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Thermodynamics and stability of the mixed-conducting Sr-Fe-Co-O system.

Description: Mixed-conducting Sr-Fe-Co oxides have potential applications in dense ceramic membranes for high-purity oxygen separation and/or methane conversion to produce syngas (CO + H{sub 2}), because of their combined high electronic/ionic conductivity and significant oxygen permeability. We studied the crystal structure and microstructure of the system in X-ray diffraction experiments and by using scanning electron microscopy, respectively. Thermogravimetric analysis was conducted on the SrFeCo{sub 0.5}O{sub x} sample in environments of various oxygen partial pressures (pO{sub 2}). Conductivity increased while weight decreased with increasing temperature. Activation energy decreased while conductivity increased with increasing pO{sub 2}. The pO{sub 2}-dependent conducting behavior of the SrFeCo{sub 0.5}O{sub x} system can be understood by considering the trivalent-to-divalent transition of transition-metal ions.
Date: April 28, 1999
Creator: Ma, B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Task 1 Steam Oxidation (NETL-US)

Description: Some conclusions are: (1) Increased flow rates can lower chromia activity in alloys with Ti and Mn - (a) Reduced chromia activity reduces equilibrium CrO{sub 2}(OH){sub 2}(g) vapor pressures; (2) Model is very sensitive to small decreases in chromia activity at the HP turbine - (a) Upstream partial saturation of the gas phase with CrO{sub 2}(OH){sub 2}(g) can become nearly or fully saturated at the HP turbine, (b) Can radically change breakaway oxidation times from less than a year to never happening; and (3) Thus even small chromia activity reductions from Ti and Mn additions can make evaporation issues self-correcting.
Date: April 28, 2011
Creator: Holcomb, G. R.; Tylczak, J. & R. Hu,
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department