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Collisionality Scaling of Main-ion Toroidal and Poloidal Rotation in Low Torque DIII-D Plasmas

Description: In tokamak plasmas with low levels of toroidal rotation, the radial electric fi eld Er is a combination of pressure gradient and toroidal and poloidal rotation components, all having similar magnitudes. In order to assess the validity of neoclassical poloidal rotation theory for determining the poloidal rotation contribution to Er , Dα emission from neutral beam heated tokamak discharges in DIII-D [J.L. Luxon, Nucl. Fusion 42 , 614 (2002)] has been evaluated in a sequence of low torque (electron cyclotron resonance heating and balanced diagnostic neutral beam pulse) discharges to determine the local deuterium toroidal rotation velocity. By invoking the radial force balance relation the deuterium poloidal rotation can be inferred. It is found that the deuterium poloidal low exceeds the neoclassical value in plasmas with collisionality #23;#3; νi < 0: 1, being more ion diamagnetic, and with a stronger dependence on collisionality than neoclassical theory predicts. At low toroidal rotation, the poloidal rotation contribution to the radial electric fi eld and its shear is signi cant. The eff ect of anomalous levels of poloidal rotation on the radial electric fi eld and cross fi eld heat transport is investigated for ITER parameters.
Date: May 10, 2013
Creator: Grierson, B. A.; Burrell, K. H.; Solomon, W. M.; Budny, R. V. & Candy, J.
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Soil Productivity As Affected by Crop Rotation

Description: This bulletin discusses the effect of crop rotation practices on soil productivity, and also describes the possible effects of fertilizers and other forms of soil improvement. "The purposes of the discussion which follows are to emphasize the value of crop rotation in farming economy and to stress the principles of rotation in their relation to the maintenance of soil productivity and to soil improvement." -- p. 5
Date: 1926
Creator: Weir, Wilbert W.
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Encapsulation of Protonated Diamines in a Water-Soluble Chiral, Supramolecular Assembly Allows for Measurement of Hydrogen-Bond Breaking Followed by Nitrogen Inversion/Rotation (NIR)

Description: Amine nitrogen inversion, difficult to observe in aqueous solution, is followed in a chiral, supramolecular host molecule with purely-rotational T-symmetry that reduces the local symmetry of encapsulated monoprotonated diamines and enables the observation and quantification of {Delta}G{double_dagger} for the combined hydrogen-bond breaking and nitrogen inversion rotation (NIR) process. Free energies of activation for the combined hydrogen-bond breaking and NIR process inside of the chiral assembly were determined by the NMR coalescence method. Activation parameters for ejection of the protonated amines from the assembly confirm that the NIR process responsible for the coalescence behavior occurs inside of the assembly rather than by a guest ejection/NIR/re-encapsulation mechanism. For one of the diamines, N,N,N{prime},N{prime}-tetramethylethylenediamine (TMEDA), the relative energy barriers for the hydrogen-bond breaking and NIR process were calculated at the G3(MP2)//B3LYP/6-31++G(d,p) level of theory, and these agreed well with the experimental data.
Date: September 19, 2007
Creator: Meux, Susan C.; Pluth, Michael D.; Bergman, Robert G. & Raymond, Kenneth N.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Final Technical Report on DOE Grant for Modeling of Plasma Rotation in the National Spherical Torus Experiment

Description: This is the final technical report on the Modeling of Plasma Rotation in National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX) DOE Grant No. DE-FG02-02ER54679. The research subjects, technical abstracts, and publications where details of the research results can be found are reported here.
Date: July 9, 2009
Creator: Shaing, K. C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: The second-order nonlinear differential equation for the rotation of Mercury is shown to imply locked-in motion when the period is within the range (2T/3) [1-{lambda} cos 2{pi}t/T {+-} 2/3 (21{lambda}e/2){sup 1/2}], where e is the eccentricity and T the period of Mercury's orbit, the time t is measured from perihelion, and {lambda} = (B-A)/C measures the planet's distortion. For values near 2T/3, the instantaneous period oscillates about 2T/3 with period (21{lambda}e/2){sup -1/2}T.
Date: January 1, 1966
Creator: Laslett, L. Jackson & Sessler, Andrew M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Flow-Based Detection of Bar Coded Particles

