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Apparatus for measurements of time and space correlation

Description: The report describes a brief review is made of improvements to an experimental apparatus for time and space correlation designed for study of turbulence. Included is a description of the control of the measurements and a few particular applications.
Date: April 1955
Creator: Favre, Alexandre; Gaviglio, J & Dumas, R
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The Measurement of Lumped Parameter Impedance: A Metrology Guide

Description: Scope of the Guide: "This guide is not all-inclusive of the subject of impedance measurement and the reader should understand at the outset what he can or cannot expect to find. To help in establishing the bounds of subject matter included, consider the ideal impedance-measuring instrument as having the following the characteristics and capabilities: (1) unrestricted frequency range (2) unrestricted impedance range (3) unrestricted capabilities with respect to bias, ambience, applied power, etc. (4) error free (5) performs measurements instantaneously (6) zero acquisition cost (7) zero operating cost."
Date: June 1974
Creator: Jones, R. N. & Anson, W. J.
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A Method for the Dynamic Determination of the Elastic, Dielectric, and Piezoelectric Constants of Quartz

Description: From Abstract: "Several dynamic determinations have been made of the constants of quartz. Most of these determinations do not take into account the piezoelectric effect; those that do, suffer from certain deficiencies which are discussed in this paper."
Date: June 1, 1960
Creator: Basri, Saul A.
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Mobile Radiological Measuring Unit: Description and Operating Information

Description: From Introduction: "This report contains a description of the MRMU, detailed operating information, emergency procedures, and health physics operating regulations. Also included are parts lists (Appendix A), an electrical system schematic (Appendix B), a hydraulic system schematic ( Appendix C), and EG &G Drawing No. NE-1054, which shows the shell assembly of the multiple-source pig (Appendix D)."
Date: February 1965
Creator: Burson, Z. G.; Summers, R. L. & Brashears, J. T.
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An airborne indicator for measuring vertical velocity of airplanes at wheel contact

Description: From Introduction: "The purpose of this paper is to describe one of the means developed for measuring this quantity on a given airplane type- a trailing arm with wheel. A prototype velocity indicator was tested in the Langley impact basin to determine its accuracy. A description of the operation of this type of vertical-velocity indicator, the results of the impact-basin and flight tests, and general evaluation of the indicator are presented herein."
Date: February 1953
Creator: Dreher, Robert C.
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Airfoil pressure distribution investigation in the variable density wind tunnel

Description: Report presents the results of wind tunnel tests of pressure distribution measurements over one section each of six airfoils. Pressure distribution diagrams, as well as the integrated characteristics of the airfoils, are given for both a high and a low dynamic scale or, Reynolds number VL/V, for comparison with flight and other wind-tunnel tests, respectively. It is concluded that the scale effect is very important only at angles of attack near the burble.
Date: January 14, 1930
Creator: Jacobs, Eastman N.; Stack, John & Pinkerton, Robert M.
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Precision Measurement and Calibration: Electricity: Selected Papers on the Realization and Maintenance of the Fundamental Electrical Units and Related Topics

Description: Abstract: Selected publications of the National Bureau of Standards technical staff in the field of electricity were first compiled in 1962 as a volume of the NBS Precision Measurement and Calibration Series (Electricity and Electronics, Handbook 77, Volume I); this compilation was extended in 1968 by the compilation of an additional volume in the Precision Measurement and Calibration Series (Electricity-Low Frequency, NBS Special Publication 300, Volume 3). The present volume, a further extension of these earlier compilations of selected publications in the field of electricity, includes 66 more recent papers by NBS authors and 16 abstracts of closely related papers by authors from other organizations. In view of the expansion of measurement technologies used in electricity and electromagnetism it has been necessary to reduce the range of topics for the selection of papers in the new compilation. In this connection an emphasis has been placed upon the realization and maintenance of fundamental electrical units and the related scientific advances, particularly in quantum physics. However, in the interest of completeness, three appendices also provide up-to-date bibliographies of publications by NBS authors in different areas of electromagnetism. (This book is a sequel to NBS Handbook 77-Vol. 1(1961) and NBS SP 300-Vol. 3 (1968).
Date: October 1985
Creator: McCoubrey, Arthur O.
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Magnets and Magnetic Measuring Techniques

Description: Preface: The existence of adequate experimental equipment, in particular the two operating cyclotrons of the Radiation Laboratory and the large 184-inch unit under construction, together with a nucleus of trained personnel, made it inevitable that work in connection with the war effort would be prosecuted vigorously at the University of California.
Date: June 1949
Creator: Wakerling, R. K. & Guthrie, Andrew
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Identification and Classification of Perennial Streams of Arkansas

Description: From introduction: The primary purpose of this study was to identify perennial streams. The secondary purpose was to classify them by flow. This information can be useful for planning and designing water supplies, analyzing environmental and economic impacts of various projects, water-quality modeling, and the determination of optimum and maintenance flows for a variety of instream uses.
Date: 1983
Creator: Hunrichs, R. A.
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Design, Evaluation, and Use of a Reverberation Chamber for Performing Electromagnetic Susceptibility/Vulnerability Measurements

