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Three Near-Death Experiences with Premonitions of What Could Have Been

Description: Abstract: We analyze three near-death experiences involving a unique type of prophetic vision that has not previously been reported in the literature. These visions involve a brief glimpse of what circumstances would have been like for the near-death experiencers' family in the aftermath of the experiencers' deaths, had they actually died.
Date: Spring 1991
Creator: Walker, Barbara A.; Serdahely, William J. & Bechtel, Lori
Partner: UNT Libraries

Parallels Between Near-Death Experience Prophetic Visions and Prophecies from the Bible and Mormon Holy Writ

Description: Article discussing a phenomenon identified by Kenneth Ring where some near-death experiencers (NDErs) were permitted to see a picture of the Earth's future as a "prophetic vision" (PV). A comparison of the events of NDE PVs of the Earth's future and prophecies from the Bible and the Mormons' "Doctrine and Covenants" shows nearly complete agreement.
Date: Spring 1999
Creator: Lundahl, Craig R.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Prophetic Visions in 1988: A Critical Reappraisal

Description: Paper reviewing the research into a specific aspect of near-death experiences (NDEs): the prophetic vision (PV). PVs are subjectively compelling flashforwards of planetary-wide cataclysms and eventual regeneration that sometimes occur during or in the immediate aftermath of an NDE.
Date: Autumn 1988
Creator: Ring, Kenneth
Partner: UNT Libraries

Otherworld Personal Future Revelations in Near-Death Experiences

Description: Article describing a new kind of precognitive vision in the near-death experience (NDE): the otherworld personal future revelation (OPFR). Kenneth Ring previously described two kinds: the personal flashforward and the prophetic vision. The OPFR resembles the personal flashforward in that it previews the experiencer's personal future, but differs from the personal flashforward in that it is delivered to the experiencer by another personage in the otherworld rather than appearing in the visual imagery of a life review.
Date: Spring 1993
Creator: Lundahl, Craig R.
Partner: UNT Libraries