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Scoping Study for Demand Respose DFT II Project in Morgantown, WV

Description: This scoping study describes the underlying data resources and an analysis tool for a demand response assessment specifically tailored toward the needs of the Modern Grid Initiatives Demonstration Field Test in Phase II in Morgantown, WV. To develop demand response strategies as part of more general distribution automation, automated islanding and feeder reconfiguration schemes, an assessment of the demand response resource potential is required. This report provides the data for the resource a… more
Date: June 6, 2008
Creator: Lu, Shuai & Kintner-Meyer, Michael CW
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department
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The relationship between intraseasonal and interannual variability during the asian summer monsoon

Description: The purpose of this paper is to investigate intraseasonal (30-70 days) and higher frequency (5-30 days) variability and its relationship to interannual variability. Various modelling studies have suggested a link between intraseasonal and interannual variability of the Asian summer monsoon. This relationship has been mainly based upon the similar spatial structures of the dominant EOF patterns of the monsoon circulation on intraseasonal and interannual time scales from simulations with simple m… more
Date: April 21, 1999
Creator: Annamalai, H; Slingo, J M & Sperber, K R
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department
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Cloud cover and type over the former USSR, 1936-83; trends derived from the RIHMI-WDC 223-station 6- and 3-hourly meteorological database

Description: This paper presents trends analyses of sky cover data from the former U.S.S.R. for the period 1936-83. Observations of total cloud amount, low cloud amount, and low-, middle-, and high-cloud type from 223 stations were obtained from a database of 6- and 3-hourly meteorological observations compiled at the Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information - World Data Centre in Obninsk, Russia. Station data were averaged over various-sized grid boxes and linear trends in seasonal mean total … more
Date: July 1995
Creator: Kaiser, D. P. & Razuvaev, V. N.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department
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The Khan Variations for Solo Marimba by Alejandro Viñao: Musical Analysis and Performance Practice

Description: The Khan Variations is the first work for solo marimba by Argentinean composer Alejandro Viñao (b.1951). Since publication in 2001, Khan Variations has been performed at many international percussion festivals and is often a repertoire choice for performers in the final round of numerous marimba competitions. This thesis and accompanying lecture recital provide a supplemental guide to Alejandro Viñao's Khan Variations, focusing on analytical and structural theory, as well as performance practic… more
Date: May 2010
Creator: Roberts, John Francis
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Piano Variations of Aaron Copland: An Analysis and Study for the Performer.

Description: Aaron Copland has been in the forefront of the American musical scene since the 1920s. He has been called an "American composer" for his ability to formulate the essence of American folk music into a wide variety of mediums. The variety and scope of his compositions encompass a diverse array of styles and techniques. From the jazz influenced works that dominated his early period to the works for Hollywood films, from the chamber music that was directly influenced by his Jewish background to the… more
Access: Restricted to the UNT Community Members at a UNT Libraries Location.
Date: August 2003
Creator: Saun, Rinna M.
Partner: UNT Libraries
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Atmospheric CO{sub 2} concentrations -- Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii 1958--1986

Description: Since 1958, CO{sub 2} concentrations at Mauna Loa Observatory have been obtained using a nondispersive, dual detector, infrared gas analyzer. Air samples are obtained from air intakes at the top of four 7m towers and one 27m tower. Those involved in the monitoring project have attempted to improving sampling techniques, reduce possible contamination sources, and adjust data to represent uncontaminated, true conditions throughout the twenty-eight year sampling period. The gas analyzer is calibra… more
Date: September 1, 1986
Creator: Boden, T. A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department
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Beethoven's Transcendence of the Additive Tendency in Opus 34, Opus 35, Werk ohne Opuszahl 80, and Opus 120

Description: The internal unity of the themes in a sonata-allegro movement and the external unity of the movements in a sonata cycle are crucial elements of Beethoven's compositional aesthetic. Numerous theorists have explored these aspects in Beethoven's sonatas, symphonies, quartets, and concertos. Similar research into the independent variation sets for piano, excluding Opus 120, has been largely neglected as the result of three misconceptions: that the variation sets, many of which were based on popular… more
Date: December 1989
Creator: Kramer, Ernest J. (Ernest Joachim)
Partner: UNT Libraries
open access

