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Abscissas and Weights for Guassian Quadrature For N=2 to 100, and N-125, 150, 175, 200

Description: The abscissas and weights for Gaussian Quadrature of order N = 2 to 100,and N = 125, 150, 175, and 200 are given. The abscissas are given to twenty-four places and the error is estimated to be no more than 1 unit in the last place. The weights are given to twenty-three places and the error is estimated to be no more than 1 unit in the last place.
Date: December 28, 1966
Creator: Love, Carl H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Which Came First : The Measure or the Integral?

Description: This thesis provides a development of integration from two different points of view. In Chapter I, a measure and a measurable function are defined. A theory of integration is then developed in Chapter II based on the measure. In Chapter III, the integral is introduced directly without first going through the process of defining a measure, and a measure is developed from the integral. The concluding chapter shows the equivalence of the two integrals under rather general conditions.
Date: June 1966
Creator: Chapman, John Barnes
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Basic Fourier Transforms

Description: The purpose of this paper is to develop some of the more basic Fourier transforms which are the outgrowth of the Fourier theorem. Although often approached from the stand-point of the series, this paper will approach the theorem from the standpoint of the integral.
Date: January 1962
Creator: Cumbie, James Randolph
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The Integration of Western Techniques with East Asian Philosophies in Isang Yun's Quartett Für Horn, Trompete, Posaune Und Klavier

Description: Korean composer Isang Yun (1917-1995) was one of the few successful Asian avant-garde composers to blend philosophical elements from East Asia with Western techniques such as the twelve-tone method, Hauptton, Hauptklang, and Umspielung. In addition to the integration of Western and Eastern influences, a significant feature of Yun´s compositional language, found throughout his oeuvre, is the application of East Asian philosophical tenets into his works. The purpose of this dissertation is to develop a greater understanding of Isang Yun's life and music, more specifically the Quartett für Horn, Trompete, Posaune und Klavier. The dissertation is divided into five chapters. The first chapter of the dissertation presents introductory data, including the purpose and significance of the study. The second chapter provides pertinent biographical facts about Isang Yun and his works, obtained through research of authoritative books, journal articles, and interviews. The third chapter offers references to traditional Korean brass instruments in terms of their historical background, structure, and timbre. In addition, it also focuses on the processes by which Yun incorporated the compositional techniques of Hauptton, Hauptklang, and Umspielung to the work and their relation to Tao philosophy. The fourth chapter consists of an analytical and stylistic study of the Quartett; Yun's compositional language and formal structure are examined based on a stylistic assessment of selected examples from the work. The fifth and last chapter is a conclusion.
Date: August 2013
Creator: Kim, Daewook
Partner: UNT Libraries

Online Analysis of Wind and Solar Part II: Transmission Tool

Description: To facilitate wider penetration of renewable resources without compromising system reliability concerns arising from the lack of predictability of intermittent renewable resources, a tool for use by California Independent System Operator (CAISO) power grid operators was developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in conjunction with CAISO with funding from California Energy Commission. The tool analyzes and displays the impacts of uncertainties in forecasts of loads and renewable generation on: (1) congestion, (2)voltage and transient stability margins, and (3)voltage reductions and reactive power margins. The impacts are analyzed in the base case and under user-specified contingencies.A prototype of the tool has been developed and implemented in software.
Date: January 31, 2012
Creator: Makarov, Yuri V.; Etingov, Pavel V.; Ma, Jian & Subbarao, Krishnappa
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Online Analysis of Wind and Solar Part I: Ramping Tool

Description: To facilitate wider penetration of renewable resources without compromising system reliability concerns arising from the lack of predictability of intermittent renewable resources, a tool for use by California Independent System Operator (CAISO) power grid operators was developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in conjunction with CAISO with funding from California Energy Commission. This tool predicts and displays additional capacity and ramping requirements caused by uncertainties in forecasts of loads and renewable generation. The tool is currently operational in the CAISO operations center. This is one of two final reports on the project.
Date: January 31, 2012
Creator: Etingov, Pavel V.; Ma, Jian; Makarov, Yuri V. & Subbarao, Krishnappa
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Note on the Numerical Evaluation of Integrals of the Form [integral] [superscript infinity] [subscript infinity] f(x) [golden ratio constant] (x) dx, with Particular Reference to the Determiniation of the Expectation of a Function of a Normally Distributed Random Variable

Description: Abstract: A method is given for the rapid and accurate numerical integration of integrals of the form [integral] [superscript infinity] [subscript infinity] f(x) [golden ratio constant] (x) dx, where f(x) is "smooth."
Date: May 24, 1960
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

On Bounded Variation

Description: This paper is primarily concerned with developing the theory of real-valued functions of bounded variation and those ideas which are closely related to this main topic. In addition to this, some emphasis has been placed on the relationship of the theory of functions of bounded variation to specific areas of analysis. In particular, integration theory has been chosen as the vehicle to demonstrate this connection.
Date: August 1966
Creator: Lewis, Paul Weldon
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WINS: Market Simulation Tool for Facilitating Wind Energy Integration Final Technical Report