Description: Abstract: This report presents the results of work at the National Bureau of Standards, Boulder, Colorado, to carefully evaluate, document, develop (when necessary), and describe the methodology for performing radiated susceptibility/vulnerability measurements using a reverberation chamber. The report describes the reverberation chamber theory of operation, construction, evaluation, functional operation, and use for performing immunity measurements. It includes an estimate of measurement uncertainties derived empirically from test results and from comparisons with anechoic chamber measurements. Finally, it discusses the limitations and advantages of the measurement technique to assist potential users in determining the applicability for this technique to their electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) measurement needs.
Date: April 1986
Creator: Crawford, M. L. & Koepke, Galen H.
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An Electric and Magnetic Field Sensor for Simultaneous Electromagnetic Near-Field Measurements -- Theory

Description: Abstract: This paper describes the theory of a single sensor to perform simultaneous electric and magnetic near-field measurements. The theory indicates that it is possible to obtain the magnetic-loop and electric-dipole currents using a loop terminated with identical loads at diametrically opposite points. The theory also indicates that it is possible to obtain an ideal load impedance for achieving equal electric and magnetic field responses of the loop. Preliminary experiments have been performed using plane waves to verify these results. Key words: electric field, electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic radiation, loop, magnetic field, near fields.
Date: April 1983
Creator: Kanda, Motohisa
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High Temperature Work in Igneous Fusion and Ebullition, Chiefly in Relation to Pressure

Description: Preface: In the following bulletin I have brought together the more important results of experiments in high temperatures, made since the publication of my bulletin on the thermoelectric measurement of high temperatures.' Chapter I, in addition to pointing out certain inherent relations between metallic vapor tensions, has a direct bearing on pyrometry. Chapters 11 and ii are of geological importance, and the work was done for Mr. Clarence King. Chapter ii shows that in case of the igneous fusion of basic magma, the passage from liquid to solid is one of contraction, and measures the difference of specific volumes at the solidifying temperature. Chapter iii contains a full account of the thermal capacity of the same rock under the same conditions, and by aid of Chapter it leads to a numerical value for the relation of melting point to pressure, for silicates.
Date: 1893
Creator: Barus, Carl
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Techniques for determining thrust in flight for airplanes equipped with afterburners

Description: From Summary: "An experimental technique has been developed which enables a determination of the net propulsive force acting on an afterburner-equipped airplane in flight. The thrust measurement is based on the variation of static and total pressure and stagnation temperature across the fuselage exit as determined by a swinging pitot-static pressure and temperature probe. The details are also presented for an air-cooled fixed-pressure probe for the determination of basic engine thrust."
Date: January 19, 1953
Creator: Rolls, L. Stewart; Havill, C. Dewey & Holden, George R.
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Analysis of measured pressures on airfoils at Mach numbers near 1

Description: Report presenting measured pressure over airfoils at Mach number 1, with subsonic velocities at the nose and supersonic velocities throughout the rear portion, are analyzed by comparison with calculations for similar cases. Results regarding the theoretical basis of approximation, comparison of Prandtl-Meyer flow with measurements, comparison of linear-velocity extrapolation with measurements, and effect of boundary layer upon airfoil pressures are provided.
Date: September 19, 1949
Creator: Habel, Louis W. & Miller, Mason F.
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Comparative drag measurements at transonic speeds of an NACA 65-006 airfoil and a symmetrical circular-arc airfoil

Description: Report presenting measurements made at transonic speeds by the freely-falling-body method to compare the drag of a rectangular plan-form airfoil of aspect ratio 7.6 with an NACA 65-006 airfoil section. Results regarding the velocity measurements, base-pressure measurements, and airfoil drag measurements are provided.
Date: March 6, 1947
Creator: Thompson, Jim Rogers & Marschner, Bernard W.
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Comparative drag measurements at transonic speeds of 6-percent-thick airfoils of symmetrical double-wedge and circular-arc sections from tests by the NACA wing-flow method

Description: Report presenting comparative drag measurements at zero lift at transonic speeds for two sharp-leading-edge airfoils using the NACA wing-flow method. One airfoil had a symmetrical circular-arc section and one had a symmetrical double-wedge section. The primary difference in the drag characteristics of the two airfoils at zero lift is the earlier drag rise of the double-wedge section.
Date: April 8, 1947
Creator: Silsby, Norman S.
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Visual Range: Concepts, Instrumental Determination, and Aviation Applications

Description: From Abstract: "This document is a review of the principles, procedures, and instruments used in the measurement of visual range. The fundamental concepts of the visual range of the objects and lights are discussed. The principles of operation of the several classes of atmospheric attenuation meters are reviewed and representative instruments are described."
Date: June 1977
Creator: Douglas, C. A. & Booker, R. L.
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The Divergent Beam (Kossel) X-Ray Method and Its Uses in Measuring Strain Contours in an Individual Grain of Fe-3 Weight Percent Si Transformer Sheet

Description: From Abstract: "The results showed that a variable strain distribution existed in the alloy sheet at the time it was ready for insertion into a transformer core. Small applied comprehensive and tensile loads tended to rearrange this variable strain distribution but not appreciably alter the total stored elastic energy."
Date: August 1973
Creator: Yakowitz, Harvey
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