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The combinations of thermal and load stresses for the onset of permanent buckling in plates

Description: A simple and practical method for evaluating the onset of permanent buckling in plates in the presence of combined thermal and compressive load stresses is outlined. A particular application of the method shows reasonable agreement with tests of 17-7 PH stainless-steel square tubes. The results indicate that the compressive load stress which the plate can support at the onset of permanent buckling is substantially reduced as the temperature difference of the plate and adjoining members increases.
Date: June 1957
Creator: Zender, George W. & Pride, Richard A.
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Analysis of elastic thermal stresses in thin plate with spanwise and chordwise variations of temperature and thickness

Description: From Introduction: "The object of the present paper is to present an approximate method for calculating accurately the thermal stresses in a thin plate with both chordwise and spanwise variations in temperature and chordwise but restricted spanwise variations in thickness."
Date: November 1956
Creator: Mendelson, Alexander & Hirschberg, Marvin
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Two factors influencing temperature distributions and thermal stresses in structures

Description: From Summary: "The influence of joint conductivity and internal radiation on temperature distribution and thermal stresses has been discussed. Joints of poor conductivity can occur in normal fabrication procedure and greatly alter temperature distributions and increase thermal stresses. On the other hand, internal radiation tends to make the temperature distributions more uniform and thereby relieves thermal stress."
Date: June 1957
Creator: Brooks, William A., Jr.; Griffith, George E. & Strass, H. Kurt
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Temperature gradients in the wing of a high-speed airplane during dives from high altitudes

Description: Report presenting flight testing to investigate the temperature gradients in the wing structure of a typical high-speed fighter airplane caused by rapid changes in surface temperatures. Reports were carried out using dive testing and measured at multiple points on the airplane.
Date: July 1948
Creator: Tendeland, Thorval & Schlaff, Bernard A.
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Propeller blade stresses caused by periodic displacement of the propeller shaft

Description: The present report deals with different vibration stresses of the propeller and their removal by an elastic coupling of propeller and engine. A method is described for protecting the propeller from unstable oscillations and herewith from the thus excited alternating gyroscopic moments. The respective vibration equations are set down and the amount of elasticity required is deduced.
Date: June 1942
Creator: Meyer, J.
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Behavior of materials under conditions of thermal stress

Description: A review is presented of available information on the behavior of brittle and ductile materials under conditions of thermal stress and thermal shock. For brittle materials, a simple formula relating physical properties to thermal-shock resistance is derived and used to determine the relative significance of two indices currently in use for rating materials. For ductile materials, thermal-shock resistance depends upon the complex interrelation among several metallurgical variables which seriously affect strength and ductility. These variables are briefly discussed and illustrated from literature sources. The importance of simulating operating conditions in tests for rating materials is especially to be emphasized because of the importance of testing conditions in metallurgy. A number of practical methods that have been used to minimize the deleterious effects of thermal stress and thermal shock are outlined.
Date: 1954
Creator: Manson, S. S.
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Application of obliquely mounted strain gage to measurement of residual stresses in disks

Description: Report presenting a method by which the residual stress distribution in a disk can be determined with the aid of the obliquely mounted strain gage when the directions of the principal stresses are radial and tangential. The strain gages are mounted in such a way as to make them sensitive only to the tangential stresses in the disk. Results regarding cutting procedure, accuracy of the method, and an independent check of the method are required.
Date: September 1957
Creator: Hirschberg, M. H.; Kemp, R. H. & Manson, S. S.
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Determination of stresses in gas-turbine disks subjected to plastic flow and creep

Description: Report presenting an extension of a finite-difference method to include the computation of disk stresses when plastic flow and creep are considered. The results of numerical examples indicate qualitatively that plastic flow markedly alters the elastic-stress distribution and that, if the amount of creep is small, the effect on stress distribution is also small.
Date: June 1948
Creator: Millenson, M. B. & Manson, S. S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

A study of elastic and plastic stress concentration factors due to notches and fillets in flat plates

Description: Report presenting testing on six large 24S-T3 aluminum alloy sheet specimens containing various notches and fillets to determine their stress concentration factors in the elastic and plastic ranges. Results regarding elastic stress concentration factors, plastic stress concentration factors, a suggested formula, and stress and strain distributions are provided.
Date: December 1951
Creator: Hardrath, Herbert F. & Ohman, Lachlan
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Temperatures, thermal stress, and shock in heat-generating plates of constant conductivity and of conductivity that varies linearly with temperature

Description: Report presenting working formulas for the steady-state temperatures and thermal stress in heat-generating infinite plates of constant conductivity. Of all planes in the plate, the plate surfaces are always under the greatest tension, and the midplane is under the greatest compression.
Date: July 1953
Creator: Manson, S. V.
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Comparison of theoretical stresses and deflections of multicell wings with experimental results obtained from plastic models

