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Analytical investigation of factors affecting the performance of single-stage turbines having rotor-tip discharge of cooling air

Description: From Introduction: "The purpose of this report is to further analyze the turbine performance results of reference 1 with the objective of isolating the contribution of the cooling air to the turbine performance and establishing some systematic relation between these cooling-air effects and the turbine operational parameters."
Date: April 25, 1956
Creator: Smith, Gordon T. & Hickel, Robert O.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Altitude performance of J71-A-2(600-D1) turbojet engine

Description: From Introduction: "As part of a complete investigation of the J71-A-2(600-D1) turbojet engine conducted in an altitude test chamber at the NACA Lewis laboratory, the steady-state altitude performance, with afterburner inoperative and ejector shroud removed, was obtained and is presented herein. The component performance of the J71-A-2(600-D1) turbojet engine is presented in reference 1. The effects of compressor interstage bleed and adjustable inlet guide vanes on compressor-stall characteristics are described in reference 2."
Date: December 28, 1956
Creator: Smith, Ivan D. & Sivo, Joseph N.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Analysis of two-stage-turbine efficiency characteristics in terms of work and speed requirements

Description: From Introduction: "In this report two-stage-turbine efficiency characteristics are analyzed as a function of work and speed requirements in terms of the effect of changing the required mean-section velocity diagram. The fundamental assumptions and limits used in reference 2 and 3 are also used herein."
Date: August 30, 1957
Creator: Stewart, Warner L. & Wintucky, William T.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Analysis of two-stage counterrotating turbine efficiencies in terms of work and speed requirements

Description: From Introduction: "This report represents an extension of the material presented in reference 4 to the case of the counterrotating turbine where the inter-stage stator is omitted and the second-stage rotor blade velocity is in the direction opposite to that of the first-stage rotor."
Date: March 18, 1958
Creator: Wintucky, William T. & Stewart, Warner L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Altitude performance and operational characteristics of an XT38-A-2 turboprop engine

Description: From Introduction: "Reported herein are the over-all engine performance and the starting and windmilling characteristics. Data are presented in the form of performance maps at each flight condition to show the effects of altitude and flight Mach number on various engine-performance variables. The effect of engine deterioration with operating time on performance is also discussed."
Date: March 12, 1954
Creator: Essig, R. H. & Schulze, F. W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Altitude performance of compressor, turbine, and combustor components of 600-B9 turbojet engine

Description: From Introduction: "The purpose of this report is (1) to describe the performance of each component over a range of altitudes, (2) to show the effect of flight conditions on operating point of each component, and (3) to summarize briefly the effects of changes in component performance with flight condition on the over-all engine performance."
Date: March 15, 1954
Creator: Prince, William R. & Wile, Dorwin B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Altitude performance evaluation of J71-A-11 turbojet engine

Description: From Summary: "Data were obtained with five exhaust-nozzle areas and with the variable-area exhaust nozzle interlinked with the control system at conditions simulating flight at a Mach number of 0.8 and altitudes of 35,00 and 45,000 feet. Data simulating operation at zero flight Mach number at an altitude of 15,000 feet are also included. Engine component performance data are presented in addition to the overall engine performance."
Date: March 30, 1956
Creator: Useller, James W. & Pappas, George E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Altitude performance of pentaborane - JP-4 fuel blends in a modified J47 combustor

Description: From Introduction: "Experimental investigations of the combustion characteristics of diborane, pentaborane, and pentaborane-hydrocarbon blends in modified turbojet combustors have been conducted at this laboratory at the request of the Bureau of Aeronautics, Department of the Navy, as part of Project Zip. Results of these single-combustor tests are presented in references 2 to 5."
Date: April 17, 1957
Creator: Branstetter, J. Robert & Kaufman, Warner B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Altitude Performance Characteristics of Tail-Pipe Burner With Converging Conical Burner Section on J47 Turbojet Engine

Description: From Introduction: "The effect of flame-holder and fuel-system design on the burner performance and the effect of altitude and flight Mach number on over-all performance with a fixed-area exhaust nozzle are reported in reference 1 to 4. Altitude performance characteristics of a tail-pipe burner having a converging conical burner section are presented in this report. Tail-pipe burner performance at several flight conditions is given in both tabular and graphical forms and compared with performance of the standard engine and of the tail-pipe burner reported in reference 2."
Date: December 19, 1950
Creator: Prince, William R. & McAulay, John E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Altitude Performance Characteristics of the J73-GE-1A Turbojet Engine

Description: From Introduction: "The over-all altitude-performance characteristics of this engine are reported herein, and the component performance characteristics are given in reference 1. The data are presented in the form of engine pumping characteristics to allow accurate calculation of engine performance at any operating or flight condition within the range covered by the experimental data. A curve is also presented that will allow determination of thrust in flight by the measurement of ambient static pressure and total pressure in the exhaust nozzle."
Date: December 9, 1954
Creator: Campbell, Carl E. & Conrad, E. William
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Competition and Performance in Oil and Gas Lease Sales and Development in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico OCS Region, 1983-1999

