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Tests of artificial flight at high altitudes

Description: From Report: "If we wish to form an accurate idea of the extraordinary progress achieved in aeronautics, a comparison must be made of the latest altitude records and the figures regarded as highest attainable limit some ten years ago. It is desirable, for two reasons, that we should be able to define the limit of the altitudes that can be reached without artificial aid. First, to know to what extent the human body can endure the inhalation of rarified air. Second, the mental capacity of the aviator must be tested at high altitudes and the limit known below which he is able to make reliable observations without being artificially supplied with oxygen. A pneumatic chamber was used for the most accurate observations."
Date: November 1920
Creator: Gradenwitz, Arthur
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Nondestructive Vibratory Testing of Airport Pavements: Volume 1, Experimental Test Results and Development of Evaluation Methodology and Procedure

Description: From abstract: Conventional direct sampling methods of airport pavement evaluation interfere with aircraft operations; therefore, an evaluation procedure based on nondestructive vibratory testing was developed.
Date: September 1975
Creator: Green, James L. & Hall, Jim W.
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Creep and Drying Shrinkage of Lightweight and Normal-Weight Concretes

Description: From Scope of Investigation: "The work reported here is part of a continuing program concerning the long-term volume changes in concretes made from lightweight and normal-weight aggregates. The creep, drying-shrinkage, and strength data presented are for concretes made with 24 expanded shale lightweight aggregates and 5 natural, normal-weight aggregates. These aggregates were from widely separated geographical locations and were to be representative samples of aggregates being used in the production of structural concretes."
Date: March 4, 1964
Creator: Reichard, T. W.
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Basic Magnetic Quantities and the Measurement of the Magnetic Properties of Materials

Description: From Introduction: "The work of the Magnetic Measurements Section of the National Bureau of Standards includes (1) testing of specifically prepared test specimens intended for use as standards for checking magnetic testing apparatus (2) investigation and development of magnetic testing apparatus (3) calibration of mutual inductors, test coils, and instruments for measuring magnetic fields, and (4) investigations in the field of magnetics such as studies of phenomena associated with nuclear magnetic resonance or the selection and testing of materials suitable to be used as standards of magnetic susceptibility."
Date: May 21, 1962
Creator: Sanford, Raymond L. & Cooter, Irvine L.
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Tests of Coal and Briquets as Fuel for House-Heating Boilers

Description: From Introduction: "Perhaps the most important result obtained is that showing the relative value of different fuels for domestic purposes. From Table 16. on page 39, it is possible by comparison to arrive at the probable value of any fuel in any part of the country. The figures in the table show that with a sectional boiler the effectiveness of different fuels depends on the number of thermal units they contain. A brief summary of the results of this investigation is given on page 41."
Date: 1911
Creator: Randall, D. T.
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Commercial Deductions from Comparisons of Gasoline and Alcohol Tests on Internal-Combustion Engines

Description: From Introduction: "The following report is a summary of the commercial results which were obtained from 2,000 tests conducted by technologic branch of the United States Geological Survey at St. Louis, Mo., and Norfolk, Va., in 1907 and 1908, under the technical supervision of R.H. Fernald, engineer in charge of the producer-gas section."
Date: 1911
Creator: Strong, Robert M.
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Electric Furnaces for Making Iron and Steel

Description: From Introduction: "Some results of the work already done are presented in this bulletin, which gives a historical review of the development of electric furnaces for making iron and steel, and discusses the problems that remain to be solved in the use of electric furnaces for the smelting of iron ores and the production of pig iron at a profit on a commercial scale."
Date: 1914
Creator: Lyon, Dorsey A. & Keeney, Robert M.
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Electric Switches for use in Gaseous Mines

Description: From Introduction: "The purpose of the investigation discussed in this bulletin, one of a series dealing with the use of electricity in mines, was to study the various means and methods used to confine the flashes that occur when a switch carrying electric current is opened."
Date: 1913
Creator: Clark, H. H. & Crocker, R. W.
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Coals Available for the Manufacture of Illuminating Gas

Description: From Introduction General Statement: "The investigations were so directed as to permit the testing of coals from different parts of the united States. The results show that certain coals from which good yields of gas had been expected can not be considered as available for illuminating-gas manufacture, whereas other coals give promise and should investigated further. The data contained in this report are the outcome of the cooperative work at the laboratory mentioned during parts of the years 1908 and 1909."
Date: 1911
Creator: White, A. H. & Barker, Perry
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Features of Producer-Gas Power-Plant Development in Europe

Description: From Introduction: "Because the limited time available would not permit a careful inspection, much less a detailed study of all the plants visited, the writer has not aimed in this bulletin to present a comprehensive review of producer-gas power-plant development in Europe, or even to give such conclusions as might be drawn from what he saw, but has simply described some interesting features of European practice that attract the attention of even a casual observer."
Date: 1911
Creator: Fernald, R. H.
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The Coke Industry of the United States as Related to the Foundry

Description: From Introduction: "The present bulletin, published by the Bureau of Mines because of the analyzing and testing of fuels have been transferred from the Geographical Survey to the Bureau of Mines, briefly reviews the status of the coke industry, some features of practice in the use of coke in the foundry, the probable happenings of a cupola heat, and the reasons for modifying charging practice so that a particular coke can be used to best advantage."
Date: 1910
Creator: Moldenke, Richard
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Molybdenum; Its Ores and their Concentration with a Discussion of Markets, Prices, and Uses

