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Knowledge and Skills for the Adult Educator in Thailand

Description: The purpose of this study was to identify and specify knowledge and skills needed by adult educators in Thailand. This study provided information for establishing a guide to be used in professional training and in graduate programs in adult education. A three round Delphi technique was used to develop the consensus of findings. The first round solicited open-ended responses from twenty panelists. One hundred and twenty-five knowledge and skill statements, the responses from the first round, were developed into a five-point rating scale questionnaire. This questionnaire was utilized in both Round II and III. Median, mode and interquartile ranges were applied to specify the consensus of the panel of experts. The one hundred and twenty-five knowledge and skill statements, seventy-five knowledge statements and fifty skill statements, were classified into four major categories: teaching, administration, research and general experience. The experts for the study consisted of eleven non-formal education officers and nine university professors in adult/continuing education and non-formal education. From seventy-five knowledge statements, sixteen were rated at the highest priority of importance. Forty-nine statements were rated at above average priority of importance and two statements were rated at average. Eight statements did not meet the interquartile range criterion as a consensus of the panelists. From fifty skill statements, fifteen statements were rated at the highest priority of importance; thirty statements were rated at above average; one statement was rated at average; and four statements failed to meet the interquartile range criterion.
Date: December 1987
Creator: Tamrongsin Jiearatrakul
Partner: UNT Libraries

Cultural perspectives of the adult reading problem in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Description: This philosophical-descriptive dissertation makes a detailed analysis of the background and problems of the adult literacy program in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and proposes recommendations for improvement of this program. The purpose of the study is to describe and critically analyze the Islamic religious tradition, Saudi Arabian social structure, the roles of Saudi Arabian men and women, the role of nomads in Saudi society, usage of Classical and modern Arabian dialects, current instructional materials and media used in adult literacy education and current educational resources, finance and personnel.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Al Wohaibi, Mohammad Al Nassir
Partner: UNT Libraries

Young Adult Literature and Censorship: A Content Analysis of Seventy-Eight Young Adult Books

Description: The purpose of this study was to analyze a representative seventy-eight current young adult books to determine the extent to which they contain items which are objectionable to would-be censors. Seventy-eight books were identified which fit the criteria of popularity and literary quality. Content analysis was selected as the quantitative method of research. Each of the seventy-eight young adult books was analyzed for the six categories which were established through prior research. The six categories include profanity, sex, violence, parent conflict, drugs, and condoned bad behavior. These categories were tallied each time they occurred in the books. Reliability was assured with a rating of .98 by a committee of six professionals. The data reveal that profanity occurred more times in the seventy-eight books than the other five categories with a total of 5,616. The category of drugs was noted 4,171 times. References to sex followed in number with 3,174. The categories which occurred the least were violence with 1,849 occurrences and condoned bad behavior with only 489 occurrences. By applying a frequency index formula to determine the number of objections in each book in relation to the number of pages, a comparison among the books could be made. The analysis, synthesis, and interpretation of the data led to several conclusions. Local school systems should establish and follow procedures for book selection and removal. The interests of young adults are met by the presentation of a variety of ideas and realistic plots and settings. The books, even with objectionable items, are chosen by teachers and students to read; therefore, they should be accessible in secondary school libraries as they provide valuable reading experiences for young adults. This study established that young adult literature serves an important function in providing quality reading material of interest to teenagers. These reading experiences help broaden ...
Date: December 1986
Creator: Horton, Nancy Spence
Partner: UNT Libraries

Toward the Identification of a Body of Classic or Seminal Works in Adult Education: a Citation Analysis

Description: This bibliometric study examined 19,385 citations in the bibliographies, book reviews, and reading lists of 70 volumes of Adult Education Quarterly, Adult Education, Adult Education Bulletin, Adult Education Journal, and Journal of Adult Education, and 13 volumes of the Handbook of Adult Education in the United States to identify books published before 1960 which have been frequently cited before and after 1960. Through citation analysis, an initial list of 434 titles was reduced to a core list of 64 books cited five times or more during the years between 1934 and 1988. For the purposes of this study, numbers of citations were taken to mean importance of works by indicating usefulness to subsequent authors. Of the 64 books, 55 had received at least one citation before 1960 and 57 had received at least one citation after 1960. While not all 64 of the core works constitute what might be called "classic works," it is suggested that classic works are likely to be found within the listed works.
Date: December 1989
Creator: Newcomer, Jane E. (Jane Elisabeth)
Partner: UNT Libraries

