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[Polish Class]

Description: Photograph of pairs of children spinning and dancing at the Polish National Alliance Hall. "Bernice Clark" is signed in the lower left corner of the image.
Date: March 1958
Creator: Clark, Bernice & Clark, Joe
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Art Class at the DIA]

Description: Photograph of children's art class at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Narrative by Junebug Clark: I might be in this photo. I spent many hours and days in classes and wandering the DIA. I sat for hours studying the Dutch Master paintings there trying to figure out the different light sources the painters used to light their subjects and where they came from and how they hid those lights so they were not in the painting. I still do. Photo by Bernice Clark. Signed by: Bernice Clark Clark PhotoFile: 7069-0020-4
Date: 1955
Creator: Clark, Bernice
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

The materials and methods employed in the pedagogy of woodwind instrument classes at the college level

Description: It is the purpose of this thesis to present some of the material to be employed in the pedagogy of the woodwind instrument classes at the college level in order that this material may serve as a useful and beneficial guide for the students and teachers of the woodwind instrument classes.
Date: August 1949
Creator: Hudgins, Jack William, 1927-
Partner: UNT Libraries


Description: This study of semigroups discusses groups, ideals, relations on semigroups, and relation classes in semigroups. Each topic is covered in some detail; but since this is a general study of semigroups, no topic dominates the paper. The definitions, theorems, and corollaries are supplied by Dr. August Lau, and all proofs are the work of Ms. Bryant.
Date: May 1979
Creator: Bryant, Mary E.
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Study of the Status of the Area of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation in the Colleges and Universities of Texas for Negro Students During the Session of 1953-1954

Description: The investigator undertook a study of the status of the area of health, physical education, and recreation in the colleges and universities of Texas primarily for Negro students during the session of 1953-54.
Date: August 1955
Creator: Williams, Walter Sam, Jr.
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Evaluation of Student Growth When the Goal-Seeking Method is Employed in Teaching a Foods Unit

Description: The purpose of this study is to analyze the extent of certain aspects of growth in foods units in homemaking classes through several evaluative methods, such as: pre-tests and tests, anecdotal records, self-evaluations of students, and student and teacher planned devices.
Date: 1948
Creator: Lindley, Edith Ross
Partner: UNT Libraries

Source Book for a Semester's Study of Language in Twelfth Grade English

Description: While most of the current concepts about language may serve as the underlying principles of language study in all English classes, there appears to be a need in the high school curriculum for opportunity to study in concentrated manner the background and the development of the English language, as a subject of intrinsic interest and lifelong appreciation. A logical place for this type of study, offered on an elective basis, would be in one semester of the twelfth grade. Because of the scope and the depth of the study it would be considered an accelerated course. In the following chapters an attempt will be made to write a guide for such a curriculum.
Date: January 1970
Creator: Parker, Mildred B.
Partner: UNT Libraries