Description: We have developed methods for flow control, electric field alignment, and readout of colloidal Nanobarcodes{copyright}. Our flow-based detection scheme leverages microfluidics and alternate current (AC) electric fields to align and image particles in a well-defined image plane. Using analytical models of the particle rotation in electric fields we can optimize the field strength and frequency necessary to align the particles. This detection platform alleviates loss of information in solution-based assays due to particle clumping during detection.
Date: June 24, 2005
Creator: Rose, K A; Dougherty, G M & Santiago, J G
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Synthesis and characterization of molecules to study the conformational barriers of fluorocarbon chains

Description: Fluorocarbons are known to be stiffer than their hydrocarbon analogues, a property that underlines the extensive industrial application of fluorocarbon materials. Although there has been previous studies on the rotational barrier of molecules having fluorocarbon centers, a detailed systematic study is necessary to quantify flurocarbon stiffness. The molecules, Pyrene-(CF2)n-Pyrene, Pyrene-(CF2)n-F, Pyrene-(CH2)n-Pyrene and Pyrene-(CH2)n-H were therefore synthesized to enable the determination of the barrier to rotation of the carbon backbone in fluorocarbons. Conformational studies will be completed with steady-state and time-dependent emission spectroscopy.
Date: May 2000
Creator: Niyogi, Sandip
Partner: UNT Libraries

Corn culture.

Description: A general guide to growing corn crops in the United States, including selection, land preparation, planting, culture, and insect and disease control.
Date: 1940
Creator: Richey, Frederick D. (Frederick David), b. 1884
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

On the Elasto-Plastic Response of a Large-Tow Triaxial Braided Composite

Description: The elastic-plastic response of a large-tow 0{sup o}/{+-}{theta}{sup o} tri-axially braided composite is numerically simulated to determine the elastic coefficients and post-yield behavior. The ratios of extensional to flexural effective Young's moduli vary from 0.30 to 0.52 in the longitudinal direction and 0.90 to 0.95 in the transverse direction. Measurements on a 2-ply 0{sup o}/{+-} 30{sup o} braid support these numerical trends. The onset of macro yield in uniaxial extension coincides with the experimental values in the longitudinal direction while it is nearly twice the experimental values in the transverse direction. In simple shear, matrix plasticity around the undulations facilitates local rotation of the braiders at the onset of macro yield. Under uniaxial flexure, modest stiffening occurs prior to strain softening in both the principal directions.
Date: June 14, 2000
Creator: Zywicz, E.; O'Brien, M.J. & Nguyen, T.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Geometric Phase Of The Faraday Rotation Of Electromagnetic Waves In Magnetized Plasma

Description: The geometric phase of circularly polarized electromagnetic waves in nonuniform magnetized plasmas is studied theoretically. The variation of the propagation direction of circularly polarized waves results in a geometric phase, which also contributes to the Faraday rotation, in addition to the standard dynamical phase. The origin and properties of the geometric phase is investigated. The in uence of the geometric phase to plasma diagnostics using Faraday rotation is also discussed as an application of the theory.
Date: November 7, 2011
Creator: Qin, Jian Liu and Hong
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

An Experimental Study of Collision Broadening of some Excited Rotational States of the Bending Vibration of Methyl Cyanide

Description: A double modulation microwave spectrometer is used to evaluate the linewidth parameters for some excited rotational components in the bending vibration v_8 of 13CH3 13C 15N and 13CH3C15N isotopomers of methyl cyanide. The linewidth parameters for self-broadening of the ΔJ=2←1 rotational components for the ground v_8 , 1v_8, and the 2v_8 vibrations were determined over a pressure range of 1 to 13 mtorr and at a temperature of 300 K. The double modulation technique is used to explore the high eighth derivative of the line shape profile of the spectral line. This technique proved to give good signal-to-noise ratios and enabled the recovery of weak signals. An experimental method is developed to correct for source modulation broadening. The tests of the ratios of the two inner peak's separation of the eighth derivative of the line showed that they were up to 95% similar to those for a Lorentzian line shape function. The line shapes were assumed to be Lorentzian for the theoretical analysis of the derivative profiles and comparisons were made between experiment and theory on this basis. Dipole moments for vibrationally excited states were calculated from linewidth parameters and show systematic decrease with the increase of excitation. Impact parameters were calculated using the "hard sphere" model of the kinetic theory of gases. The results were many times larger than the size of the molecule itself. This suggests that the dominant interaction is a long range dipole-dipole force interaction.
Date: May 1993
Creator: Hajsaleh, Jamal Y. (Jamal Yousef)
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Comprehensive Model for the Rotational Spectra of Propyne CH₃CCH in the Ground and V₁₀=1,2,3,4,5 Vibrational States

