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A Child's Encounter with the Devil: An Unusual Near-Death Experience with Both Blissful and Frightening Elements

Description: Abstract: I describe the near-death experience (NDE) of a 6-year-old boy who encountered both the devil and God following a near-fatal car accident, and compare recent recollections of the event with those made four years earlier. I discuss the aftereffects of this experience, and review the findings of earlier studies of frightening NDEs.
Date: Winter 2001
Creator: Bonenfant, Richard J.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Guest Editorial: Life After Life-After-Life

Description: Abstract: This essay is a first-person account describing the profound impact of my near-death experience (NDE). I surrendered everything in response to a spiritual mandate to do something different with my new life after the NDE. Researchers may find that such intensive responses contain credible data of interest in evaluating the question of why we have NDEs.
Date: Spring 1993
Creator: Luciani, Vincent
Partner: UNT Libraries

Book Review: After the Light: What I Discovered on the Other Side of Life That Can Change Your World

Description: Review of the book "After the Light: What I Discovered on the Other Side of Life That Can Change Your World" by former Northwest Regional Coordinator of the International Association for Near-Death Studies Kimberly Clark Sharp discussing her own near-death experience and its effect on her life.
Date: Spring 1997
Creator: Greyson, Bruce
Partner: UNT Libraries

God and the God-Image: An Extended Reflection

Description: Abstract: This paper examines the parallels between my anesthetic-related near-death experience and Rudolph Otto's description of numinous states. I discuss Otto's arguments about such perceptions and their implications, and explore internal numinous processes such as they might be seen through Carl Jung's psychology.
Date: Summer 1991
Creator: Leighton, Sally M.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Minding the Store: A Memoir

Description: Personal memoir of Stanley Marcus providing anecdotes about his life and family, and also describing his role in the Neiman Marcus department store chain, which was founded by Herbert Marcus (Stanley's father) with his younger sister and her husband, Carrie and Al Neiman. Index starts on page 373.
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Date: August 15, 2001
Creator: Marcus, Stanley, 1905-2002
Partner: UNT Press

Of Love and Light: A Case Report of End-of-Life Experiences

Description: Abstract: Unusual occurrences at the end-of-life have been reported anecdotally over centuries yet have only recently attracted increased academic attention. Recent studies suggest commonality to end-of-life experiences (ELEs), which can be broadly categorized into six types. ELEs are relatively common, frequently occurring in terminally ill and palliative patients. They also reportedly have positive effects on the dying, facilitating more peaceful deaths. We present a case report of the death of a woman of Cook Island Maori and New Zealand Maori descent who died from cancer, as retrospectively reported by her husband. The case is interesting due to the number of ELEs occurring for the dying as well as significant others during the period leading up to, at the moment of, and after her death. The case is discussed in relation to previous findings on ELEs and resulting implications for enhancing understandings of the dying process and consciousness.
Date: Autumn 2015
Creator: Tassell-Matamua, Natasha A. & Steadman, Kate
Partner: UNT Libraries

Miss Ella of the Deep South of Texas

Description: Historical narrative of the life of Ellen Talbot and the region of Texas the author calls the "Deep South of Texas," meaning that area near the Gulf that combines elements of the West with those of the Deep South.
Date: 1951
Creator: Allen, Arda Talbot, 1889-
Partner: UNT Libraries