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A Modern Pedagogical Method for Developing Valve Technique on Independent Double Valve Bass Trombone

Description: The modern bass trombone has undergone many changes in design since the 1960s and a student beginning on or switching to bass trombone today needs pedagogical material that methodically addresses the many valve combinations available on an independent double valve bass trombone. The existing books for bass trombone contain useful exercises, but none of the currently available books address all the valve combinations and patterns that are helpful for developing proficient valve technique on bass trombone. Therefore, I created a new bass trombone double valve technique method book that includes a thorough exploration of the bass trombone's two valves within the context of scales, scale exercises, and original material specifically designed to be applicable to common literature for the bass trombone.
Date: December 2019
Creator: Sharpe, Christopher McRae
Partner: UNT Libraries