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Supplement to Reactor Containment Design Study

Description: Summary: Report SL-1868 is a technical and economic feasibility study of four containment methods, i.e., standard containment, pressure relief, pressure supression and low pressure containment, for 44 MWe direct cycle and 180 and 300 MWe dual cycle boiling water reactor plants.
Date: April 23, 1962
Creator: Johnson, R. A. & Nelson, I.
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Description: A concpept for an advanced enineering test reactor is described. Thpe results of various investigations with regard to alternative design possibilitipes are presented. Retailed information is given rearding the nuclear and enineering calculations. (W.D.M.)
Date: March 15, 1958
Creator: Leyse, C.F.; Bertelson, P.C.; Chmielewski, W.S.; Delicate, W.S.; Francis, T.L.; Kornfeld, M.J. et al.
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Operating Manual for the MTR, Section Two -- Exclusion Area, Materials Testing Reactor

Description: From summary: "This manual is designed for the purpose of clarifying operating procedures of the Materials Testing Reactor and its associated equipment. In assembling this manual a description of each item of equipment and its function is presented. In addition, the generally accepted method of operating the equipment and the best corrective measures concerning all emergencies that might be encountered are set forth herein. Descriptive drawings and written instructions pertaining to the equipment have been included to further clarify the manual."
Date: 1955
Creator: Phillips Petroleum Company. Atomic Energy Division.
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The Kinetics of the Circulating-Fuel Nuclear Reactor

Description: Abstract: "In a circulating-fuel reactor, the circulation of the fuel cause a damping of power oscillations of the reactor. This is demonstrated under the assumption, that there is no mechanical vibration coupled with the oscillation of reactor power, and that the shapes of the hydrodynamic flow does not vary with time."
Date: March 30, 1953
Creator: Ergen, W. K.
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Loop-Type Liquid-Gas Separator

Description: The following report is a study of the separating qualities of a loop-type separator that can obtain separation with a smaller pressure drop.
Date: November 17, 1951
Creator: Barlow, J. W.; Jones, F. H. & Reuther, R. H.
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Modified Liquid Phase Reactor

Description: The following report describes a modified Kraus type reactor that had been constructed for use in bets chemical conversion operations.
Date: June 23, 1944
Creator: Zuidema, J. W. & Ballard, A. E.
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An Evaluation of Advanced Converter Reactors

Description: From foreword: This report is an overall assessment of the technical status and economic potential of advanced converters and breeders, the role of thorium, various reactor fuel cycles, and a systems analysis of the future nuclear-electric power complex.
Date: April 1969
Creator: Advanced Converter Task Force
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Summary of the APDA Fuel Development Programs

Description: Report issued by the APDA over fuel development programs. Designs for fast breeder reactors, safety tests, and methods are presented and discussed. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: April 1961
Creator: Blessing, W. G.; Busch, J. S.; Duffy, J. G.; Hennig, R. J.; Jens, W. H.; Knight, F. W. et al.
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The Period Effect in Reactor Dynamics

Description: From Abstract: "An alternative approach is presented with attempts to demonstrate that insight may be gained from a consideration that the basic cause of the effect may be due to reactivity rather than to period as the previous authors assumed. Methods for compensating for this effect are discussed."
Date: April 1964
Creator: Carter, Joseph C.; Sparks, David W. & Tessier, Jack H.
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Preliminary Design of a Basic Radiation Effects Reactor (BRER)

Description: From Introduction: "Information has been accumulated about the property changes produced, but there are essentially no reliable quantitative data correlating property changes with the magnitude and energy distribution of the neutron fluxes responsible for the changes. The design of the Basic Radiation Effects Reactor (BRER) presented herein stems from the two main requirements: 1. a fairly high-level, high-energy neutron flux with minimal thermal neutron and gamma-ray background is desired; 2. the peak of the neutron-energy spectrum should be variable within the approximate range from 10 to 1000 kev."
Date: March 1961
Creator: MacFarlane, D. R.; Rohde, R. R.; Toppel, B.; Charak, I. & Unger, H.
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Terminal Report on the Mighty Mouse High-Flux Research Reactor Project

Description: From Introduction: "More specifically, it describes the basic reactor complex, the problems involved, the various approaches pursued, the present status and estimated cost of the project, along with recommendations for future research and development essential to the successful culmination of the project."
Date: September 1959
Creator: Link, L. E.; Armstrong, R. H.; Cameron, T. C.; Dickson, R. F.; Heineman, J. B.; Kelber, C. N. et al.
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Status Report on the Argonne Advanced Research Reactor

Description: From Introduction: "This is a status report on the interim design and development for an advanced research reactor (AARR) that will produce a maximum thermal neutron flux of 5 x 10 to the fifteenth power neutrons/ (cm2) (sec). As a result, this report also contains sections covering shielding, plant layout, fuel charging, maintenance, and auxiliary facilities."
Date: November 1961
Creator: Lennox, D. H.; Barts, E. W.; Batch, R. V.; Beyer, F. C.; Jorgensen, G. L.; Kelber, C. N. et al.
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Aqueous Homogeneous Reactors for Producing Central-Station Power

Description: Report issued by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory discussing aqueous homogeneous reactors used in central-station power. As stated in the introduction, "it contains an evaluation of the potentiality of producing power only, as exhibited by aqueous homogeneous systems" (p. 6). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: May 25, 1951
Creator: Briggs, R. B.; Haubenreich, P. N.; Sanders, J. P.; Aven, R. E.; Zapp, F. C.; Segaser, C. L. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

An Evaluation of Mercury Cooled Breeder Reactors

Description: Abstract: The technical feasibility and economic potential of fast breeder power reactor systems cooled with boiling mercury have been investigated by American-Standard under the United States Atomic Energy Commission's New Reactor Concepts Evaluation Program.
Date: October 13, 1959
Creator: Advanced Technology Laboratories
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Civilian Power Reactor Program: Part 3, Status Report on Pressurized Water Reactors as of 1959

Description: Introduction: The U.S. Atomic Energy Commission has undertaken a study of various reactor concepts to develop a comprehensive plan for a 10-year civilian power reactor program. This study reports the status of pressurized water reactors on a technical, economic, and operating experience basis.
Date: 1960
Creator: U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
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