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A Short History of the Trombone With Emphasis on Construction Innovations and Performance Modifications From 1945 to 1970

Description: For all of recorded history musical instruments have been a source of fascination and curiosity for man. Through a major portion of this time one instrument, the trombone, has evolved with a unique design, character, and history. The earliest trombones, called sackbuts, originally had a sliding mechanism located near the mouthpiece. In the sixteenth century this was improved by the addition of the "U-turn" which facilitated holding and playing. This construction innovation was the last major change in trombone design; the trombone of 1600 was essentially the same as the trombone of today.
Date: May 1971
Creator: Alexander, Ashley
Partner: UNT Libraries
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The Trombone Sonatas of Richard A. Monaco

Description: This lecture-recital investigated the music of Richard A. Monaco, especially the two sonatas for trombone (1958 and 1985). Monaco (1930-1987) was a composer, trombonist and conductor whose instrumental works are largely unpublished and relatively little known. In the lecture, a fairly extensive biographical chapter is followed by an examination of some of Monaco's early influences, particularly those in the music of Hunter Johnson and Robert Palmer, professors of Monaco's at Cornell University. Later style characteristics are discussed in a chapter which examines the Divertimento for Brass Quintet (1977), the Duo for Trumpet and Piano (1982), and the Second Sonata for Trombone and Piano (1985). The two sonatas for trombone are compared stylistically and for their position of importance in the composer's total output. The program included a performance of both sonatas in their entirety.
Date: December 1988
Creator: Seidel, John A. (John Allen)
Partner: UNT Libraries
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Advanced Method for the Slide Trombone

Description: This advanced method for trombone is designed to meet the needs of the advanced high school trombonist and to prepare him for later participation in college, civic, and professional musical organizations of higher artistic standards. The student should not be satisfied with a thorough study of this method, but should seek improvement of his musical skill in other methods. Some very worthy studies for trombone have been written by La Fosse, Vobaron, Muller, Blume and others which should prove of much value to the student.
Date: August 1941
Creator: Seale, Tommy F. (Tommy Fred)
Partner: UNT Libraries
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