Description: From Scope and Purpose of Investigation: "The direct purpose of the bulletin is, on the one hand, to prove to possible consumers of molybdenum that the element is not as rare as commonly supposed, and that this country possesses many deposits of low-grade ore from which large supplies may be derived, and on the other hand, to prove to present and prospective producers of molybdenum that there is a latent market for their product in the alloy-steel trade, which needs only the assurance of steady supplies for a considerable development."
Date: 1916
Creator: Horton, Frederick W.
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Deterioration in the Heating Value of Coal During Storage

Description: From Introduction: "The detailed report is presented in this bulletin, which gives full account of the tests and the analytical data covering a period of five year's storage. Data of somewhat similar experiments for shorter periods with gas coal from the Pittsburgh bed, with Pocahontas coal on the Isthmus of Panama, with Sheridan, Wyo., subbituminous coal, which used for railroad and other purposes in the West, are included."
Date: 1917
Creator: Porter, Horace C. & Ovitz, F. K.
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Carbonizing Properties of American Coals: Index of Coals Tested by the Bureau of Mines

Description: Introduction; "The purpose of this paper is to present in collected and sequential form such a list of the coals that have been studied in the carbonization-section labatories of the Bureau of Mines for their carbonizing properties and yields of coke and coal chemicals."
Date: 1954
Creator: Brown, R. L.; Davis, J. D.; Reynolds, D. A. & Smith, F. W.
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Syllabus of Clay Testing

Description: From Introduction: "One of the many services rendered by the Federal Bureau of Mines is the identification and general examination of ore and mineral samples. This publication describes methods of testing these samples. The object of this publication is to present the testing procedures in general use in the industry up to the point where the checking becomes a quantitative one for particular products."
Date: 1957
Creator: Klinefelter, T. A. & Hamlin, H. P.
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Physical Testing of Explosives at the Bureau of Mines Explosives Experiment Station, Bruceton, Pennsylvania

Description: From Introduction: "The methods of making the physical tests of explosives recorded here are based upon the results of more than 20 years of experience of the staff of the explosives division of the Bureau of Mines at the Pittsburgh testing station and at its successor, the Explosives Experiment Station, Bruceton, Pa. The methods are described in unusual detail to permit repetition that will duplicate, as nearly as possible, the precise manner in which they have been performed in the past and to reduce differences in technique to a minimum."
Date: 1931
Creator: Munroe, Charles E. & Tiffany, J. E.
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Clinker Formation as Related to the Fusibility of Coal Ash

Description: From Introduction Arrangement of Report: "The results of this investigation are presented in two main divisions. The first part covers the chemical and physical tests on average samples of the coals used-chemical analysis, float-and-sink tests to determine distribution of the ash, determination of the forms of sulphur, chemical analyses of the ash, and ash-fusabilibity determinations. The second part covers the clinkering studies and the comparisons of the results with the ash-fusibilty and other tests."
Date: 1932
Creator: Nicholls, P. & Selvig, W. A.
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Laboratory Testing of the Inflammability of Coal and other Dusts Conducted by the Bureau of Mines

Description: From Introduction: "This paper endeavors to collect and describe all of the work in proper order, as briefly as is consistent with a good understanding thereof, and attempts to evaluate it in the light of present-day knowledge derived from large and small scale experiments in the United States and foreign countries."
Date: October 1931
Creator: Greenwald, H. P.
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Syllabus of Clay Testing: Part 1

Description: From Introduction: "This presentation (pt. 1) is what might be termed a qualitative syllabus, in that uses only are indicated, no attempt being made to evaluate a clay quantitatively, that is, to grade for particular uses. In part 2, which is to follow, the work will be amplified both qualitatively and quantitatively. In the first, preliminary tests are made to eliminate from consideration all nonclay minerals or clay minerals containing such large amounts of impurities as to render them unfit for normal uses and also to make a broad general classification of the clay minerals into the kaolinite (shales and clays) and montmorillonite groups. In the second step, the main tests, divided into two general headings, ceramic and noncermaic, are detailed."
Date: 1943
Creator: Klinefelter, Theron A.; O'Meara, Robert G.; Gottlieb, Sidney & Truesdell, Glenn C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Diatomites of the Pacific Northwest as Filter-Aids

Description: From Introduction Purpose of Investigation: "To determine some of the physical and chemical properties of known Pacific Northwest diatomites, the present investigation was started in 1938 by the Bureau of Mines in cooperation with the College of Mines, University of Washington.
Date: 1944
Creator: Skinner, Kenneth G.; Dammann, Arthur A.; Swift, Roy E.; Eyerly, George B. & Shuck, Gordon R., Jr.
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Lurgi Process: Use for Complete Gasification of Coals with Steam and Oxygen Under Pressure

Description: From Introduction: "The United States Department of the interior, Bureau of Mines, is not only interested in coal gasification for the manufacture of gaseous fuels but also in the raw gas as a possible source of materials for the Synthetic Liquid Fuels program."
Date: 1951
Creator: Cooperman, J.; Davis, J. D.; Seymour, W. & Ruckes, W. L.
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