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Distribution and Trend of Nitrate, Chloride, and Total Solids in Water in the Magothy Aquifer in Southeast Nassau County, New York, from the 1950's Through 1973

Description: Abstract: Concentrations of nitrate, chloride, and total sol ids in water in the Magothy aquifer, southeast Nassau County, N.Y., show a steadily increasing trend from the early 1950's to 1973. Vertical distribution of nitrate, chloride, and total-solids concentrations as shown in sections of the study area indicate downward movement of these constituents. Maximum concentrations are in a zone underlying the areas of Westbury, Hicksvil.le, and Plainview. Nitrate (as nitrogen) concentration increased from 4-5 milligrams per liter to 7 milligrams per liter in the area of Westbury and from 3 to 10 milligrams per liter in Plainview during the period 1950-73. During this same period, a 10 milligram-per-liter line of equal-chloride concentration on a cross section in the Westbury area moved downward a distance of less than 50 feet (15 meters), and in the area of Hicksville nearly 150 feet (45 meters). Total-solids concentration doubled in the area of Plainview, where maximum downward movement of pollutants was observed.
Date: August 1976
Creator: Ku, Henry F. H. & Sulam, Dennis J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Buffeting of External Fuel Tanks at High Speeds on a Gruman F7F-3 Airplane

Description: Attempts were made to alleviate the buffeting of external fuel tanks mounted under the wings of a twin-engine Navy fighter airplane. The Mach number at which buffeting began was increased from 0,529 to 0.640 by streamlining the sway braces and by increasing the lateral rigidity of the sway brace system. Further increase of the Mach number, at which buffeting began to 0.725, was obtained by moving the external fuel tank to a position under the fuselage.
Date: January 29, 1947
Creator: Turner, Howard L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Effective moment of inertia of fluid in offset, inclined, and swept-wing tanks undergoing pitching oscillations

Description: Report presenting fluid-dynamics studies of simplified model fuel tanks mounted on a mechanism that simulated a wing undergoing torsional oscillations. The tanks were mounted in several configurations and the effective moment of inertia of the fluid was determined experimentally. Results regarding the effect of frequency, pylon-mounted tanks, centrally mounted tanks, and effect of a diffused baffle on the damping factor are provided.
Date: January 1955
Creator: Reese, James R. & Sewall, John L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Effect of airfoil section and tip tanks on the aerodynamic characteristics at high subsonic speeds of an unswept wing of aspect ratio 5.16 and taper ratio 0.61

Description: Report presenting an investigation of the effect of two wing sections and a tip tank on the aerodynamic characteristics of a rigid unswept wing in the high-speed tunnel over a Mach number range of 0.60 to 0.90. Results regarding the effect of original airfoil sections, effect of modifications to Section B, effect of tip tank, and characteristics of the tip tank in the presence of the wing are provided.
Date: December 1, 1949
Creator: Silvers, H. Norman & Spreeman, Kenneth P.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The effects of centrally mounted wing-tip tanks on the subsonic aerodynamic characteristics of a wing of aspect ratio 10 with 35 degrees of sweepback

Description: Report presenting an investigation of the effects of three centrally mounted wing-tip tanks on the aerodynamic characteristics of a cambered wing with an aspect ratio of 10 and 35 degrees of sweepback. Testing occurred over a range of Mach and Reynolds numbers and lift, drag, and pitching-moment were measured.
Date: February 21, 1951
Creator: Tinling, Bruce E. & Kolk, W. Richard
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Functions and Requirements for the DST Knuckle Region Ultrasonic Scanning System

Description: This document defines the functions and requirements for a ultrasonic scanning system to provide an examination of the knuckle region of Hanford's double shell waste tanks, This document provides the basis for the ultrasonic concept selection, design, fabrication, and deployment methodology.
Date: January 29, 2001
Creator: Pardini, Allan F. & Samuel, Todd J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Supporting document for the historical tank content estimate for AN-tank farm

Description: This Supporting Document provides historical in-depth characterization information on AN-Tank Farm, such as historical waste transfer and level data, tank physical information, temperature plots, liquid observation well plots, chemical analyte and radionuclide inventories for the Historical Tank Content Estimate Report for the Southeast Quadrant of the Hanford 200 Areas.
Date: March 6, 1997
Creator: Brevick, C.H.; Stroup, J.L. & Funk, J.W., Fluor Daniel Hanford
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Tank 241-AP-106, grab samples, 6AP-96-1 through 6AP-96-3 analytical results for the final report

