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Asbestos: A Materials Survey

Description: Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines discussing asbestos mining. As stated in the introduction, "this report gives primary consideration to the types and grades of asbestos that are of greatest importance in the program of military preparedness-namely, the spinning grades of chrysotile, both foreign and domestic, and the amosite and crocidolite obtained only from foreign sources" (p. 1). This report includes tables, maps, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: 1959
Creator: Bowles, Oliver
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The Soviet Seven-Year Plan (1959-65) for Oil

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines discussing the Soviet plan to increase oil production between 1959 and 1965. As stated in the introduction, "this report, based almost entirely on Soviet petroleum literature, describes the planned expansion of the U.S.S.R. petroleum industry and attempts to provide some idea of the magnitude of future Soviet oil exports" (p. 2). This report includes tables, and a map.
Date: 1961
Creator: Frendzel, Donald J.
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Mineral Resources of Upper Missouri River Basin, Montana: Fort Peck Reservoir to Morony Dam

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines discussing the minerals produced in the Missouri River Basin of Montana. The mineral resources of the area are investigated, analyzed, and presented. This report includes tables, maps, and illustrations.
Date: 1964
Creator: Hubbard, C. R.; Roby, Robert N.; Henkes, W. C. & Biggs, P.
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Actinoplanes Philippinensis: Effect of Carbon Sources on Zoospore Production

Description: Actinomycetes are able to utilize a great variety of carbohydrates, like sugar. The particular kind of sugar and its concentration has decisive effect on the growth of microorganisms. The proper nutritional media aids also in the production of spores. Based on this generalization, that the growth and sporulation of microorganisms are greatly influenced by the nature and the concentration of carbohydrates, an attempt has been made to study Actinoplanes philippinensis with respect to this influence.
Date: May 1968
Creator: White, Olivia
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West Virginia Oilfields Discovered Before 1940

Description: From Summary: "This report contains data on 79 oilfields discovered before 1940. The boundary of each field and extent of the individual producing formations are presented. Oil production to January 1, 1960, and an estimate of total oil remaining are also listed. Secondary-recovery methods used in each field since discovery and degree of success are reported."
Date: 1963
Creator: Whieldon, Charles E., Jr. & Eckard, William E.
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The Mining Industry in the Territory of Alaska: During the Calendar Year 1916

Description: From Introduction: "The year 1916 broke all previous records of mineral production in the Territory. As a consequence, there has been a noteworthy increase in the number of mines in active operation or under development, though the greater part of the increased output is the result of greater activity at mines already producing rather than of opening new mines.The Territorial inspector covered the districts from Fairbanks to Nome and the Federal Inspector covered those of southeastern and southwestern Alaska."
Date: 1917
Creator: Smith, Sumner S.
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Some Principles Governing the Production of Oil Wells

Description: From Introduction: "The report discusses some of the fundamental factors governing oil production, taking up first the conditions affecting the amount of oil in the oil sand, then those factors that control the rate of production of oil wells, and then discusses several related problems, most of which deal particularly with the effect of the production of one well on that of another."
Date: 1921
Creator: Beal, Carl H. & Lewis, J. O.
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Methods for Increasing the Recovery from Oil Sands

Description: From Introduction: "In this publication are considered the principles involved in increasing recovery and methods of extracting more oil from the oil-bearing formations than by usual ways of producing. These methods are: The use of gas or vacuum pumps. forcing compressed air or gas through the oil-bearing formations, displacing the oil by water, and better utilization of the natural pressures in the oil-bearing formations."
Date: 1917
Creator: Lewis, J. O.
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The Production Effects of Protectionist Announcements: An Examination of the Steel Industry

Description: The well-being of the American steel industry is vital to the overall health of the United States (U.S.) economy. This belief is, in part, the impetus for the enactment of protective tariffs and quotas. This paper examines the impact of the announcement of the 2001 tariffs. Numerous forces have buffeted the U.S. steel industry over the last decade. Domestic steel firms operate in a highly global, fiercely competitive, and capital-intensive industry. This environment has proven inhospitable to the U.S. steel industry, widely criticized for inefficiency and overcapacity. A regression analysis finds that the announcement of the 2001 tariffs had no statistically significant impact on U.S. domestic raw steel production. Supporting theories are reexamined, and the implications of this finding for trade policy are explored.
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Date: May 2003
Creator: Pharr, Matthew C.
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High Efficiency Generation of Hydrogen Fuels Using Solar Thermochemical Splitting of Water

Description: The objective of this work is to identify economically feasible concepts for the production of hydrogen from water using solar energy. The ultimate project objective was to select one or more competitive concepts for pilot-scale demonstration using concentrated solar energy. Results of pilot scale plant performance would be used as foundation for seeking public and private resources for full-scale plant development and testing. Economical success in this venture would afford the public with a renewable and limitless source of energy carrier for use in electric power load-leveling and as a carbon-free transportation fuel. The Solar Hydrogen Generation Research (SHGR) project embraces technologies relevant to hydrogen research under the Office of Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Infrastructure Technology (HFCIT) as well as concentrated solar power under the Office of Solar Energy Technologies (SET). Although the photoelectrochemical work is aligned with HFCIT, some of the technologies in this effort are also consistent with the skills and technologies found in concentrated solar power and photovoltaic technology under the Office of Solar Energy Technologies (SET). Hydrogen production by thermo-chemical water-splitting is a chemical process that accomplishes the decomposition of water into hydrogen and oxygen using only heat or a combination of heat and electrolysis instead of pure electrolysis and meets the goals for hydrogen production using only water and renewable solar energy as feed-stocks. Photoelectrochemical hydrogen production also meets these goals by implementing photo-electrolysis at the surface of a semiconductor in contact with an electrolyte with bias provided by a photovoltaic source. Here, water splitting is a photo-electrolytic process in which hydrogen is produced using only solar photons and water as feed-stocks. The thermochemical hydrogen task engendered formal collaborations among two universities, three national laboratories and two private sector entities. The photoelectrochemical hydrogen task included formal collaborations with three universities and one national laboratory. The ...
Date: September 29, 2011
Creator: Heske, Clemens; Moujaes, Samir; Weimer, Alan; Wong, Bunsen; Siegal, Nathan; McFarland, Eric et al.
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Windmills in the Light of Modern Research

Description: The chief contribution of modern research in the field of windmills is a better understanding of the phenomena and of the available means for the accomplishment of certain results, but also of the natural limits to their productive capacity.
Date: August 1928
Creator: Betz, A.
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The Compressive Yield Strength of Extruded Shapes of 24ST Aluminum Alloy

Description: The following report discusses an investigation that was made to determine the tensile and the compressive properties of a large number of 24ST extruded shapes selected at random from commercial production in order to investigate the interrelation of these properties.
Date: January 1941
Creator: Templin, R. L.; Howell, F. M. & Hartmann, E. C.
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