Description: During the two-year project period, the project team has engaged in the development of WINS and applied it to several congestion and wind integration studies. In summary, researches in this project on wind integration include (1) Development of WINS; (2) Transmission Congestion Analysis in the Eastern Interconnection; (3) Analysis of 2030 Large-Scale Wind Energy Integration in the Eastern Interconnection; (4) Large-scale Analysis of 2018 Wind Energy Integration in the Eastern U.S. Interconnection. The education activities in this project on wind energy include (1) Wind Energy Training Facility Development; (2) Wind Energy Course Development. The research resulted in 33 papers, 9 presentations, 9 PhD degrees, 4 MS degrees, and 7 awards.
Date: October 30, 2012
Creator: Shahidehpour, Mohamamd
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The Role of Social Integration in the Persistence of African American Men in College

Description: This qualitative study addressed the experiences of African American males attending a predominantly White university as undergirded by the social integration aspects of Tinto's model of academic and social integration. The methodology was case study. Sixteen semi-structured interviews were held with currently enrolled seniors to capture the lived experiences of their reasons for attending college as well as major influences that contributed to their persistence decisions. The results revealed emerging themes of positive and negative family influence, religious beliefs, and a sense of self-efficacy as instrumental factors for the students' persistence. The level of social integration tended to differ by the age classification (traditional college-going versus non-traditional college student) and by the level of parental education. The components of the social integration model, as developed by Tinto contributed little to the sample's persistence decisions when compared to the themes presented during the interviews. Three observations emerged from the data: (1) The experiences of the non-traditional aged participants were different from the traditional aged college student experiences; (2) Although the participants experienced varying levels of social integration, for most of the 16 students, their persistence decisions were influenced more by their positive and negative relationships with family, religious beliefs, and sense of self-efficacy than by their interactions with peers and faculty and involvement in extracurricular activities; (3) the responses of the participants enriched and broadened the scope of Tinto's model as well as the current literature pertaining to persistence.
Date: May 2011
Creator: Garrett-Spencer, Jacqueline
Partner: UNT Libraries

Busing for School Desegregation: The Debate on Selected Issues

Description: This paper explores selected questions involving the busing of elementary and secondary school students for desegregation. On each of the selected questions a general analysis of the issue involved is presented, followed by two subsections entitled A Critic's Position and An Advocate's Position. In these subsections, an attempt is made to show how a critic of busing for desegregation and an advocate of such busing might fashion arguments on this issue in opposition to, or in support of, busing.
Date: April 30, 1981
Creator: Stedman, James B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Symplectic Integration of Nonseparable Hamiltonian Systems

Description: Numerical methods are usually necessary in solving Hamiltonian systems since there is often no closed-form solution. By utilizing a general property of Hamiltonians, namely the symplectic property, all of the qualities of the system may be preserved for indefinitely long integration times because all of the integral (Poincare) invariants are conserved. This allows for more reliable results and frequently leads to significantly shorter execution times as compared to conventional methods. The resonant triad Hamiltonian with one degree of freedom will be focused upon for most of the numerical tests because of its difficult nature and, moreover, analytical results exist whereby useful comparisons can be made.
Date: May 1996
Creator: Curry, David M. (David Mason)
Partner: UNT Libraries

Does Euroscepticism Matter? the Effect of Public Opinion on Integration

Description: This dissertation seeks to test the proposition that public opinion is a driving force in integration, and thus examines the effect of euroscepticism on EU integration. Utilizing an understanding of integration as the process of European states achieving similar legal, social, cultural, political and economic policy outcomes while ceding greater policy power to European institutions, the relationship between aggregate level euroscepticism in EU member states (the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, and Sweden) and speed of compliance with EU policies is examined. More specifically, this dissertation examines the relationship between aggregate level euroscepticism in an EU member state, and the speed at which that state transposes EU directives. In testing this relationship a number of contextual conditions are examined, including the role of issue salience, domestic party systems, and electoral conditions. The findings of this dissertation suggest that the widely held belief that public opinion is driving European integration may be false.
Date: December 2012
Creator: Williams, Christopher J.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Busing for School Desegregation

Description: The mandatory transportation of school children to desegregate public elementary and secondary schools is an issue of deep contention throughout our society. The House of Representatives has approved language for the Department of Justice FY82 authorization bill (H.R. 3462) restricting the Department's involvement in actions requiring school busing. On Mar. 2, 1962, t h e Senate approved the version of the Department of Justice F Y 8 2 authorization Bill (S. 951) with language restricting the Justice Department's involvement in busing actions as well as imposing limits on the busing plans Federal courts can impose. S. 551 was then sent to the House for consideration. Hearings on S. 951 before a house Judiciary subcommittee began on June 1'7, 1982.
Date: July 8, 1982
Creator: Stedman, James B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