Description: This document is the final report for tank 241-AP-106 grab samples. This document presents the analytical results for three samples (6AP-96-1, 6AP-96-2 and 6AP-96-3) taken from riser 1 @ 150{degrees} of tank 241-AP-1 06 on September 12, 1996. Analyses were performed in accordance with the Compatibility Grab Sampling and Analysis Plan (TSAP) (Sasaki, 1996) and the Data Quality Objectives for Tank Farms Waste Compatibility Program (DQO) (Fowler, 1995).
Date: December 11, 1996
Creator: Esch, R.A., Westinghouse Hanford
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Project W-320 tank 241-C-106 sluicing acceptance for beneficial use

Description: The purpose of this document is to identify the Project W- 320 documentation required to be turned over from the Projects organization to Tank Farm Operations as part of the acceptance of the new systems for beneficial use. The assigned responsibility for completion of each item is listed on the Acceptance for Beneficial Use (ABU) in Appendix A in this document.
Date: October 31, 1996
Creator: Symons, G.A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Preliminary investigation of the effects of external wing fuel tanks on ditching behavior of a sweptback-wing airplane

Description: Report presenting an experimental investigation using a model of a typical sweptback-wing airplane equipped with external wing fuel tanks to determine the effects of the tanks on the ditching behavior. Tanks of various fuel capacity and several shape modifications were used. Results regarding the basic model and original 206-gallon tanks, 450-gallon tanks, 260-gallon tanks, and general effects observed are provided.
Date: July 1956
Creator: McBride, Ellis E.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Wind-tunnel investigation of the effect of wing-tip fuel tanks on characteristics of unswept wings in steady roll

Description: Report presenting testing to determine the effects of wing-tip fuel tanks on the rolling characteristics of unswept wings. The investigation included determination of the damping in roll, aileron effectiveness, and lateral maneuverability of a tapered and of a rectangular wing. Results regarding the effect of wing-tip fuel tanks on the damping-moment coefficient in roll and origin of the effect of wing-tip fuel tanks are also provided.
Date: June 1947
Creator: Murray, Harry E. & Wells, Evalyn G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The calculation of certain static aeroelastic phenomena of wings with tip tanks or boom-mounted lifting surfaces

Description: Report presenting the use of the matrix-integration method for calculating static aeroelastic phenomena on a wing with concentrated aerodynamic forces at the tip due to tip tanks or boom-mounted lifting surfaces. The results indicate that the presence of a tip tank on an unswept wing tends to deteriorate its static aeroelastic characteristics and that a lift surface geared to the aileron and mounted on a boom ahead of the tip may improve the static aeroelastic characteristics to warrant consideration of a vane as a device for relieving adverse aeroelastic effects.
Date: August 27, 1952
Creator: Diederich, Franklin W. & Foss, Kenneth A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Development of a Remotely Operated NDE System for Inspection of Hanford's Double Shell Waste Tank Knuckle Regions

Description: This report documents work performed at the PNNL in FY01 to support development of a Remotely Operated NDE (RONDE) system capable of inspecting the knuckle region of Hanford's DSTs. The development effort utilized commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology wherever possible and provided a transport and scanning device for implementing the SAFT and T-SAFT techniques.
Date: September 28, 2001
Creator: Pardini, Allan F.; Alzheimer, James M.; Crawford, Susan L.; Diaz, Aaron A.; Gervais, Kevin L.; Harris, Robert V. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

A Graphical Big Picture for Tank Technologies

Description: A graphical method is presented for comparing different tank technologies and evaluating scalability, over wide ranges of volume and pressure. Mass contours are plotted on log-log graphs of pressure versus volume, using either theory or data points representing hardware. The simple theoretical case for infinitely scaleable tanks made of a single isotropic material has a constant value of PV/m over the entire plot, and results in straight diagonal mass contours. The contours become more complicated as a result of practical considerations. The latter include minimum wall thickness limits and non-pressure structural loads, as well as minimum thicknesses for the liner and composite over-wrap of multi-layered tank walls. Given a requirement for a tank at a particular volume and pressure, a set of plots representing different technologies can be used to estimate tank masses and select one or more technologies that would meet the need.
Date: June 15, 2007
Creator: Whitehead, J C
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Operable Unit 3-13, Group 7, SFE-20 Hot Waste Tank System Remedial Action Request

