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Anisotropic intermediate valence in Yb2M3Ga9 (M = Rh, Ir)

Description: The intermediate valence compounds Yb{sub 2}M{sub 3}Ga{sub 9} (M = Rh, Ir) exhibit an anisotropic magnetic susceptibility. We report measurements of the temperature dependence of the 4f occupation number, n{sub f}(T), for Yb{sub 2}M{sub 3}Ga{sub 9} as well as the magnetic inelastic neutron scattering spectrum S{sub mag}({Delta}E) at 12 and 300 K for Yb{sub 2}Rh{sub 3}Ga{sub 9}. Both n{sub f}(T) and S{sub mag}({Delta}E) were calculated for the Anderson impurity model with crystal field terms within an approach based on the non-crossing approximation. These results corroborate the importance of crystal field effects in these materials; they also suggest that Anderson lattice effects are important to the physics of Yb{sub 2}M{sub 3}Ga{sub 9}.
Date: April 26, 2005
Creator: Christianson, A.D.; Lawrence, J.M.; Lobos, A.M.; Aligia, A.A.; Bauer, E.D.; Moreno, N.O. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Production losses associated with K Reactor graphite temperature limits

Description: As power levels have been raised at the K Reactors, the graphite temperature limit has caused significant production losses. These losses have come from three sources: (1) Occasions vhen pile power was directly limited because the graphite temperatures were limiting; (2) Losses in ECT because control rod movements to control graphite temperatures are not necessarily the best rod movements for pile, flattening; and (3) Losses due to lack of control in the final stages of an operating period because COp could not be used as a means of controlling long-term reactivity gains. This document attempts to establish the magnitude of these losses and shows the justification for increasing the graphite temperature limit. The data which is presented here is based upon operating data from December, 1959) through March, 1960, at KW. The results apply to KE as well as KW.
Date: April 26, 1960
Creator: Fuller, N. E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department