, Nurudeen Kayode
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