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SNAP 8 summary report

Description: The SNAP 8 Program was directed toward the development of lightweight nuclear reactors which would operate in space for greater than 10,000 hr at a power level of 600 kW(t). Toward this objective, two reactors were designed, built, and successfully operated. The experimental reactor (S8ER) was an engineering test of a prototype core, but did not have flight-developed hardware. The developmental reactor (S8DR) was a nuclear system test to verify the operability of the integrated flight configuration. The development, design characteristics, operating experience, experimental results, and supporting tests for the S8ER and S8DR are discussed. 20 references. (auth)
Date: September 24, 1973
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

SNAP reactor programs progress report, November 1970--January 1971

Description: Declassifted 31 Aug 1973. Information on the SNAP research and development programs is presented concerning S8DR core examination, ZrH reactor engineering and design, reactor thermoelectric system engineering, thermoelectric converter development, component development, and fuel development. (DCC)
Date: March 15, 1971
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department