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A Study of the Operation and Construction of Speaker Systems/Enclosures

Description: The purposes of the study are as follows: 1. To delineate the functions of the different component parts of a loudspeaker so as to show its working relationship with the enclosure or baffle 2. To analyze the basic types of speaker enclosure designs and to define their application for use in woodworking shop projects. 3. To explore the skills and knowledge needed to build correctly a highly functional speaker system cabinet. 4. To present these construction techniques in such a way as they might be helpful to the prospective builder of a speaker system enclosure. 5. To provide a helpful guide for the design and construction of hi-fidelity cabinetry and to help the builder avoid needless and costly mistakes of acoustic and aesthetic design.
Date: December 1973
Creator: Allen, Harry Steven
Partner: UNT Libraries

Discussion of a writing sample

Description: Discussion of a written sample from an SIL writing workshop. The purpose is to understand the writing system and to learn about grammatical constructions from a variety of speakers.
Date: March 15, 2008
Creator: Utt, Tyler P.
Partner: UNT College of Information

Elicitation of syllable structure

Description: Syllable Tapping Experiment with speaker Dina Sankhil Lamkang and Melissa Robinson as the experimental lead. The experiment was intended to determine speaker intuition about syllable structure in words with multiple prefixes.
Date: June 7, 2017
Creator: Robinson, Melissa
Partner: UNT College of Information

Some Innovations in an Oral Approach to Teaching English to Spanish-Speaking Students: Eighth Grade Level

Description: The aim of this thesis is to suggest how some of the trends mentioned above may be incorporated into a program to help the eighth grade Spanish-speaking student in a predominately English-speaking school, to help the student who has not only given up the idea of getting an education himself, but is considered by his teachers "too late" to reach.
Date: January 1970
Creator: Woolsey, Normada L.
Partner: UNT Libraries
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