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Using Paired Depth Interviews to Collect Qualitative Data

Description: This article defines and describes paired depth interviews, discusses conceptualizations of paired depth interviews using Roulston's framework, delineates the strengths and limitations of paired depth interviews, and provides examples of paired depth interviews utilized in helping professions.
Date: September 5, 2016
Creator: Wilson, Angela K.; Onwuegbuzie, Anthony J. & Manning, LaShondra P.
Partner: UNT College of Arts and Sciences

Improving Family-provider Relationships Through Cultural Training and Open-ended Client Interviews

Description: Behavior analysts form parent-professional relationships with families of many different backgrounds. the study evaluated the effectiveness of a training program to teach behavior analysts to utilize an open family interview format. the study was conducted at an autism treatment program. a pre-post treatment design with in vivo simulation probes before and after training was used to assess the effects of the workshop on the participants and parents’ verbal behavior. Results showed that rate of questions per minute and number of closed-ended questions decreased after training, the duration of interviews decreased after training, the number of closed-ended questions significantly decreased after training, and frequency of the discussion topic of child goals increased after training. in general, interviewer responses varied. Preliminary data and parent questionnaire responses suggested parents were comfortable with the new interview format and felt the behavior analyst understood cultural and family needs.
Date: May 2012
Creator: Thompson, Megan Jennifer
Partner: UNT Libraries

Interview with W.C. Handy, Part I

Description: The first part of Willis Conover's extended interview with W.C. Handy. This recording is the raw audio, and includes a glitch in the tape in the opening seconds, and other preliminaries before the interview begins.
Date: 1956
Creator: Conover, Willis
Partner: UNT Music Library

Voices of VISTA: Interview with Al Hirt

Description: Willis Conover interviews trumpeter Al Hirt for Voices of VISTA program #109. This recording is the raw audio which was later incorporated into the program, and includes other recorded segments for the Hirt program and another which featured Charlie Byrd.
Date: November 27, 1967
Creator: Conover, Willis
Partner: UNT Music Library

Pop Chronicles Interviews #129 - Art Linkletter

Description: Excerpts of an interview with television personality Art Linkletter, which John Gilliland used in the Pop Chronicles radio program series. The interview, which focuses on drug use and popular culture, is dated from 1969. It appears to have occurred soon after the death of Linkletter's daughter, Diane, whose death he believed to have been caused by the use of LSD. The interview segments were made for broadcast, and are followed by a test tone and radio news announcement, more interview content, and a repeat of prior segments.
Date: 1969
Creator: Gilliland, John
Partner: UNT Music Library

Pop Chronicles Interviews #151 - The Credibility Gap (radio show)

Description: Audio segments related to performances by the comedy group The Credibility Gap in connection with the Pop Chronicles. The segments do not form a full program, the tracks apparently include material that was prerecorded for use in the assembly of a program, with some repetition from one track to the next.
Date: January 1969
Creator: Gilliland, John
Partner: UNT Music Library