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The Effect of an Electronic Evaluation Questionnaire Format on the Return Rate From Field Supervisors.

Description: The purpose of this study was to examine the usefulness of electronic-based questionnaires as a tool to gather data from field supervisors in the medical profession at various military bases. The study compared the response effects of an electronic evaluation questionnaire with the traditional method of paper-based questionnaires in gathering Level 3 data. The number of returns affects the amount of information available to the course personnel in creating a viable program that ensures the success of service members entering the occupational field and, ultimately, affecting the number of service members who remain beyond their first enlistment. The return rate and amount of missing data were tracked. Supervisors of graduates of a medical program who had observed service members for a minimum of 4-months were participants in the study. The z-test for comparing two proportions was used to determine significance of the study at the .05 level. Findings indicate that there was a significant difference in return rates and the amount of missing data when using the electronic format. Based on this study, the electronic-based questionnaire as a data-gathering tool provided a higher number of returns in a quicker time frame with fewer missing data in the technical training environment. Copyright is held by the author, unless otherwise note
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Date: May 2005
Creator: Pineau, Deborah M.
Partner: UNT Libraries

[Student filling out a questionnaire]

Description: Photograph of a student filling out a questionnaire at a meeting to discuss whether students should wear school uniforms in Fort Worth Texas. He is wearing a blue and black striped shirt, and there is a green purse in the background.
Date: January 19, 2006
Creator: Castillo, José L.
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An Experimental Study of Bifurcated (Weekend and Weekday) and Unitary (Past Week) Retrospective Assessments of Sleep

Description: Discordance between weekday and weekend sleep schedules is common (Bonnet & Arand, 1995; Breslau, Roth, Rosenthal, & Andreski, 1997; Machado, Varella, & Andrade, 1998; Strauch & Meier, 1988; Tsai & Li, 2004). Brief retrospective self-report measures are essential for epidemiological research studies (Moul, Hall, Pilkonis, & Buysse, 2004), but self-reports are prone to error in recall, and the greater the variability in nightly sleep, the less reliable are retrospective reports (Babkoff, Weller, & Lavidor, 1996). More accurate self-report responses may be possible if measures prompt participants to consider variations in sleep schedules that are consistent (i.e., weekday and weekend sleep schedules). The current study experimentally examined whether Bifurcated (Weekday and Weekend) retrospective assessments of sleep are more accurate than Unitary (Past Week) assessments. Participants were randomly assigned to complete one of the two versions (Bifurcated vs. Unitary) of the Sleep Questionnaire. One hundred and thirty-one participants were included in the analyses. Results of a a series of analyses demonstrated that the Bifurcated version of the Sleep Questionnaire provided more accurate and less variable estimates of total sleep time than the Unitary version of the Sleep Questionnaire. Differences between the versions of the Sleep Questionnaire for other sleep variables were less consistent, and the increased length of the Bifurcated version of the Sleep Questionnaire may have contributed to increased missing and unusable data in this group. Overall, the findings suggest that in both research and clinical work, retrospective measures that examine weekday and weekend sleep separately may offer advantages over retrospective measures that do not differentiate between weekday and weekend sleep.
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Date: August 2016
Creator: Sethi, Kevin J.
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[Memo from Darla Thompson to the Circulation Director, June 3, 2005]

Description: Memo from Darla Thompson to the Circulation Directors, Texas Daily Newspaper Association on June 3, 2005 with the subject Subscription Billing Survey. Sent to the Circulation Directors is a question and answer response sheet, asking how the newspaper companies bill their subscribers. Attached to the questionnaire is a response from Darla Thompson to the Circulation Managers and Publishers on June 29, 2005. Thompson has enclosed a tallied response of the billing options offered by twenty-three Texas daily newspapers.
Date: June 3, 2005
Creator: Thompson, Darla
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

The Near-Death Experience: A Study of Its Validity

Description: Abstract: An Italian translation of Greyson's (1983a) NDE Sclae was administered to 125 individuals who had been resuscitated at a hospital in Italy. By NDE Scale criteria 37.5 percent of those who returned the questionnaire had authentic NDEs. These data suggest some limitations to Grayson's NDE Scale and recommendations for future research.
Date: Spring 1996
Creator: Pacciolla, Aureliano
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Assessing Psychologists' Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Near-Death Phenomena

Description: Abstract: Nina Thornburg's (1988) Near-Death Phenomena Knowledge and Attitudes Questionnaire was distributed to 326 randomly selected Illinois psychologists. Of 117 usable questionnaires received, the mean score for knowledge questions was 7.5 of a maximum score of 18. Respondents were most knowledgeable about near-death elements of peace, out-of-body transcendence, and tunnel/light phenomena. The mean score for the attitude portion of the instrument was 61.3 of a maximum score of 85 points for the most positive attitude. Seven percent of the respondents indicated having had a near-death experience, 19% indicated having counseling near-death experiencers, and 28% indicated having had personal contacts with an experiencer.
Date: Winter 1989
Creator: Walker, Barbara A. & Russell, Robert D.
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An Assessment of Physicians' Knowledge of and Attitudes Toward the Near-Death Experience