National Assessment of Vocational Education

Description: The National Assessment of Vocational Education (NAVE) is a congressionally-mandated evaluation of the 1998 Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act and of the implementation and outcomes of vocational education in the United States. This page provides access to various NAVE reports and related resources.
Date: 2005
Creator: National Assessment of Vocational Education
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Ideas About Adult Learning in Fifth and Fourth Century B.C. Athens

Description: The problem of this study was to determine to what extent contemporary adult education theory has similarities to and origins in ancient Athenian ideas about education. The methodology used in the study combined hermeneutics and the critical theory of Jurgen Habermas. Primary sources incuded Aristotle, Plato, Aristophanes, and Diogenes Laertius; secondary sources included Jaeger, Marrou, Dover, and Kennedy. In the analysis of Athenian adult education, three groups of adult educators were identified—the poets the sophists, and the philosophers. The poets were the traditional educators of the Greek people; their shared interest or way of perceiving the world emphasized the importance of community cohesion and health. In Athens in the mid-fifth century B.C., a new group of educators, the sophists, arose to fill a demand of adults for higher and adult education in the skills necessary to participate in the assembly and courts. The sophists emphasized a pragmatic human interest and taught the skill of rhetoric. Socrates and Plato created a new school of educators, the philosophers, who became vigorous ideological opponents of both the poets and the sophists. The philosophers exhibited a transcendental interest or approach to knowledge; the purpose of life was to improve the soul, and the preferred way of life was contemplative rather than active. The philosophers taught the skill of dialectic. Paideia was a Greek word that originally referred to childhood education but which came to mean education throughout the lifespan and the civic culture that supported education. Athenian citizens perceived their paideia to be among their greatest virtues, an attainment which could not be lost to the fortunes of time as could wealth or position. Modern adult education lacks the concern for the communal and transcendental human interests that were important to many ancient Greeks. Modern cultures tend to promote strong individuation of personality and ...
Date: December 1986
Creator: Hancock, Donald H. (Donald Hugh)
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Development and Contributions of the Department of Adult Education, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, to Adult Education in Nigeria: 1945- 1980

Description: This study examined the historical development of the University of Ibadan in Nigeria and its contributions to adult education both in Nigeria and in other African nations. This was aimed at providing up-to-date insight into the department's contributions to the development of adult education in Nigeria and in other African nations. Specifically, this study examined the department's founders and their goals, the department's management structure, its relationship with other adult education agencies in Nigeria and in Africa, its programs and services, and the participants in these. This study reveals that the department's founders were both British and Nigerian politicians, educators, and humanitarians. They were concerned with eradicating illiteracy, preparing adults for democratic roles, and improving the economic well-being of these adults. The department does not have a consistent pattern of management. The selection of its leadership is usually based on seniority and academic merits. The department initially relied on donations and on the revenues from the local, state, and federal governments of Nigeria to operate. It now relies on those from the profit from its services to the public and on those from Nigeria's state and federal governments. The department interacts with other departments of the university and with other adult education agencies in Nigeria to formulate, develop, direct, and provide adult education programs and services to all segments of the Nigerian population. Its contributions to other African nations are limited to the conferences and seminars it hosts, and in many cases, directs on their behalf.
Date: May 1987
Creator: Adeniji, Olufemi O. (Olufemi Ogunruku)
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Sisterhood of Dark Sanctuary

Description: The Sisterhood of Dark Sanctuary is an original play about two sisters who are struggling to find their own identities away from their mother. The sisters have developed a functioning relationship wherein they alternate between the dominant partner and the passive partner, often assuming the roles of a mother and a child. This relationship has become so secure and stable for the sisters that they cannot develop healthy adult identities apart from each other.
Date: May 1987
Creator: Sandberg, Leslie Jean
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and the One-Stop Delivery System

Description: This report provides details of WIOA Title I state formula program structure, services, allotment formulas, and performance accountability, a program overview for national grant programs, and a brief overview of the Employment Service (ES), which is authorized by separate legislation but is an integral part of the One-Stop system created by WIOA.
Date: October 27, 2015
Creator: Bradley, David H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

A study of two staff-development techniques for teachers of adult reading in Texas