Description: The energy states of C₃ᵥ symmetric top polyatomic molecules were studied. Both classical and quantum mechanical methods have been used to introduce the energy states of polyatomic molecules. Also, it is shown that the vibration-rotation spectra of polyatomic molecules in the ground and excited vibrational states can be predicted by group theory. A comprehensive model for predicting rotational frequency components in various v₁₀ vibrational levels of propyne was developed by using perturbation theory and those results were compared with other formulas for C₃ᵥ symmetric top molecules. The v₁₀=1,2,3 and ground rotational spectra of propyne in the frequency range 17-70 GHz have been reassigned by using the derived comprehensive model. The v₁₀=3 and v₁₀=4 rotational spectra of propyne have been investigated in the 70 GHz, and 17 to 52 GHz regions, respectively, and these spectral components assigned using the comprehensive model. Molecular constants for these vibrationally excited states have been determined from more than 100 observed rotational transitions. From these experimentally observed components and a model based upon first principles for C₃ᵥ symmetry molecules, rotational constants have been expressed in a form which enables one to predict rotational components for vibrational levels for propyne up to v₁₀=5. This comprehensive model also appears to be useful in predicting rotational components in more highly excited vibrational levels but data were not available for comparison with the theory. Several techniques of assignment of rotational spectra for each excited vibrational state are discussed. To get good agreement between theory and experiment, an additional term 0.762(J+1) needed to be added to Kℓ=1 states in v₁₀=3. No satisfactory theoretical explanation of this term has been found. Experimentally measured frequencies for rotational components for J→(J+1)=+1 (0≤J≤3) in each vibration v₁₀=n (0≤n≤4) are presented and compared with those calculated using the results of basic perturbation theory. The v₉=2 rotational ...
Date: December 1986
Creator: Rhee, Won Myung
Partner: UNT Libraries

Final Report of MBX experiment

Description: The MBX experiment was built during the grant period. Details can be found in publications about MBX experiment. We created a low density plasma in a mirror configuration and rotated it at supersonic speeds in the theta direction. Under these conditions the plasma presents a high asymmetry in the current, plasma potential and consequently rotation with the voltage applied. We developed a two fluid model to describe the measurements based on a magnetofluid states ansatz. We also observed bistable and multiple states predicted by the two fluid model.
Date: April 2, 2007
Creator: Bengtson, Roger D & Valanju, Prashant
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Direct observation of imprinted antiferromagnetic vortex state in CoO/Fe/Ag(001) disks

Description: In magnetic thin films, a magnetic vortex is a state in which the magnetization vector curls around the center of a confined structure. A vortex state in a thin film disk, for example, is a topological object characterized by the vortex polarity and the winding number. In ferromagnetic (FM) disks, these parameters govern many fundamental properties of the vortex such as its gyroscopic rotation, polarity reversal, core motion, and vortex pair excitation. However, in antiferromagnetic (AFM) disks, though there has been indirect evidence of the vortex state through observations of the induced FM-ordered spins in the AFM disk, they have never been observed directly in experiment. By fabricating single crystalline NiO/Fe/Ag(001) and CoO/Fe/Ag(001) disks and using X-ray Magnetic Linear Dichroism (XMLD), we show direct observation of the vortex state in an AFM disk of AFM/FM bilayer system. We observe that there are two types of AFM vortices, one of which has no analog in FM structures. Finally, we show that a frozen AFM vortex can bias a FM vortex at low temperature.
Date: December 21, 2010
Creator: Wu, J.; Carlton, D.; Park, J. S.; Meng, Y.; Arenholz, E.; Doran, A. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

First Order Perturbation Effects in Iron-Dominated Two-DimensionalSymmetrical Multipoles

