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Design and Evaluation of a Staff Development Program for Technology in Small Schools

Description: Technology experts suggest that one barrier in implementing technology has been a lack of appropriate training for teachers. Past efforts have been few in number, poor in quality, and uncoordinated. Some large school districts are developing comprehensive programs. However, few models exist and none are suitable for small school districts. The purposes of this study were: (1) to survey 53 small school districts in Texas to identify hardware and software configurations, patterns of recent technology staff development, and needs for future technology staff development; (2) to design a staff development program which addresses these technology needs; and (3) to evaluate the program in a small school district.
Date: December 1992
Creator: Halderman, Cheri Floyd
Partner: UNT Libraries

A study of two staff-development techniques for teachers of adult reading in Texas

Description: This study examines two methods of in-service preparation for teachers of adult reading. The first method, known as Developing Adult Reading in Texas (DART), uses single concept modules which deal with five specific components of the reading process. The components are Comprehension, Vocabulary, Motivation, Word-Attack Skills, and Diagnosis. The modules provide for teacher involvement and focus on one reading concept at a time. The second method is defined as non-focused reading instruction. Subjects receive information of a general nature concerning the same five components of a reading process. A lecture format is used.
Date: August 1977
Creator: Radeka, Cynthia L.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Patterns of Vision, Action, and Effects in Professional Development as Experienced in the Texas Centers for Professional Development and Technology

Description: In 1992, the state of Texas awarded a number of inducement grants to collaboratives of universities, schools, and service centers to develop field-based professional development schools (PDSs) and provide preservice and inservice teachers with extensive professional development. This study investigated the design and effects of the professional development models in these Texas Centers for Professional Development and Technology (CPDTs). This study used qualitative data collection and analysis procedures. Raw data were collected in the form of individual interviews, focus group interviews, documentation, and fieldnotes. Forty-six interviews were completed involving a total of 83 respondents representing all partnering entities: university representatives, school representatives, education service center representatives, and policymakers. Documentation included annual and quarterly reports, grant applications, and program approval requests. Fieldnotes included observational data from site visits. Data analysis was an iterative process using a constant comparative analysis of coded categories emerging fromtranscribed data. This comparison examined: the vision of professional development as perceived by the respondents, the enactment of professional development as experienced by the respondents, and the effects that the CPDT initiative had on professional development as perceived by the respondents. This study revealed 18 themes that were common across all eight Texas CPDTs. The themes revealed patterns of vision which included: developing a common ground, breaking barriers, evolving visions, and partnership tradeoffs. Patterns of enactment included formal and informal professional development opportunities. Patterns of effects included: empowerment of teachers, updating of university faculty on public school issues, better prepared classroom-ready interns, and more attention for K-12 students. Another pattern of effect included the distraction of "technology toys" and the difficulty keeping pace with new technologies. The study provided strong evidence that relationship building processes are crucial for building a sustained learning situation for a community of learners. The themes also provided information regarding the demands of institutionalizing ...
Date: August 1996
Creator: Kjelgaard, Peggy Anne
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparative Study of the Effects of Two In-Service Training Programs on Attitude Change in Rehabilitation Practitioners

Description: The problem of this study was to investigate the comparative effects of two in-service training programs on the attitudes of rehabilitation practitioners. There were two experimental groups, the consecutive three-day program and the two-week program, and one control group in the study. The two-week program was staggered, having training for five days, a three-week interval, and the remaining five days of training. The two programs were compared to determine which was more effective in altering rehabilitation practitioner attitudes. Conclusions were drawn from the experimental study and related literature review. They were that in-service training programs of two days and less will probably not produce significant attitude changes; in-service programs of three days to five days have a higher probability of producing significant attitude changes; in-service programs of two weeks to six weeks will probably produce less of a positive change than a program of less than two weeks but longer than two days; an in-service program of ten weeks to one year will probably produce less significant changes in attitudes than a shorter program; the shorter the in-service program (i.e., less than ten weeks and more than two days) the greater the probability of gaining significant attitude changes; the critical hour of significant attitude change appears to be around the twenty-fourth hour; and, in attitude change research, instead of measuring training by days across weeks or months, the variable to examine is the total number of hours of training.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Welch, David U.
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Description, Analysis and Evaluation of Three Approaches to the Teaching of Reading