IBM Problem M Curves

Description: Abstract: Presented here are working graphs of pressure, density, velocity, and temperature from the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory calculations (IBM Problem M) of a spherically symmetric explosion in a homogeneous atmosphere.
Date: June 29, 1960
Creator: Broyles, C. D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The Immediate Effects of Classroom Integration on the Academic Progress, Self-Concept, and Racial Attitude of Negro Elementary Children

Description: The problem of the present study is to determine if there is a measurable effect on the academic progress, self-concepts, and racial attitudes of newly integrated Negro students in grades four, five, and six after one year of integration.
Date: August 1969
Creator: Evans, Charles Lee, 1924-
Partner: UNT Libraries

Haptic Visual Sensory Integration: A Comparison Between Normal, Schizophrenic, and Brain Damaged Groups

Description: Neuropsychological tests have been used in differentially diagnosing schizophrenic and brain damaged populations. Research indicated some subgroups of schizophrenia exhibit certain symptoms of brain damage; and that schizophrenia involves difficulty in sensory integration. The Haptic Visual Discrimination Test (HVDT) designed to test tactilevisual integration, Bender Gestalt, and Information and Digit Symbol subtests of the WAIS were used to test performance abilities of forty schizophrenic subjects, forty subjects medically diagnosed as brain damaged (10 right hemisphere, 10 left hemisphere, and 20 diffuse), and normals as defined by the standardized age norm scores.
Date: August 1982
Creator: Wigodsky, Ann
Partner: UNT Libraries

Social Integration Among Undergraduate Students With Physical Disabilities

Description: The study's purposes were to understand how students with physical disabilities perceive a) normative pressures identified in Weidman's (1989) Model of Undergraduate Socialization as affecting their social integration; b) their own disability as influencing their social integration; and c) their levels of satisfaction with social integration.
Date: August 1997
Creator: Hodges, Janet S.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Computer-Mediated Communication Impact on the Academic and Social Integration of Community College Students.

Description: Although research findings to date have documented that computer-mediated communication (CMC) gets students involved, a substantial gap remained in determining the impact of CMC on academic and social integration of community college students. Because computer technology, specifically CMC, has proliferated within teaching and learning in higher education and because of the importance of academic and social integration, this study was significant in documenting through quantitative data analysis the impact that CMC had on the academic and social integration of community college students. The following research question was addressed: Does computer-mediated communication have an impact on the academic and social integration of community college students as measured by the CCSEQ? The study hypothesized that data analysis will show that there will be no difference in the integrations reported by the control and experimental groups. The overall approach was to conduct a pretest-posttest control-group experimental study using CMC as the experimental treatment. The Community College Student Experiences Questionnaire (CCSEQ) was given to collect data that were used to measure the academic and social integration of the control and experimental groups. After an in-depth analysis of data using descriptive statistics, factor analysis, and ANCOVA, the finding of this study was that there is no statistically significant difference between the control and experimental groups on their academic and social integrations as measured by the CCSEQ. In other words, CMC did not have a positive or negative impact on the integrations of community college students. This study examined for the first time the impact that CMC had on the integrations of community college students and provided an experimental methodology that future researchers might replicate or modify to further explore this topic. Because CMC will continue to increase as technology becomes more available and accessible to faculty and students and because of the importance of academic ...
Date: August 2003
Creator: Dollar, David Lynn
Partner: UNT Libraries

NV Energy Large-Scale Photovoltaic Integration Study: Intra-Hour Dispatch and AGC Simulation

Description: The uncertainty and variability with photovoltaic (PV) generation make it very challenging to balance power system generation and load, especially under high penetration cases. Higher reserve requirements and more cycling of conventional generators are generally anticipated for large-scale PV integration. However, whether the existing generation fleet is flexible enough to handle the variations and how well the system can maintain its control performance are difficult to predict. The goal of this project is to develop a software program that can perform intra-hour dispatch and automatic generation control (AGC) simulation, by which the balancing operations of a system can be simulated to answer the questions posed above. The simulator, named Electric System Intra-Hour Operation Simulator (ESIOS), uses the NV Energy southern system as a study case, and models the system’s generator configurations, AGC functions, and operator actions to balance system generation and load. Actual dispatch of AGC generators and control performance under various PV penetration levels can be predicted by running ESIOS. With data about the load, generation, and generator characteristics, ESIOS can perform similar simulations and assess variable generation integration impacts for other systems as well. This report describes the design of the simulator and presents the study results showing the PV impacts on NV Energy real-time operations.
Date: January 2, 2013
Creator: Lu, Shuai; Etingov, Pavel V.; Meng, Da; Guo, Xinxin; Jin, Chunlian & Samaan, Nader A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department