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The NBS Standard Hygrometer

Description: Report describing a gravimetric hygrometer that serves as the NBS standard instrument for the measurement of the moisture content of gases on an absolute basis in terms of mixing ratio (mass water vapor/ unit mass of dry gas). The National Bureau of Standards and other laboratory reference and working instruments are compared and calibrated with this instrument. The measuring operation involves the absorption of the water vapor from a water vapor-gas mixture by a solid desiccant and the determination of the mass of this water vapor by precision weighing; it also involves the determination of the volume of the associated gas of known density by counting the fillings of two calibrated stainless steel cylinders. The construction and operation of the instrument is described. Discussions of the tests and calibrations of component parts, and of the sources of errors also are included. There is also an analysis of the random and systematic errors effecting the overall accuracy in the determination of mixing ratio.
Date: May 1, 1964
Creator: Wexler, Arnold & Hyland, Richard W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

An Improved Fluorimeter for the Determination of Uranium in Fluoride Melts

Description: Abstract: The Model R fluorimeter has been modified to increase its stability and sensitivity. The new instrument is about ten times as sensitive as the original fluorimeter, but it can also be employed conveniently at a sensitivity level comparable to or less than that of the Model R fluorimeter.
Date: June 1950
Creator: Fletcher, Mary H. & May, Irving
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department