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An Examination Of Three Texas High SchoolsÊ Restructuring Strategies That Resulted In An Academically Acceptable Rating

Description: This study examined three high schools in a large urban school district in Texas that achieved an academically acceptable rating after being sanctioned to reconstitute by state agencies. Texas state accountability standards are a result of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2011 (NCLB). Texas state law requires schools to design a reconstitution plan after the second year of receiving an academically unacceptable school rating for failing to meet the required standards on state assessments, dropout rates, and graduation rates. The plan must be implemented by the third year. A mixed methods approach was used to uncover the strategies that were successful during the restructuring initiative. Data was obtained from three sources: interviews, document analysis and surveys. Interviews were conducted with district administrators, campus based administrators and teachers of the three high schools. A sample of core content teachers were surveyed using questions from the MetLife Survey of the American Teacher: Collaborating for Student Success. Results revealed that each school chose to engage in a major form of restructuring that included the formation of a themed based magnet school. A team approach was used to devise, implement, and monitor the reconstitution plan. Common strategies unveiled in the study included the use of common assessments, collaborative planning among core teachers, professional development, continuous monitoring of student absences, extended learning times for students, and a focus on college readiness. Survey data revealed that the majority of teachers believed that collaboration positively impacted student achievement. It is recommended that schools undergoing restructuring choose a reconstitution option that allows for flexibility, use multiple resources to foster school improvement, and develop restructuring plans that serve as living documents. Further research is needed to study the principal's role in achieving an academically acceptable rating. This study could also be expanded to compare restructuring strategies of ...
Date: December 2011
Creator: Massey Fields, Chamara
Partner: UNT Libraries

Book Selection Practices in a Selected Number of Secondary and Junior High School Libraries

Description: The purposes of this study are to make an investigation of practices used in a number of selected schools in selecting library materials for the school libraries and to evaluate these practices against criteria developed from a study of recommended standards and practices in the fields of library science and education.
Date: 1956
Creator: Blair, Leta Earline
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Survey of Public School Library Resources in Arkansas

Description: The purpose of this study was an examination of elementary- and secondary-school libraries in Arkansas to determine the adequacy of their resources as compared with the 1960 and the 1969 national school library standards. The findings served as a base for establishing goals and recommendations for improved school library programs in Arkansas.
Date: August 1972
Creator: Guise, Benjamin R.
Partner: UNT Libraries

School Governance and Student Achievement: Revealing Factors Beyond the McCarty-Ramsey Model

Description: The purpose of this study was to identify and investigate the specific superintendent leadership type and underlying factors that support significant student achievement gains in communities where misalignment with the McCarty-Ramsey model exists. Utilizing a mixedmethod research strategy, contributing school districts were identified through a survey developed by McCarty and Ramsey. This survey indicated that districts could show positive student achievement gains while exhibiting misalignment among these factors. While all four types of superintendent leadership style were revealed in the survey, a prevalent superintendent leadership types was associated with the misaligned districts showing significant academic growth. This study indicated the professional advisor or the professional advisor/decision maker superintendent had the greatest achievement results in misaligned districts. The second investigation phase involved school districts that met two criteria: misalignment with the McCarty-Ramsey model, and three years of significant student achievement gains, as measured by the California Academic Performance Indicator. Interviews were conducted with identified school board presidents and superintendents to reveal practices or initiatives promoting these results. The interview protocol consisted of a series of open-ended questions regarding effective leadership and programs. The second finding revealed the effective superintendent focuses efforts on five specific district leadership actions identified by researchers such as Waters and Marzano. More specifically, this study revealed two practices were present in top performing school districts. First, a narrow focus on non-negotiable instructional practices across the district, and frequent monitoring by the superintendent, site and district leadership teams including follow - up debriefings regarding implementation of district expectations. These findings have significance in districts dealing with challenges among the community power structures, board types or superintendent leadership. This research shows that regardless of the political challenges, budgetary issues, or relationship chaos that might exist in the district and community, the professional advisor superintendent who has established clear district ...
Date: May 2011
Creator: Kemp, Stella Maria
Partner: UNT Libraries

Administrative Activities of High School and Elementary School Principals with Respect to some Democratic Procedures

