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Study of Two-Phase Metastable Flow

Description: From Abstract: "An experimental study was made to determine the flow rate of saturated water through short tubes of various lengths and diameters. Tubes of both rounded and sharp edge entrances were tested in the horizontal and vertical positions. Test results were analyzed and correlated."
Date: November 1966
Creator: Bryers, Richard W. & Hsieh, William S.
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Temperature Distribution in the Crystallization of Undercooled Liquids in Cylindrical Tubes

Description: From Introduction: "The major difficulty in interpreting the results obtained by this simple experimental technique is the specification of the temperature at the crystal-liquid interface. Since, the liquid-to-solid transformation is exothermic the temperature in the vicinity of the interface will exceed the temperature in the vicinity of the interface will exceed the temperature of the bulk of the cooling bath, which is the quantity most conveniently measured and most frequently reported."
Date: May 1964
Creator: Brian, P. L. T. & Sperry, P. R.
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Heat Transfer, Flow Instability, and Critical Heat Flux For Water in a Small Tube At 200 psia

Description: From Abstract: Report discussing "the effects of developing two-phase flow regimes in a constant-pressure drop system are shown in recorded traces from a fast-response flow transducer: the mass velocity decreases and transfer-surface superheat increases with increasing steam quality."
Date: June 1963
Creator: Weatherhead, R. J.
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Investigation of Pitot tubes

Description: Report describes the principles of operation and characteristics of some of the instruments which have been devised or used to measure both low and high speeds of aeroplanes. Since the pitot tube is the instrument which has been most commonly used in the United States and Great Britain as a speedometer for aeroplanes, it is treated first and somewhat more fully than the others.
Date: 1917
Creator: Herschel, W H & Buckingham, E
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Wind-tunnel investigation of a shielded total-pressure tube at transonic speeds

Description: Report presenting testing of a shielded total-pressure tube with a curved venturi entry in order to obtain the variation of total-pressure error with angle of attack from a range of 0 to 60 degrees and for a range of Mach numbers. The critical angle was found to vary from about 57 degrees at Mach number 0.90 to 56 degrees at Mach number 1.10.
Date: January 22, 1952
Creator: Gracey, William; Pearson, Albin O. & Russell, Walter R.
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory Vertical Tube Evaporator Pilot Plant Annual Report for Fiscal Year 1970

Description: From Introduction: "This report covers the work done in fiscal 1970 and the small amount of work done in the early part of fiscal 1971; the inclusive dates covered are July 1, 1969 through July 10, 1970. A four effect VTE train operating in the downflow mode. A single effect VTE unit operating in the downflow mode. A mixed phase high pressure water and steam jet compression unit complete with a boiler to supply high pressure motive steam."
Date: October 1970
Creator: Stearns-Roger Corporation
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Third Report on Horizontal-Tube Multiple-Effect Process Pilot Plant Tests

Description: From Summary: "This report describes the continuing work on HTME distillation plants, the first portions of which were reported in References 1 and 2. A major purpose in the testing of the three-effect pilot plant was to demonstrate mutiple-effect operability of the the horizontal tube method, when utilizing basically the same construction methods and materials as those proposed for commercial HTME plants."
Date: October 1971
Creator: Matta, G. A.; Karpf, J. Z.; Pascale, A. S. & Cardello, J. A.
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Performance Characteristics of Advanced Evaporator Tubes for Long-Tube Vertical Evaporators

Description: From Introduction: "The investigation detailed in this report were undertaken to compare effectiveness of tubes enhanced in various ways and, then, to provide performance data on selected tubes of most promising type."
Date: January 1971
Creator: Hammond, R. P.; Alexander, L. G.; Hoffman, H. W. & Hoffman, H. W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Effects of compressibility and large angles of yaw on pressure indicated by a total-pressure tube

Description: Report discusses the effects of compressibility and angle of yaw on the pressure measured by a round-nose and a flat-nose total-pressure tube. The error incurred in the pressure measurements and factors affecting the total-pressure area are described.
Date: April 1945
Creator: Humphreys, Milton D.
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Description: Experiments were conducted for analyzing equilibrium vapor compositions through the investigation of thermodynamic properties of a variety of materials. A Knudsen cell was constructed to hasten the approach of equilibrium in the graphite-nitrogen system. Results of the experiments concerning the reaction of graphite with nitrogen show the heat of formation of this species STA DELTA H/sub f/(CN)! to be 109 kcal/ mole, implying that its dissociation energy, D(CN) = 7.5 plus or minus 0.1 ev. These results substantiate previous experimental work in determining this thermodynamic quantity by optical spectra, electron impact, thermal measurements, and shock tube studies. (H.G.G.)
Date: March 1, 1962
Creator: Berkowitz, J.
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Tube Vibration in Industrial-Size Test Heat Exchanger (90° Square Layout)

Description: Tube vibrations in heat exchangers are being systematically investigated in a series of tests performed with an industrial-size test exchanger. Results from water-flow tests of eleven different tube bundles, in six- and eight-cross-pass configurations on a 90 degree square layout with a pitch-to-diameter ratio of 1.25 are reported. The test cases include full tube bundles, no-tubes-in-window bundles, finned tube bundles, and proposed field and design fixes. The testing focused on identification of the lowest critical flow-rate to initiate fluid-elastic instability (large amplitude tube motion) and the location within the bundle of the tubes which first experience instability. The test results are tabulated to permit comparison with results obtained from previous tests with a 30 degree triangular layout tube bundle. Instability criteria are evaluated preliminarily. Pressure drop data are also generated and reported.
Date: February 1983
Creator: Halle, Henry & Wambsganss, M. W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Nondestructive Evaluation Techniques for Silicon Carbide Heat-Exchanger Tubes : Second Annual Report, October 1978-September 1979

Description: This report discusses the development of ultrasonic testing, acoustic microscopy, dye-enhanced radiography, holographic interferometry, and infrared scanning techniques for flaw detection in silicon carbide (SiC) heat-exchanger tubing. Both preservice and in-service testing requirements are discussed. An ultrasonic boreside probe and an acoustic microscope stage have been designed for continuous monitoring of SiC tubing. Preliminary results with these acoustic systems are presented. In addition, a novel technique for detecting small surface flaws using holographic interferometry is discussed. Fracture mechanics analysis suggests that detection of flaws on the order of 100 um is necessary to assure good reliability of ceramic heat exchangers. The acoustic and holographic techniques have been shown to be capable of detecting flaws of this size. However, the sensitivity of ultrasonic flaw detection in SiC is affected by the microstructure of the component. The practical considerations involved in the use of these techniques are discussed.
Date: November 1979
Creator: Kupperman, D. S.; Yuhas, D.; Deininger, W. & Sciammarella, Cesar A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

An Investigation of the Instantaneous and Creep Buckling of Initially Out-of-Round Tubes Subjected to External Pressure

Description: Report regarding a method for predicting the instantaneous and creep buckling characteristics of tubes to lateral external pressures using a small sample of 8.0-in.-o.d. stainless steel tubes. The report includes the development and application of buckling theories. Appendix begins on page 71.
Date: 1963
Creator: Corum, J. M.
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