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Radioisotopes at Work for Agriculture

Description: Introduction: The Office of Isotopes Development of the United States Atomic Energy Commission has requested that Stanford Research Institute prepare a report on the applications of radioisotopes in agriculture.
Date: October 1959
Creator: Homan, A. Gerlof & Tarrice, Richard R.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Theoretical Study of Fission Product Gaseous Activity from a Homogeneous Reactor

Description: From abstract: Buildup of gaseous radioisotopes which are expected to be found in the atmosphere above a solution-fueled reactor has been calculated as a function of operating time. Krypton, iodine, xenon, and bromine have been considered. Direct fission and daughter yields are included in the summations of activities. Decay upon shutdown following various periods of equilibrium operation are tabulated.
Date: 1954
Creator: Donaldson, J. R.
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Review of Radioisotopes Program, 1964

Description: Report issued by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory discussing a review of the Radioisotopes Program during 1964. Research and experimental projects conducted during 1964 is presented. This report includes tables, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: May 1965
Creator: Gillette, J. H.
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Equations Used for Calculation of Data by the Feedback Method

Description: The following report studies a method of assay where an unknown sample is determined by comparison with a standard sample of known isotopic ratio. The purpose is to acquaint the technical personnel with the fundamentals of the feedback method of assaying samples of TF6.
Date: October 26, 1945
Creator: Happ, G. P. & Cameron, A. E.
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Description: The uses of radioactive isotopes in medical research can be conveniently divided into three principal categories; namely, the applications as tracers for the study of metabolic phenomena, as diagnostic aids in clinical medicine, and finally their role in therapy. Frequently radioisotopes available from the chain-reacting pile do not have a sufficient degree of specific activity for satisfactory use. A number of radioisotopes which can be produced with high specific activity in the pile possess half-lives too short to be of any practical value. Then, there are a few cases in which the desired radioisotope may be made in the pile with high specific activity, but concomitantly there is formed another radioisotope of the same element whose half-life is of such duration as to render its use hazardous in man. Finally, there are several elements of biological and medical interest whose radioactive isotopes can be produced only by the cyclotron.
Date: April 19, 1950
Creator: Hamilton, Joseph G.
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Medical Radioisotope Data Survey: 2002 Preliminary Results

Description: A limited, but accurate amount of detailed information about the radioactive isotopes used in the U.S. for medical procedures was collected from a local hospital and from a recent report on the U.S. Radiopharmaceutical Markets. These data included the total number of procedures, the specific types of procedures, the specific radioisotopes used in these procedures, and the dosage administered per procedure. The information from these sources was compiled, assessed, pruned, and then merged into a single, comprehensive and consistent set of results presented in this report. (PIET-43471-TM-197)
Date: June 23, 2004
Creator: Siciliano, Edward R.
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TRANSPORT OF RADIONUCLIDES IN FRESH WATER SYSTEMS. Report of a Working Meeting Held at University of Texas, Austin, January 30-February 1, 1963

Description: Nineteen papers presented at the Conference on the Transport of Radionuclides in Fresh Water Systems are given. Separate abstracts were prepared for 18 papers; one was previously abstracted for NSA. (M.C.G.)
Date: July 1, 1963
Creator: Kornegay, B.H.; Vaughan, W.A.; Jamison, D.K. & Morgan, J.M. Jr. eds.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The Adsorption of Radioactive Isotopes on Precipitates

Description: This thesis concerns the investigation of radioisotopes as indicators for precipitation reactions. As a precipitate forms in the presence of a radioisotope, adsorption may take place on its surface. If this adsorption changes markedly at the stoichiometric point it will be possible to use this variation as an indicator for the reaction.
Date: January 1954
Creator: Bulloch, Newman Payne
Partner: UNT Libraries

Evaluation of a Method to Calculate the Sum-of-Fractions for Multiple Radionuclides that Uses Aquifer Concentrations of Radionuclides that Change with Respect to Time

Description: This report evaluates a new method to calculate the sum-of-fractions (SOF) for multiple radionuclides. The purpose of this report is to determine the potential benefits of the new method for the first set of five slit trenches.
Date: December 18, 2002
Creator: Collard, L.B.
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In-Situ Sample Preparation for Radiochemical Analyses of Surface Water

Description: A new method for improved radionuclide sample analysis of surface water has been demonstrated at the Savannah River Site, a U.S. Department of Energy production facility, currently in standby. The method makes uses of selective solid phase extraction (SPE) disks being placed in a modified portable aqueous sampler.
Date: November 12, 1998
Creator: Beals, D.M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Investigating proton emitters at the limits of stability with radioactive beams from the Oak Ridge facility

Description: By using beams from the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility at ORNL, it should be possible to identify many new ground-state proton emitters in the mass region from Sn to Pb. In these investigations nuclei produced in fusion-evaporation reactions will be separated from incident ions and dispersed in mass/charge with a recoil mass separator and then implanted into a double-sided Si strip detector for study of proton (and {alpha}-particle) radioactivity. This paper summarizes data presently extant on proton emitters and then focuses on tests and initial experiments that will be carried out with stable beams and with radioactive ions as they are developed at the Oak Ridge facility.
Date: October 1, 1996
Creator: Toth, K. S.; Batchelder, J. C.; Zganjar, E. F.; Bingham, C. R.; Wauters, J.; Davinson, T. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department