Description: The problem is to describe, analyze, and evaluate three approaches to the teaching of reading in grades one through six in selected school districts in a California county. The three approaches are 1) the Basic Reading Approach, 2) the Individualized Reading Approach, and 3) the Language Experience Approach to reading.
Date: August 1963
Creator: Lane, Kenneth Boyd, 1923-
Partner: UNT Libraries

Perceived Impacts of a Study Abroad Experience on In-Service Teachers' Practices

Description: This phenomenological multiple case study provides the details, reasoning, and discussion of the role of study abroad experience and its perceived impact(s) on three in-service teachers. Two research questions were posed: What are the perceived impacts on in-service teachers' practice of a study abroad program experience and how does the in-service teacher's perception of impact change over time within a teacher's career? Results of this study suggest that the teaching practice of in-service teachers who study abroad would benefit, especially in the area of intercultural competence, if this experience is structured in a way where the curriculum of the study abroad program aligns with the content of their future teaching assignment i.e. curricular bridging. Case evidence further suggests that long-term impact of a study abroad experience upon a teacher's practice is related to providing the future teacher an opportunity for to develop and maintain pedagogical relationships with students while abroad. The term ‘submersion' is introduced to help articulate depth of impact during a study abroad program experience.
Date: August 2018
Creator: Felts, Mark T
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Evaluation of a Short-Term In-Service Rehabilitation Training Program

Description: This study investigated the effects of a short-term in-service training program for rehabilitation practitioners. Specifically, cognitive, attitudinal, and behavioral changes were measured. Also examined with respect to the observed changes were the effects of age, sex, education and other variables. Significant information gain was made by the participants of the training program in comparison with the control group. When the program participants reported their attitudes, no significant difference was found between them and the control group. Judging from the supervisors' ratings, the participants of the program seemed to benefit significantly in terms of information gained, attitudes changed, and placement behaviors exhibited. There was a significant positive correlation between the age of an individual and his or her positive attitude change. The higher the level of education of an individual, the more positive the attitude change that occurred, and the less the amount of dogmatism that was measured. Persons who had been trained in the nonhelping professions showed more positive attitude change than those who had been trained in the helping professions. The questionnaire, answered anonymously by the trainees, indicated that virtually all of them found the training program very worthwhile. When the trainees rated their own perceived change after the training program (on a scale of "none," "slight," "moderate," "much," or "great") the group averaged "moderate" or more change in information, attitude, and behavior, and "much" change in motivation. It was concluded that the training program was effective in advancing the academic achievement of the participants. Judging from the supervisors' ratings, participants benefited significantly in terms of professional growth. The participants were supportive to the training program and expressed the belief that it was of value.
Date: May 1979
Creator: Reinberg, Linda
Partner: UNT Libraries

An In-Service Educational Program for Beginning Teachers of Spanish in the Elementary Grades

Description: The problem of the study was to determine the effectiveness of an in-service education program as a means of providing qualified foreign language teachers for elementary schools. Specifically, the problem was concerned with a statistical comparison of the achievement of two groups of pupils. One group was composed of fourth-grade pupils who were taught Spanish by teachers who had had a maximum of three college hours in Spanish and who had participated in an in-service education program. The other group was composed of fourth-grade pupils whose teachers had had a minimum of twelve college hours in Spanish but had not participated in an in-service education program.
Date: June 1960
Creator: Robertson, John Clifford
Partner: UNT Libraries

Funding and Effectiveness of Staff Development Programs in Three North Texas School Districts

Description: This dissertation study focused on three aspects of staff development in North Texas: 1) funding sources, 2) types of professional learning programs, and 3) teachers' views of the effectiveness of the funded programs. Qualitative data came from interviews with nine district administrators concerning funding sources and how those resources enhanced teacher skills. Quantitative data came from 1,277 responses from teachers regarding their background and perceptions about staff development. Data from interviews with district administrators were diagrammed to depict elements of funding staff development and to reveal how resources were used to plan, implement, and evaluate staff learning. An analysis of interview data revealed that availability of grants, property tax rates, and student enrollment affected how districts funded staff development. Administrators reported that districts funded professional learning that was planned according to academic initiatives, met the needs of adult learners, and adapted to the changing needs of school communities. Both administrators and practitioners reported that time was a lacking resource critical to developing staff knowledge. Practitioners reported that sufficient opportunity to collaborate with colleagues about learning initiatives was more valuable than teaching materials. Teacher questionnaires were analyzed for possible relationships between participant variables and responses concerning knowledge about funding constraints and professional development experiences. Data revealed that practitioner experience and graduate degrees were not related to teachers' use of knowledge about financial constraints to more efficiently implement learning from staff development. Participants did not perceive professional learning differently than peers. Most teachers connected professional learning with improved teaching practices but a small percent attributed student achievement to their professional learning. The majority of teachers considered collaborative learning settings to elicit more personal professional growth than other formats. The findings of the teacher questionnaire suggest that teaching practices could be impacted if participants gained more knowledge about district financial constraints when developing ...
Date: August 2010
Creator: Ivey, Shannon Kay
Partner: UNT Libraries