Description: Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate physicians' knowledge of and attitudes toward near-death experiences (NDEs). The study population consisted of 143 staff physicians in the Baptist Memorial Hospital System. Participants completed by mail a modified version of Thornburg's (1988) Near-Death Phenomena Knowledge and Attitudes Questionnaire. Less than one-fourth of the physicians had a well-grounded knowledge base regarding NDEs, while two-thirds had a positive attitude toward NDEs. These data suggest the need for inservice programs for medical and nursing staff regarding near-death phenomena. Further studies assessing physicians' knowledge of and attitudes toward NDEs are recommended utilizing a larger population from a wider geographical region.
Date: Winter 1994
Creator: Moore, Linda Hutton
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Profile Development of Commenters Versus Non-Commenters on International Marketing Questionnaires

Description: The objectives of this dissertation were to: (1) discover whether commenters and non-commenters on an international marketing questionnaire differ based on sociodemographic, nationality, and personality characteristics; (2) determine whether commenters with greater life satisfaction are more likely to provide positive comments; (3) determine whether commenters differ in response styles due to their national background; and (4) discover whether commenters differ (based on sociodemo-graphic, nationality, and personality characteristics) in their propensity to comment on the design rather than on other questionnaire issues. An exploratory design was used to satisfy these objectives.
Date: May 1987
Creator: Knauber, Ines
Partner: UNT Libraries

Willingness of Educators to Participate in a Descriptive Research Study as a Function of a Monetary Incentive

Description: The problem considered involved assessing willingness of educators to participate in a study offering monetary incentives. Determination of willingness was implemented by sending educators a packet requesting return of a postcard to indicate willingness to participate. The purpose was twofold: to determine the effect of a monetary incentive upon willingness of educators to participate in a research study, and to analyze implications for mail questionnaire studies. A sample of 600 educators was chosen from directories of eleven public schools in north Texas. It included equal numbers of male and female teachers and male and female administrators. Subjects were assigned to one of twelve groups. No two from a school were assigned to different levels of the inducement variable.
Date: May 1984
Creator: Pittman, Doyle
Partner: UNT Libraries

[Capitol Dialogue, 1981]

Description: Newsletter from state representative Lanny Hall, titled Capitol Dialogue. The newsletter includes an introduction by Hall stating how it is an honor to serve as a Texas House Representative and the newsletter contains questionnaires concerning issues during legislature sessions.
Date: [1979..]
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The Characteristics of Sociological Practitioners: A Social Psychological Examination

Description: Questionnaires were sent by mail and e-mail to 143 members of the Sociological Practice Association. The purpose of the questionnaire was to measure the role expectations as qualities (competencies), role expectations as actions, and role enactments of the respondents'. An additional goal was to examine how respondents perceived their work to be sociological in nature, and how they saw their work as different from the practices of social workers, counselors, and psychologists. The first question that was addressed was, “Do sociological practitioners have clear and unambiguous role expectations for their work as practitioners?” The data showed that most role expectations measured as competencies were clear and unambiguous, and only a few were ambiguous and unclear. The second question addressed was, “Do sociological practitioners perceive their role enactments to differ from other helping professionals such as social workers, counselors, and psychologists?” The data showed that sociological practitioners do perceive their role enactments to be different because of their use of sociological theory and their focus on social structures. The final question asked was, “How do sociological practitioners perceive their work as sociological in theory, methods, or both?” The data showed that sociological practitioners perceive their work as sociological based on their use of sociological theory. Most respondents reported that they used common scientific methods, and few reported the use of psychological theory.
Date: May 2002
Creator: Carr, Joel Lance
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparison of UFO and Near-Death Experiences as Vehicles for the Evolution of Human Consciousness

Description: Abstract: This study compares unidentified flying object experiencers (UFOErs) with near-death experiencers (NDErs) in regard to changes in attitudes toward self, others, and life in general, toward religious or spiritual orientation, and toward psychic abilities and beliefs. Kenneth Ring's questionnaires administered to NDErs (1984) were given in this study to 93 persons whose UFOE included either a light experience, and object experience, or a "close encounter." The author concludes that the UFOE, like the NDE, provides impetus toward spiritual growth, but neither as consistently nor as strongly.
Date: Summer 1988
Creator: Davis, Lorraine
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Domestic carnivore interactions with wildlife in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve, Chile: husbandry and perceptions of impact from a community perspective

Description: This article contains results of surveys to pet owners and non-owners living in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve in order to understand husbandry and perceptions of impacts by unconfined, domestic carnivores.
Date: June 2, 2017
Creator: Schüttler, Elke; Saavedra-Aracena, Lorena & Jiménez, Jaime E.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

[Judges poll]

Description: A judges poll from Texas Research - a survey of voter opinions. The survey asks questions on views of the country and the public figures for election.
Date: August 2, 1992
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