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[Letters from F. Rockne Arnett and Steven H. Hinrichs to the BRAC Commission - August 2005]

Description: Letters from F. Rockne Arnett and Steven H. Hinrichs to the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC). Arnett addresses form letters to each of the commissioners regarding Air Force Research Laboratory Mesa in Arizona. Arnett asks that the laboratory should remain in Mesa, Arizona, and mentions Arizona State University's suggestion that the lab be privatized. Hinrichs writes to Commissioner Principi requesting that the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology be removed from the list of military facilities slated for closure.
Date: August 2005
Creator: Arnett, F. Rockne
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[Letters from Howard Llewellyn, Alice Bowen, Jean Crocker, and Maria Pierson to the BRAC Commission - August 2005]

Description: Letters from Howard Llewellyn, Alice Bowen, Jean Crocker, and Maria Pierson to the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC) criticizing the closing of Otis Air Guard Base in Massachusetts. Includes related poems by Crocker.
Date: August 2005
Creator: Crocker, Jean Hazelton
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Internal Public Relations in the Military: A Case Study of the Public Affairs Office at Carswell Air Force Base, Texas

Description: This investigation sought to describe the organization, function, and scope of the internal public affairs program of Carswell Air Force Base, Texas. Data came from in-depth interviews, office files, and military publications. The Carswell Air Force Base internal public affairs program appeared to be without direction and reactive in nature. Personnel had little or no formal journalism or public relations training and demonstrated only a vague awareness of the relationships between publics, tools, and activities. Still, the job seemed to get done, although perhaps not as well or as efficiently as possible. This raises the question: Where does formal journalism or public relations training fit into the running of a public affairs/relations office?
Date: December 1982
Creator: Knieff, Amy C. (Amy Cheri)
Partner: UNT Libraries

Development of an Instrument for Evaluation of a Management Education Program

Description: This study was designed to develop a rating instrument to measure the effectiveness of the first phase of management education for an Air Force officer, An officer's ability to lead, the first objective of management training, is intrinsically related to the ability to write, speak, and solve problems. These were behaviorally stated in a 60 item survey. Supervisors (N = 174) were asked to rate the frequency of occurrence of these behaviors for a subordinate. The survey was administered on two occasions to supervisors of officers eligible for training. Item analysis of the results reflected a strong favorable response bias with usable variability. Data indicated the instrument was a unidimensional internally consistent scale.
Date: August 1977
Creator: Ballentine, Rodger D.
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Effects of an Informational Briefing on the Attitudes of Certain High School Seniors in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area Toward the Air Force ROTC Training Program

Description: This study was a simple "before" and "after" attitude measurement experiment using an experimental group and a control group. The attitude measurements were made before and after the subjects in the experimental group were presented an informational briefing about the Air Force ROTC training program. Both the experimental group and the control group were subject to exposure to the Air Force mass communication advertising during the two-month study period. The results indicate that the increased knowledge gained by the experimental group through its exposure to the informational briefing caused a negative change of attitude within the group. However, the control group had no significant change of attitude during the study period even though more than 87 percent of those subjects were exposed to some form of Air Force advertising.
Date: May 1974
Creator: Andrews, Robert Glenn
Partner: UNT Libraries

New Leadership Team in Place

Description: A brochure from University of North Texas' College of Business Administration announcing the appointment of Henry H. Hays as Dean of UNT's College of Business Administration.
Date: September 25, 1996
Creator: University of North Texas
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

Further Evidence of the Constancy and Validity of Peer Ratings

Description: This study reports on an investigation to determine the applicability of the peer rating technique to Air Force ROTC cadets at North Texas State College which has an enrollment of approximately 7000 students. The specific problem investigated was whether or not the peer rating would be useful in solving the leader identification problem in Air Force ROTC.
Date: January 1960
Creator: Widmann, Benjamin
Partner: UNT Libraries

Leadership Concepts of Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Students

Description: The purpose of this study is to determine the concepts held by college students in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps concerning leadership. An attempt will be made to indicate the relative importance of these concepts of leadership as determined by the college students. Also, the opinions of the different classes--freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors concerning these concepts will be obtained.
Date: June 1955
Creator: Gleason, Dale Harvey, 1921-
Partner: UNT Libraries