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Near-Death Experiences and the Theory of the Extraneuronal Hyperspace

Description: Abstract: It is possible and desirable to supplement the traditional neurological and metaphysical explanatory models of the near-death experience (NDE) with yet a third type of explanatory model that links the neurological and the metaphysical. I set forth the rudiments of this model, the Theory of the Extraneuronal Hyperspace, with six propositions. I then use this theory to explain three of the pressing issues within NDE scholarship: the veridicality, precognition and "fear-death experience" phenomena.
Date: Winter 1999
Creator: Audain, Linz
Partner: UNT Libraries

ECT: TNT or TLC? A Near-Death Experience Triggered by Electroconvulsive Therapy

Description: Article reporting an experience in the course of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) that was indistinguishable from a near-death experience (NDE). Aspects of the experience that had been terrifying for the individual were counterbalanced by her immediate and complete recovery from a suicidal depression. Beyond the transpersonal aspects of her NDE-like experience, the ECT triggered a precognitive vision that materialized two years later.
Date: Spring 1996
Creator: Floyd, Keith
Partner: UNT Libraries

Otherworld Personal Future Revelations in Near-Death Experiences

Description: Article describing a new kind of precognitive vision in the near-death experience (NDE): the otherworld personal future revelation (OPFR). Kenneth Ring previously described two kinds: the personal flashforward and the prophetic vision. The OPFR resembles the personal flashforward in that it previews the experiencer's personal future, but differs from the personal flashforward in that it is delivered to the experiencer by another personage in the otherworld rather than appearing in the visual imagery of a life review.
Date: Spring 1993
Creator: Lundahl, Craig R.
Partner: UNT Libraries