Description: The experimental deflections and stresses of six plastic multicell-wing models of unswept, delta, and swept plan form are presented and compared with previously published theoretical results obtained by the electrical analog method. The comparisons indicate that the theory is reliable except for the evaluation of stresses in the vicinity of the leading edge of delta wings and the leading and trailing edges of swept wings. The stresses in these regions are questionable, apparently because of simplifications employed in idealizing the actual structure for theoretical purposes and because of local effects of concentrated loads.
Date: November 1956
Creator: Zender, George W.
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Stress and distortion measurements in a 45 degree swept box beam subjected to antisymmetrical bending and torsion

Description: Report presenting an untapered aluminum-alloy box beam representing the main structural component of a full-span, two-spar, 45 degree swept wing with a carry-through section subjected to antisymmetrical tip bending and twisting loads such that stresses were kept below the proportional limit. Results regarding stresses due to antisymmetrical bending, stresses due to antisymmetrical torsion, distortions due to antisymmetrical bending, and distortions due to antisymmetrical torsion are provided.
Date: April 1950
Creator: Zender, George W. & Heldenfels, Richard R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Theoretical and experimental analysis of the reduction of rotor blade vibration in turbomachinery through the use of modified stator vane spacing

Description: Report presenting a theoretical analysis of the dynamic gas forces produced by stationary nozzle vanes and which cause some of the resonant vibrations of the rotating blading of turbomachinery. It was found that substantial reductions of the excitation level could be obtained by altering the circumferential positions of the vanes by amounts less than plus or minus 10 percent of the normal spacing.
Date: September 1958
Creator: Kemp, Richard H.; Hirschberg, Marvin H. & Morgan, William C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Pressure and Thermal Stresses at a Pipe Attachment to a Sphere

Description: Abstract: Design nomographs and equations have been prepared for determining the bending stresses and hoop stresses at the junction of a cylinder and sphere when: (1) Internal pressure exists in the sphere and (2) There is a difference in average temperature between the cylinder and the sphere. A correlation of calculated stresses and photoelastically determined stresses for models with internal pressure is presented.
Date: September 21, 1959
Creator: Deagle, Lorenzo
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Description: Past and current work on the study of the movement of dissolved hydrogen in Zircaloy-2 under the influence of thermal and mechanical stress and two-phase activity gradients is reviewed, and the findings are discussed. A program of future work ia presented. (auth)
Date: January 1, 1959
Creator: Markowitz, J.M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Analysis of Stresses in Bellows

Description: Abstract: Design charts and systematic design forms are presented for simplified calculations to check the number of convolutions and thickness required to limit the deflection and pressure stress range in three types of bellows.
Date: October 15, 1964
Creator: Anderson, W. F.
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Bilinear Cyclic Stress-Strain Parameters for Types 304 and 316 Stainless Steel

Description: The bilinear cyclic stress-strain parameters for Types 304 and 316 stainless steel are described. The bilinear properties of solution-annealed and aged Type 304 stainless steel (heat 9T2796) and solution-annealed Type 3l6 stainless steel (heat 8092297) under cyclic-loading conditions at a strain rate of 8.6 x 10⁵ s⁻¹, total strain range between 0.2 and 0.8 percent, and temperatures from 22 to 593 degrees C were determined. The dependence of bilinear parameters on maximum strain epsilon and temperature is discussed.
Date: July 1978
Creator: Maiya, P. S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

An investigation of propeller vibrations excited by wing wakes

Description: Report presenting an investigation of the principal variables affecting the excitation of a propeller for vibration at a frequency of twice propeller speed using a conventional propeller with solid aluminum-alloy blades operating in the wake of a wing. The drag of the wing and spacing between the flap trailing edge and propeller plane were all adjustable. Results regarding wing drag data, vibratory stresses, damping, and theoretical considerations of wake excited blade stresses are provided.
Date: January 10, 1952
Creator: Gray, W. H. & Solomon, William
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Critical combinations of bending, shear, and transverse compressive stresses for buckling of infinitely long flat plates

Description: From Summary: "Three-dimensional interaction surfaces are presented for the computation of elastic buckling stresses for an infinitely long flat plate subjected to combinations of bending, shear, and transverse compression in its plane - a loading approximating that occurring in a shear web. Surfaces are presented for two sets of edge conditions: both edges simply supported and lower edge simply supported, upper edge clamped. Present results are in good agreement with data for one-load and two-load limiting cases previously published."
Date: December 1951
Creator: Johnson, Aldie E., Jr. & Buchert, Kenneth P.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Determination of Stresses in Gas-turbine Disks Subjected to Plastic Flow and Creep

Description: From Summary: "A finite-difference method previously presented for computing elastic stresses in rotating disks is extended to include the computation of the disk stresses when plastic flow and creep are considered. A finite-difference method is employed to eliminate numerical integration and to permit nontechnical personnel to make the calculations with a minimum of engineering supervision. Illustrative examples are included to facilitated explanation of the procedure by carrying out the computations on a typical gas-turbine disk through a complete running cycle."
Date: 1948
Creator: Millenson, M. B. & Manson, S. S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department