Description: This report details the petroleum lease sales and development in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico (GOM) Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) through estimated physical and economic measures. Physical performance is measured in ways such as the prospectivity index, expeditious index, and development productivity. Economic performance is measured in ways such as a profitability index and internal rate of return.
Date: May 2007
Creator: Iledare, Omowumi O. & Kaiser, Mark
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

An Assessment of Extant Euphonium Methodologies for Developing and Performing in the Upper Register

Description: This dissertation presents a categorization of existing methodologies of upper register development for euphoniumists with evaluation of effectiveness and current use of these methodologies. The purpose of this study is to provide euphonium musicians as well as educators with essential references and guides to applicable methods for developing the upper register more effectively with greater efficacy. The assessments of current methodologies include three steps: categorization, summarization, and evaluation. To support the significance why it could be more beneficial than the methodology alone, the dissertation will include the examination of the aspect of biomechanics and ergonomics, suggestions, and discussion of particular issues of the upper register.
Date: December 2017
Creator: Chou, Wei Chien
Partner: UNT Libraries

Uncovering Aspects of Western and Indian Music in Vanraj Bhatia's Night Music for Solo Flute, and Selected Other Works

Description: Born in 1927 in Bombay, Vanraj Bhatia is an Indian composer of music for concerts, film, television, opera, meditation, and commercial jingles. His musical style is unique, stemming from his training in both Western and North Indian classical, or Hindustani, music. Little is known about Vanraj Bhatia in the Western classical world, and in India he is recognized primarily as a composer of film music. This dissertation aims to bring awareness of Vanraj Bhatia's significance as a Western classical composer, focusing on uncovering the cross-cultural influences of his only solo flute piece, Night Music, composed in 1964. This research offers Western flutists a better understanding of Indian music, specifically Hindustani and Indian folk music traditions, often not fully understood since Indian music is an aural tradition, rarely transcribed and notated, and relies on a guru/shishya (teacher/student) relationship. Such an understanding will elucidate the compositional choices made in Night Music, allowing flutists to be more informed in their performance of it. Although the focus of this study is on Night Music, other repertoire from Bhatia's concert music and film music will also be examined to illuminate Bhatia's compositional style, which includes elements of Hindustani music, Indian folk music, and Western musical traditions. An exploration of some of Bhatia's other compositions written for Western musicians will give readers beyond the realm of flutists a better understanding of his distinctive, cross-cultural style and influences, and will introduce larger audiences to this exceptional and little-known composer.
Date: August 2018
Creator: Woolf, Rachel Leah
Partner: UNT Libraries

Compositional approaches within new media paradigms.

Description: "Compositional Approaches to New Media Paradigms" is the discursive accompaniment to the original composition BoMoH, (a new media chamber opera. A variety of new media concepts and practices are discussed in relation to their use as a contemporary compositional methodology for computer musicians and digital content producers. This paper aligns relevant discourse with a variety of concepts as they influence and affect the compositional process. This paper does not propose a new working method; rather it draws attention to a contemporary interdisciplinary practice that facilitates new possibilities for engagement and aesthetics in digital art/music. Finally, in demonstrating a selection of the design principals, from a variety of new media theories of interest, in compositional structure and concept, it is my hope to provide composers and computer musicians with a tested resource that will function as a helpful set of working guidelines for producing new media enabled art, sonic or otherwise.
Date: May 2016
Creator: Oliveiro, Mark A
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Argument in Favor of the Saxhorn Basse (French Tuba) in the Modern Symphony Orchestra

Description: The French tuba was a much-needed addition to the brasswind musical instrument family, adding depth, projection and a unique color to French orchestral literature. Its ancestors the serpent and ophicleide both lacked the tonal stability and sonic power to adequately present the bass wind role in a robust orchestra. Through the efforts of its developer and patent-holder Adolphe Sax, the French tuba made converts among players and composers, effectively creating its own niche in music history. Musical tastes change however, and the French tuba has been largely supplanted by tubists using instruments twice its size. Since French composers composed specifically with the distinct timbre of the French tuba in mind, this unique and characteristic musical entity deserves a resurgence in performances of French orchestral repertoire.
Date: May 2017
Creator: Kleinsteuber, Carl
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Decline in Popularity and Social Influence of Live Theatre in Exchange for "Electronic Theatre"

Description: Presentation for the 2009 University Scholars Day at the University of North Texas discussing research on the decline in popularity and social influence of live theatre in exchange for 'Electronic Theatre'.
Date: April 2, 2009
Creator: Fox, Bradley; Harris, Andrew B. (Andrew Bennett), 1944- & Wilson, Timothy
Partner: UNT Honors College