Description: The effects of several perturbations are investigated. They are: modification of the shape of a pole, error excitation, displacement, and rotation of a pole. The effects are described in terms of changes of multipole coefficients. General relationships between some of these coefficients are described, and formulae are derived that allow their calculation for a model 2N-pole magnet. Numerical values of these coefficients are given for a quadrupole, sextupole, and octupole.
Date: April 1, 1969
Creator: Halbach, K.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Spin Rotation of Formalism for Spin Tracking

Description: The problem of which coefficients are adequate to correctly represent the spin rotation in vector spin tracking for polarized proton and deuteron beams in synchrotrons is here re-examined in the light of recent discussions. The main aim of this note is to show where some previous erroneous results originated and how to code spin rotation in a tracking code. Some analysis of a recent experiment is presented that confirm the correctness of the assumptions.
Date: February 1, 2008
Creator: Luccio,A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Energy Scaling of Spin Tune due to RHIC Snakes

Description: For a ring like RHIC with two full Siberian snakes on opposite sides of the ring, the spin tune for a flat orbit will be 1/2 if the snake rotation axes are perpendicular, {Delta}{phi} = {phi}{sub 9}-{phi}{sub 3} = {pi}/2. Here {phi}{sup 9} and {phi}{sub 3} are respectively the direction of the rotation axes of the 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock snakes relative to the design trajectory as shown in Figure 1. If the two snakes are slightly detuned by the same amount such that the rotation axes are no longer perpendicular, then the deviation of the closed-orbit spin tune {nu}{sub 0} from 1/2 is given by {Delta}{nu}{sub 0} {approx_equal} ({Delta}{mu}){sup 2}/4{pi} cosG{gamma}{pi} - 2{Delta}{phi}/{pi} {approx_equal} 2{Delta}{phi}/180{sup o} with G{gamma} at a half integer, and where {Delta}{mu} is the deviation of snake rotation angle from 180{sup o}. It should be noted that there is a sign ambiguity in {Delta}{mu}{sub 0} since a spin tune of 0.495 is also a spin tune of 0.505, depending on the direction taken along the stable spin axis. In order to understand the effect of energy scaling on the snake axis direction, I have integrated the trajectory and spin rotation through a model of a RHIC snake (bi9-snk7) and found the energy (U) dependence of the snake axis angle {phi}{sub 9} and rotation angle {mu} as shown. A {approx_equal} p{sup -2} scaling of errors is typical in helical snakes. To first order, the orbit excursion drops as p{sup -1} and the spin precessions about transverse fields increase as {gamma} giving an approximate cancellation with energy, so we do not expect much change during the field ramp. The next order term which comes in is primarily proportional to p{sup -2}; although naively one might expect a slight effect inversely proportional to the velocity since {gamma}/p {proportional_to} ...
Date: January 2, 2009
Creator: MacKay,W.W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: A method and apparatus were devised to irradiate multiple samples of large physical size simultaneously in a nonuniform neutron flux. A capsule containing the samples and flux monitors is rotated about an axis at constant speed with samples fixed in a symmetrical geometry so that each position receives the same integrated neutron flux. (auth)
Date: January 1, 1964
Creator: Hutchin, W H
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Electromagnetic rotational actuation.

Description: There are many applications that need a meso-scale rotational actuator. These applications have been left by the wayside because of the lack of actuation at this scale. Sandia National Laboratories has many unique fabrication technologies that could be used to create an electromagnetic actuator at this scale. There are also many designs to be explored. In this internship exploration of the designs and fabrications technologies to find an inexpensive design that can be used for prototyping the electromagnetic rotational actuator.
Date: August 1, 2010
Creator: Hogan, Alexander Lee
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Autonomous Sub-Pixel Satellite Track Endpoint Determination for Space Based Images

Description: An algorithm for determining satellite track endpoints with sub-pixel resolution in spaced-based images is presented. The algorithm allows for significant curvature in the imaged track due to rotation of the spacecraft capturing the image. The motivation behind the subpixel endpoint determination is first presented, followed by a description of the methodology used. Results from running the algorithm on real ground-based and simulated spaced-based images are shown to highlight its effectiveness.
Date: March 7, 2011
Creator: Simms, L M
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department