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College Freshman Biology Two Semester Course: Integrating Deep Processing Teaching Techniques

Description: Development of a college level freshman biology course was undertaken in response to government reports that American students have fallen behind students of other countries in the area of the sciences. Teaching strategies were investigated to accomplish two objectives, to define essential academic material to include in the course and to investigate teaching techniques that would increase deep processing of the information. An active process that consisted of applying the cognitive information to solving problems or developing answers to questions was defined as critical thinking. Critical thinking was incorporated into the course by the use of case studies.
Date: May 2002
Creator: Blevins, Mary Jean
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Innovated Teaching Technique for Occupation Investigation

Description: This study enhances student acceptance of career investigation and contains extensive lesson plans for each day of the school year, plus one copy of each handout to be duplicated. The classroom is run as a business where students work for the instructor and are paid by check at the end of each week. Money is deposited on account and used to purchase course grades. The more money the student earns, the higher grade he can purchase. The findings show that students learn more about careers. Students became aware that the higher paying career fields required more schooling and/or training, resulting in changed attitudes about school. They were able to see how the relationship of the learning process could determine their future.
Date: December 1985
Creator: Marburger, Rodney Ging
Partner: UNT Libraries

Implementing a Framework for Remedial Reading for Seventh and Eighth Grades: A Delphi Study

Description: This study determined the instructional approaches and teaching techniques and materials reading specialists perceived to be the most effective for the seventh and eighth grade remedial reading courses mandated by Texas House Bill 246. It also determined the most effective inservice procedures for training teachers assigned to teach these courses. Fifty-four Texas reading specialists, representing school districts, service centers, and colleges and universities, participated as panelists in the Delphi, completing three rounds of questionnaires. Perceived recommendations were rated by panelists according to levels of effectiveness.
Date: May 1984
Creator: Jennings, Frances D. (Frances Ditto)
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of the Vocal Teaching Techniques of Allan Rogers Lindquest

Description: The problem with which this research is concerned is the documentation of Allan Rogers Lindquest's vocal teaching techniques and contributions to the field of vocal pedagogy in America from 1974 to 1981. The purpose of this study is the identification and compilation of voice building techniques and vocal exercises that were formulated for vocal pedagogy by Lindquest. As a result of reviewing the literature related to vocal pedagogy, which identifies methods of voice teaching and contrasts pedagogical styles, the research questions developed for this study concern the identification and classification of Lindquest's teaching techniques in instructional areas that include breath and breath support, areas of resonance, vowels and vowel modification, vocal registers, other related areas of vocal production, and the directions for and expected results of special vocal exercises. The sources of data for this study are verbatim transcripts of fifty-six audio tapes of voice lessons conducted by Lindquest with seven students.
Date: August 1984
Creator: Forrest, Margaret O. (Margaret Ogburn)
Partner: UNT Libraries