Description: The purpose of this study is two-fold: (1) to determine democratic procedures as they apply to administrative activities, and (2) to compare the activities of high school principals with those of elementary school principals with respect to democratic procedures.
Date: 1947
Creator: Clayton, Irvin
Partner: UNT Libraries

Trends and Techniques of Public Relations in Music Education

Description: The purpose of this study represents an illustration of the techniques of public relations in music education as well as the urgent necessity for their development. Especially during; this era, American public schools are faced with the problem of providing a balanced curriculum whose chief interests lie in subjects of a scientific nature. Educators feel that this type of training is not only necessary to keep the nation ahead or equated with others scientifically, but that it is inevitably the best in preparing the student for adulthood. Public school music, in many instances, has not lived up to its responsibilities in providing the kinds of music and the type of community service it should render. Consequently, many educators feel justified in either reducing or eliminating fine arts programs in their schools. It is necessary, therefore, that the music educator study measures of encouraging musical growth in his environment, and this growth can be assured through a study of the techniques and tools of public relations.
Date: June 1963
Creator: Scott, Lamar H. (Lamar Houston)
Partner: UNT Libraries

Evolution of the leadership behavior of a newly assigned principal and the organizational climate of the school

Description: The purposes of this study were to investigate the evolution of the school climate during the first year of a new principal's assignment to the school as perceived by the principal and the teachers; and to investigate the relationship between the school climate and the leadership behavior of the principal as perceived by the principal and the teachers. In addition, an investigation was made of the relationship between the teachers' perception of the principal's leadership behavior and the self-evaluated leadership behavior of the principal.
Date: December 1979
Creator: Echols, Robin W.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Criteria and procedures used in the selection of high school principals in selected Texas school districts

Description: The problem of this study was to determine the criteria and procedures used by superintendents of selected public high schools districts in Texas in the selection of high school principals. This study had two main purposes : (1) to ascertain criteria and procedures that the superintendents of selected public school districts of Texas are using in the selection of high school principals, and (2) to make recommendations to improve the selecting of high school principals.
Date: May 1978
Creator: Williams, Walter Earl
Partner: UNT Libraries

Determining Sound Principles for Administration of the School Plant

Description: The purpose of this study is to determine sound principles for the administration of the school plant. Attention is given to the democratic, legal, psychological, and prudential principles underlying sound policies for the administration of the school plant, and to recommend practices and procedures for achieving these principles.
Date: 1949
Creator: Kibler, James Morris
Partner: UNT Libraries

Student, school, parent connectedness, and school risk behaviors of adolescents in Saudi Arabia

Description: This article investigates select school behaviors, including school absenteeism, engaging in fights, and discipline for misconduct at school as well as their association with the school environment, school and home connectedness.
Date: October 31, 2015
Creator: AlMakadma, AbdulKarim S. & Ramisetty-Mikler, Suhasini
Partner: UNT College of Information

An Assessment of Fruit Offerings for 7Th and 8Th Grade Students in Texas

Description: Childhood obesity in America is reaching epidemic proportions. This study explored whether daily online lunch menu information was sufficient to enable parents to advise their children about healthy and unhealthy menu choices in 350 Texas middle schools and whether online menu information strongly correlated with the descriptions of the offerings given by 52 school cafeteria managers in telephone interviews. Although schools are making efforts to describe their offerings, they are not vigorously taking advantage of the opportunity to aggressively inform or educate. They are not coding their descriptions in such a way as to explicitly brand food as healthy or unhealthy. They are also not labeling food as generally required by law for consumer services that provide food (except for the fresh produce that lines supermarket shelves). Instead, they only briefly describe what they are serving in the way of fruit in one or two word snippets. Finally, cafeteria managers’ online descriptions were inconsistent with what they described in interviews. Online and verbal descriptions were sometimes contradictory, raising questions about the accuracy of either type of description.
Date: August 2012
Creator: Paschal, Ryan Tyler
Partner: UNT Libraries

To Determine Some Fundamental Principles Basic to an Effective Democratic Organization of Schoolteachers and Administrators

Description: The purpose of this study is to analyze and to determine some fundamental principles basic to an effective democratic organization of school teachers and administrators. In so doing, attention will be given to the need for such an organization, to the shortcomings of present organizations, and to the fundamental principles which should underlie any effective organization.
Date: August 1947
Creator: Rhea, Authur F.
Partner: UNT Libraries