Description: This Remedial Action Report summarizes activities undertaken to remediate the Operable Unit 3-13, Group 7, SFE-20 Hot Waste Tank System at the Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center at the Idaho National Laboratory Site. The site addressed in this report was defined in the Operable Unit 3-13 Record of Decision and subsequent implementing documents. This report concludes that remediation requirements and cleanup goals established for the site have been accomplished and is hereafter considered a No Further Action site.
Date: June 30, 2009
Creator: Davison, L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Technetium Removal Using Tc-Goethite Coprecipitation

Description: This report describes the results from laboratory tests performed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) EM-31 Support Program (EMSP) subtask, “Low temperature waste forms coupled with technetium removal using an alternative immobilization process such as Fe(II) treated-goethite precipitation” to increase our understanding of 99Tc long-term stability in goethite mineral form and the process that controls the 99Tc(VII) reduction and removal by the final Fe (oxy)hydroxide forms. The overall objectives of this task were to 1) evaluate the transformation process of Fe (oxy)hydroxide solids to the more crystalline goethite (α-FeOOH) mineral for 99Tc removal and 2) determine the mechanism that limits 99Tc(IV) reoxidation in Fe(II)-treated 99Tc-goethite mineral and 3) evaluate whether there is a long-term 99Tcoxidation state change for Tc sequestered in the iron solids.
Date: November 18, 2013
Creator: Um, Wooyong; Wang, Guohui; Jung, Hun Bok & Peterson, Reid A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Rayleigh-Taylor Instability within Sediment Layers Due to Gas Retention: Preliminary Theory and Experiments

Description: In Hanford underground waste storage tanks, a typical waste configuration is settled beds of waste particles beneath liquid layers. The settled beds are typically composed of layers, and these layers can have different physical and chemical properties. One postulated configuration within the settled bed is a less-dense layer beneath a more-dense layer. The different densities can be a result of different gas retention in the layers or different degrees of settling and compaction in the layers. This configuration can experience a Rayleigh-Taylor (RT) instability where the less dense lower layer rises into the upper layer. Previous studies of gas retention and release have not considered potential buoyant motion within a settle bed of solids. The purpose of this report is to provide a review of RT instabilities, discuss predictions of RT behavior for sediment layers, and summarize preliminary experimental observations of RT instabilities in simulant experiments.
Date: March 21, 2013
Creator: Gauglitz, Phillip A.; Wells, Beric E.; Buchmiller, William C. & Rassat, Scot D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Gas Releases During Saltcake Dissolution for Retrieval of Single-Shell Tank Waste

Description: It is possible to retrieve a large fraction of soluble waste from the Hanford single-shell waste tanks (SST) by dissolving it with water. This retrieval method will be demonstrated in U-107 and S-112 in the next few years. If saltcake dissolution proves practical and effective, many of the saltcake SSTs may be retrieved by this method. Many of the SSTs retain a large volume of flammable gas that will be released into the tank headspace as the waste dissolves. This report describes the physical processes that control dissolution and gas release. Calculation results are shown describing the headspace hydrogen concentration transient during dissolution. The observed spontaneous and induced gas releases from SSTs is summarized and the dissolution of the crust layer in SY-101 is discussed as a recent example of full-scale dissolution of saltcake containing a very large volume of retained gas. The report concludes that the dissolution rate is self limiting and gas release rates are relatively low.
Date: July 31, 2001
Creator: Stewart, Charles W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Environmental Solutions: A Summary of Contributions for FY05: PNNL Contributions to CH2M HILL Hanford Group, Inc.

Description: This booklet describes Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's scientific and technical contributions in fiscal year 2005 to the CH2M HILL Hanford Group, Inc., the U.S. Department of Energy Office of River Protection's primte contractor for the Hanford Site radioactive waste tanks.
Date: March 1, 2006
Creator: Brouns, Thomas M. & Manke, Kristin L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department