E-Learning and In-Service Training: An Exploration of the Beliefs and Practices of Trainers and Trainees in the Turkish National Police

Description: This targeted research study, carried out by an officer of the Turkish National Police (TNP), investigated the perceptions and beliefs of TNP trainers and trainees towards the potential adoption and implementation of e-learning technology for in-service police training. Utilizing diffusion and innovation theory (DOI) (Rogers, 1995) and the conceptual technology integration process model (CTIM) (Nicolle, 2005), two different surveys were administered; one to the trainers and one to the trainees. The factor analyses revealed three shared trainer and trainee perceptions: A positive perception towards e-learning, personally and for the TNP; a belief in the importance of administrative support for e-learning integration; and the belief in importance of appropriate resources to facilitate integration and maintain implementation. Three major recommendations were made for the TNP. First, the research findings could be used as a road map by the TNP Education Department to provide a more flexible system to disseminate in-service training information. The second is to establish two-way channels of communication between the administration and the TNP personnel to efficiently operationalize the adoption and integration of e-learning technology. The third is the administrative provision of necessary hardware, software, and technical support.
Date: August 2007
Creator: Zengin, Selcuk
Partner: UNT Libraries

Teacher Evaluation Processes and Professional Development Programs in Independent Schools

Description: The purposes of this study were to determine (a) what teacher evaluation processes or instruments are used in the 45 independent schools of the Southwest, (b) what types of professional development activities or programs are provided for teachers in these schools, and (c) how the development and implementation of the teacher evaluation process and professional development programs are perceived by the teaching faculty in selected schools. Questionnaires were administered to chief administrators of the 45 member schools of the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest. From the 28 schools submitting completed questionnaires and evaluation instruments, it was found that: (a) 3 of the schools had a very informal process, (b) 7 of the schools had an informal process, (c) 12 of the schools had a formal process, and (d) 6 of the schools had a very formal process. Four generalizations emerged from factors evident at the 5 schools selected for on-site visitations which should be addressed by independent schools regardless of the type of evaluation process used: (a) each school should develop a teacher evaluation policy; (b) each school should develop evaluation criteria and procedures that relate to each teacher's classification; (c) each school should delineate the specific role of the chief administrator in the evaluation process, and (d) each school should design a program of preferred professional development activities for each teacher's classification and level of the school. Finally, the recommendation was made that further research on teacher evaluation in independent schools include the investigation of how and why schools select a particular teacher evaluation process.
Date: December 1989
Creator: Gonsalves, Bronte B. (Bronte Blondina)
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparison of Three In-Service Training Models in Humanizing Elementary Teachers' Attitudes Toward Children

Description: This study investigated the effectiveness of three in—service training models in humanizing teachers' attitudes toward children. Each model was analyzed separately and then compared with each of the others. The purposes of this study were to determine whether teachers, after participating in one of three in-service models, would experience positive changes in attitudes toward children and would maintain these changes for at least three months. The findings of this study support the conclusion that none of the three in-service programs, as conducted in this study, were effective in changing teachers' attitudes. Possibly the in-service programs lacked cohesiveness and continuity owing to the time intervals between the four sessions. Another possible explanation for the ineffectiveness of the programs is found in the relatively short duration of the programs.
Date: August 1977
Creator: Cox, James Loy
Partner: UNT Libraries