Description: This study examines two methods of in-service preparation for teachers of adult reading. The first method, known as Developing Adult Reading in Texas (DART), uses single concept modules which deal with five specific components of the reading process. The components are Comprehension, Vocabulary, Motivation, Word-Attack Skills, and Diagnosis. The modules provide for teacher involvement and focus on one reading concept at a time. The second method is defined as non-focused reading instruction. Subjects receive information of a general nature concerning the same five components of a reading process. A lecture format is used.
Date: August 1977
Creator: Radeka, Cynthia L.
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Study of the Developmental Problems of an Educational Counseling and Information Brokering Center for Adults

Description: The purposes of this study were to identify the problems and issues encountered in the development of an educational information and counseling brokering service for adults and to determine their relative significance to the success of an educational brokering service. To accomplish this, the relevant developmental issues were identified by a search of the literature. These were sent to a consultant of the National Center for Educational Brokering who selected forty issues and problems as salient. These statements were formulated into a questionnaire to determine their significance in each stage of development. The initial questionnaire was submitted to four additional consultants for recommendations. The questionnaires were then mailed to the directors of 135 educational brokering centers listed in the Directory of the National Center for Educational Brokering. Based on the findings of the study, eleven issues were considered very significant by the total population of respondents. The three most significant issues were: flexibility and responsiveness in service, maintaining clarity of purpose while attempting to meet diverse needs, and insuring continuing financial viability.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Harkness, Helen Leslie
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comparison of Paranoid Schizophrenics and Schizo-Affective, Depressed Type Schizophrenics, Utilizing Gittinger's Personality Assessment System

Description: This study hypothesized that paranoid schizophrenia and schizo-affective, depressed type schizophrenia could be differentiated by the Internalizer-Externalizer, Regulated- Flexible, and Role Uniform-Role Adaptable dimensions of the Personality Assessment System. The Personality Assessment System methodology utilizes the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale to measure these dimensions. All hypotheses were statistically confirmed. The difficulty of applying the Personality Assessment System to psychopathological regressive states is cited. Recommendations include utilizing the Personality Assessment System with other groups in the institutional setting and within diagnostic categories.
Date: August 1975
Creator: Harlan, Teresa A.
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Survey of the Industries of Sherman to Determine a Vocation Program for Adults and a more Functional Program for the Senior High School

Description: The purpose of this survey is to present a program suitable for adult education and a more functional one for the senior high school. In order to do this, a survey of the industries will be necessary to determine the kind and types of classes that will be in the greatest demand.
Date: 1947
Creator: Keene, Arthur R.
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Study of the Perceptions of Students, Teachers, and Administrators of Actual and Ideal Educational Goals in Level Four Adult- Continuing Education Programs in Bangkok, Thailand

Description: This investigation sought to examine the congruence or the lack of congruence of educational goals in Level Four Adult-Continuing Education Programs in Bangkok, Thailand. The purposes of the study were to identify the actual and ideal goals of Level Four Adult-Continuing Education Programs and to determine whether any significant differences existed in the perceptions of educational goals of the programs among students, teachers, and administrators.
Date: May 1987
Creator: Jintana Sujjanun
Partner: UNT Libraries

Factors Affecting Revictimization in Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Description: Structural equation modeling was used to examine how childhood sexual abuse (and other associated variables, such as family functioning and experiencing multiple forms of abuse) relates to revictimization and psychological distress. Participants were women who participated in Project HOW: Health Outcomes of Women interviews, a longitudinal study that spanned six waves of interviews. Only women with a history of childhood sexual abuse were included in the present study (n=178). Experiencing nonsexual child maltreatment in addition to childhood sexual abuse appears directly related to adult sexual and physical revictimization and indirectly related to psychological distress. Childhood sexual abuse alone was not predictive of revictimization or psychological abuse. This suggests that other mediating factors may explain the relation between CSA and revictimization found in other research. Clinical implications based on the results of the present study emphasize the importance of identifying children who have experienced multiple forms of abuse as particularly at risk for future victimization. In addition, providing interventions with a focus on education and empowerment might decrease risk for future violence and subsequent emotional maladjustment. Potential future research could examine the treatment outcomes and efficacy of these interventions as well as identify those mediating factors that increase the risk for adult revictimization for those individuals who experience only childhood sexual abuse.
Date: August 2010
Creator: Ericksen, Stephanie J.
Partner: UNT Libraries