Solar-climatic statistical study. Summary report. Volume 1 of 2

Description: Design and operation of large scale solar and wind energy conversion systems should be based, in part, on knowledge of expected solar and wind power trends. For this purpose, historic data at 26 (SOLMET) National Weather Service stations were processed to provide preliminary planning data, in the form of statistical information, for selected daily average solar and wind conditions occurring and persisting for time periods of interest. Solar data are global radiation incident on a horizontal sur… more
Date: February 1, 1979
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department
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The distribution of cloud cover over the former USSR as derived from the RIHMI 223-Station 3-hourly meteorological database

Description: In recent years a great deal of meteorological and climatological data has been exchanged between the two principal climate data centers of the United States and the former Soviet Union: the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), in Asheville, North Carolina, and the Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information (RIHMI) in Obninsk, Russia. This was accomplished via Working Group VIB (Influence of Environmental Changes on Climate) of the bilateral initiative known as the Agreement on Prot… more
Date: February 1, 1995
Creator: Kaiser, D. P.; Vose, R. S.; Karl, T. R. & Razuvaev, V. N.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department
open access

Genetic and Morphological Variation in Natural Populations of the Red Shiner, Notropis lutrensis, and their Relationship to Adaptation in a Generalist Species

Description: Twenty-two natural populations of the red shiner minnow, Notropis lutrensis were examined for morphological and genetic variation. This research was aimed at testing the hypothesis that morphological and genetic variation was primarily influenced by the degree of gene flow between populations. Ten linear measurements were taken from each of 1320 specimens. Morphological characters were adjusted for differential growth by least squares linear regression techniques. Genetic variability was estima… more
Date: May 1984
Creator: Wooten, Michael Conrad
Partner: UNT Libraries
open access

The climatology of East Asian winter monsoon and cold surges from 1979--1995 NCEP/NCAR reanalyses

Description: The East Asian winter monsoon, which is associated with the Siberian high and active cold surges, is one of the most energetic monsoon circulation systems. The dramatic shift of northeasterlies and the outbreak of cold surges dominate the winter weather and local climate in the East Asian region, and may exert a strong impact on the extratropical and tropical planetary-scale circulations and influence the SSTs in the tropical western Pacific. General characteristics of the winter monsoon and co… more
Date: April 1996
Creator: Zhang, Yi; Sperber, K. & Boyle, J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Aurora che Sorgereai with Brilliant Variations for the PIano Forte

Description: This is a digital copy of the ca. 1830 edition of Henri Herz's Brilliant variations for the piano forte on the cavatina "Aurora che sorcerai" from Rossini's two-act melodrama "La donna del lago," (i.e., The lady of the lake). The library's copy is part of a bound collection of piano music by variopus nineteenth-century composers. The pianist, and Herz's friend, Franz Hünten adapted several passages of the music to suit the range of the contemporaneous piano fortes. A note on the t.p. indica… more
Date: 1830?
Creator: Herz, Henri, 1803-1888.
Partner: UNT Music Library
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Defining intra- and interhour load swings

Description: Electricity consumption varies with time. These temporal variations include moment-to-moment fluctuations plus hour-to-hour changes associated with diurnal, weekly, and seasonal patterns. The problem naturally splits into two time frames: (1) fast fluctuations, on the order of seconds to minutes, and (2) slower fluctuations, on the order of an hour or longer. Fast fluctuations in aggregate load result primarily from the random movements of individual loads. Slower fluctuations result from commo… more
Date: September 1, 1996
Creator: Hirst, E. & Kirby, B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department
open access

Studies of Annual and Seasonal Variations in Four Species of Reptiles and Amphibians at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Description: Baseline studies of reptiles and amphibians of the Pajarito wetlands at Los Alamos National Laboratory have been conducted by the Ecology group since 1990. With the data gathered from 1990-1997 (excluding 1992), we examined the annual and seasonal population changes of four species of reptiles and amphibians over the past seven years. The four species studied are the Woodhouse toad (Bufo woodhousii), the western chorus frog (Pseudacris triseriata), the many-lined skink (Eunzeces nudtivirgatus),… more
Date: July 1, 1998
Creator: Keller, D. C.; Nelson, E. I.; Mullen, M. A.; Foxx, T. S. & Haarmann, T. K.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department
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