Detectability and printability of EUVL mask blank defects for the32 nm HP node

Description: The readiness of a defect-free extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) mask blank infrastructure is one of the main enablers for the insertion of EUVL technology into production. It is essential to have sufficient defect detection capability and understanding of defect printability to develop a defect-free EUVL mask blank infrastructure. The SEMATECH Mask Blank Development Center (MBDC) has been developing EUVL mask blanks with low defect densities with the Lasertec M1350 and M7360, the 1st and 2nd generations, respectively, of visible light EUVL mask blank inspection tools. Although the M7360 represents a significant improvement in our defect detection capability, it is time to start developing a 3rd generation tool for EUVL mask blank inspection. The goal of this tool is to detect all printable defects; therefore, understanding defect printability criteria is critical to this tool development. In this paper, we will investigate the defect detectability of a 2nd generation blank inspection tool and a patterned EUVL mask inspection tool. We will also compare the ability of the inspection tools to detect programmed defects whose printability has been estimated from wafer printing results and actinic aerial images results.
Date: August 1, 2007
Creator: Cho, Wonil; Han, Hak-Seung; Goldberg, Kenneth A.; Kearney,Patrick A. & Jeon, Chan-Uk
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: Pipelines present a unique challenge to monitoring because of the great geographical distances they cover, their burial depth, their age, and the need to keep the product flowing without much interruption. Most other engineering structures that require monitoring do not pose such combined challenges. In this regard, a pipeline system can be considered analogous to the blood vessels in the human body. The human body has an extensive ''pipeline'' through which blood and other fluids are transported. The brain can generally sense damage to the system at any location and alert the body to provide temporary repair, unless the damage is severe. This is accomplished through a vast network of fixed and floating sensors combined with a vast and extremely complex communication/decision making system. The project described in this report mimics the distributed sensor system of our body, albeit in a much more rudimentary fashion. Internal corrosion is an important factor in pipeline integrity management. At present, the methods to assess internal corrosion in pipelines all have certain limitations. In-line inspection tools are costly and cannot be used in all pipelines. Because there is a significant time interval between inspections, any impact due to upsets in pipeline operations can be missed. Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA) is a procedure that can be used to identify locations of possible internal corrosion. However, the uncertainties in the procedure require excavation and location of damage using more detailed inspection tools. Non-intrusive monitoring techniques can be used to monitor internal corrosion, but these tools also require pipeline excavation and are limited in the spatial extent of corrosion they can examine. Therefore, a floating sensor system that can deposit at locations of water accumulation and communicate the corrosion information to an external location is needed. To accomplish this, the project is divided into four main ...
Date: October 31, 2005
Creator: Sridhar, Narasi; Tormoen, Garth & Sabata, Ashok
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Reduced Mandated Inspection by Remote Field Eddy Current Inspection of Unpiggable Pipelines

Description: The Remote Field Eddy Current (RFEC) technique is ideal for inspecting unpiggable pipelines because all of its components can be made much smaller than the diameter of the pipe to be inspected. For this reason, RFEC was chosen as a technology for unpiggable pipeline inspections by DOE-NETL with the support of OTD and PRCI, to be integrated with platforms selected by DOENETL. As part of the project, the RFEC laboratory facilities were upgraded and data collection was made nearly autonomous. The resulting improved data collection speeds allowed GTI to test more variables to improve the performance of the combined RFEC and platform technologies. Tests were conducted on 6-, 8-, and 12-inch seamless and seam-welded pipes. Testing on the 6-inch pipes included using seven exciter coils, each of different geometry with an initial focus on preparing the technology for use on an autonomous robotic platform with limited battery capacity. Reductions in power consumption proved successful. Tests with metal components similar to the Explorer II modules were performed to check for interference with the electromagnetic fields. The results of these tests indicated RFEC would be able to produce quality inspections while on the robot. Mechanical constraints imposed by the platform, power requirements, control and communication protocols, and potential busses and connectors were addressed. Much work went into sensor module design including the mechanics and electronic diagrams and schematics. GTI participated in two Technology Demonstrations for inspection technologies held at Battelle Laboratories. GTI showed excellent detection and sizing abilities for natural corrosion. Following the demonstration, module building commenced but was stopped when funding reductions did not permit continued development for the selected robotic platform. Conference calls were held between GTI and its sponsors to resolve the issue of how to proceed with reduced funding. The project was rescoped for 10-16-inch pipes with the ...
Date: September 29, 2006
Creator: Teitsma, Albert & Maupin, Julie
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The Effects of an Education Service Center Curriculum Study on Teacher Participant Attitudes

Description: The purposes of this study were threefold: (1) to test the assumption that a curriculum study produces change in a school faculty in conservatism-radicalism, in anxiety, in leadership behavior, and in attitude toward the curriculum study; (2) to investigate the relationships between effects of a curriculum study on conservatism-radicalism, anxiety, leadership behavior, attitude toward the curriculum study and age, sex, and years of teaching experience of the teachers; and (3) to create a model from which replications can be made by Texas Education Service Centers.
Date: June 1970
Creator: Ivey, Ellis
Partner: UNT Libraries