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A study of personnel policies in North Texas State Teachers College as compared with those of twenty-five other institutions of higher learning

Description: This study of personnel policies in college and universities includes such phrases as administrative control, classification and distribution of positions, selection and appointment, terms of employment, teaching loads, and appraisal and interpretation of personnel policies. This study is planned to provide data on the policies with regard to the non-teaching staff as well as those of the teaching staff.
Date: August 1947
Creator: Collins, Lonnie Millard
Partner: UNT Libraries

Paid Family Leave in the United States

Description: This report provides an overview of paid family leave in the United States, summarizes state level family leave insurance programs, notes paid family leave policies in other advanced economy countries, and notes recent federal proposals to increase access to paid family leave.
Date: May 24, 2017
Creator: Donovan, Sarah A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Federal Workforce Statistics Sources: OPM and OMB

Description: This report describes online tools, reports, and data compilations created by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that contain statistics about federal employees and the federal workforce. The report also describes key characteristics of each resource and briefly discusses selected methodological differences, with the intention of facilitating the selection of appropriate data for specific purposes.
Date: December 7, 2016
Creator: Jennings, Julie
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Washing, Harry Alfred

Description: The primary problems of the study are to collect data on conflicts with respect to two hospitals. and to analyze such data in order to determine the seriousness of present intra- and intersubgroup conflicts and the subject matters and underlying causes of the more serious present subgroup conflicts. A comparative analysis of the respective subgroups in each hospital and a comparative analysis of the two hospitals in conflicts are also part of the study.
Date: August 1977
Creator: An analysis of conflict in two hospitals
Partner: UNT Libraries

History and testimony of competency-based development at Sandia National Laboratories.

Description: More than ten years ago, Sandia managers defined a set of traits and characteristics that were needed for success at Sandia. Today, the Sandia National Laboratories Success Profile Competencies continue to be powerful tools for employee and leadership development. The purpose of this report is to revisit the historical events that led to the creation and adaptation of the competencies and to position them for integration in future employee selection, development, and succession planning processes. This report contains an account of how the competencies were developed, testimonies of how they are used within the organization, and a description of how they will be foundational elements of new processes.
Date: April 1, 2004
Creator: Burt, Rebecca A. & Narahara, Sheryl K.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

DHS’s Max-HR Personnel System: Regulations on Classification, Pay, and Performance Management Compared With Current Law, and Implementation Plans

Description: This report compares the final regulations with current law under Title 5 of the United States Code and relevant regulations under Title 5 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Specifically, Subparts A (General Provisions), B (Classification), C (Pay and Pay Administration), and D (Performance Management) of the final regulations are examined.
Date: May 4, 2007
Creator: Schwemle, Barbara L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Navy Ship Deployments: New Approaches -- Background and Issues for Congress

Description: The Navy is implementing or experimenting with new kinds of naval formations, more flexible forward-development schedules, forward-homeporting additional Navy ships, and long-duration deployments with crew rotation (which the Navy calls Sea Swap). These changes, which form a key part of Navy transformation, raise several potential issues for Congress.
Date: May 31, 2006
Creator: O'Rourke, Ronald
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

A Case Study of the Personnel Program in Moore Business Forms, Incorporated

Description: The specific purposes of this investigation, therefore, are (1) to determine any general pattern in the development of different phases of personnel programs in different firms; and (2) to make an intensive case study of the development of the personnel program in one organization--Moore Business Forms, Incorporated--which might serve as a guide for similar studies in other firms.
Date: 1952
Creator: Stroope, Lewis Jackson
Partner: UNT Libraries

SAPLE: Sandia Advanced Personnel Locator Engine.

Description: We present the Sandia Advanced Personnel Locator Engine (SAPLE) web application, a directory search application for use by Sandia National Laboratories personnel. SAPLE's purpose is to return Sandia personnel 'results' as a function of user search queries, with its mission to make it easier and faster to find people at Sandia. To accomplish this, SAPLE breaks from more traditional directory application approaches by aiming to return the correct set of results while placing minimal constraints on the user's query. Two key features form the core of SAPLE: advanced search query interpretation and inexact string matching. SAPLE's query interpretation permits the user to perform compound queries when typing into a single search field; where able, SAPLE infers the type of field that the user intends to search on based on the value of the search term. SAPLE's inexact string matching feature yields a high-quality ranking of personnel search results even when there are no exact matches to the user's query. This paper explores these two key features, describing in detail the architecture and operation of SAPLE. Finally, an extensive analysis on logged search query data taken from an 11-week sample period is presented.
Date: April 1, 2010
Creator: Procopio, Michael J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

A Study to Determine the Impact of Unscheduled Priority Tasks on Organizational Size

Description: This study is directed to the problem of the quantitative determination of the number of additional personnel required in an organization for servicing unscheduled priority tasks without delaying the completion of scheduled tasks. The manager of an organization which has been enlarged in order to respond adequately to the random arrival of priority requests may face criticism if the organization appears to be "overstaffed" during periods when only "routine" service requirements must be met. An audit team oriented toward accounting-type data may be reluctant to accept a manager's justification of his organization's size if the justification is based primarily on nonquantitative arguments.
Date: August 1972
Creator: Chandler, William Gray
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Study of the Role of Staff Development Trainer in Organizations

Description: This investigation examines the differences in perception of the role of staff-development trainer in organizations, a role identified as an emerging occupation, held by three professional groups. The focus is on sources of stress and strain in the job performance of the trainer. Purposes of the study are (1) to collect data from three coworker groups, administrators, directors of nursing, and trainers relative to the role of the trainer, (2) to examine differences in perception between the groups, (3) to examine the differences as potential sources of stress when viewed from the perspective of role theory, and (4) to delineate the role. This study indicates that knowledge about behavioral sciences and skill at interpersonal communications are important areas in both background and in personal qualities needed. Nurses and trainers widely perceive a lack of commitment to training by administrators. This relates to sources of strain in the role of trainer. There is a generally held expectation in the field that the role will grow in importance and scope.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Ragsdale, Kathryn A.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Sandia National Laboratories corporate mentor program : program review, May 2004.

Description: The Sandia National Laboratories Corporate Mentor Program provides a mechanism for the development and retention of Sandia's people and knowledge. The relationships formed among staff members at different stages in their careers offer benefits to all. These relationships can provide experienced employees with new ideas and insight and give less experienced employees knowledge of Sandia's culture, strategies, and programmatic direction. The program volunteer coordinators are dedicated to the satisfaction of the participants, who come from every area of Sandia. Since its inception in 1995, the program has sustained steady growth and excellent customer satisfaction. This report summarizes the accomplishments, activities, enhancements, and evaluation data for the Corporate Mentor Program for the 2003/2004 program year ending May 1, 2004.
Date: January 1, 2005
Creator: Tibbetts, Tiffany; Tarro, Talitha; Dudeck, William; Bristol, Colette & Stephens, Jim
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Advanced Engineering Preliminary Program Planning, Rough Draft

Description: The purpose of this document is to assembly certain job elements which may become part of the Advanced Engineerng Subsection programs, so that those individuals who may be requested to participate in such programs may be aware of the nature and form of Advanced Engineering planning.
Date: April 20, 1961
Creator: Towle, H.C.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Assessing the effectiveness of electronic brainstorming in an industrial setting : experimental design document.

Description: An experiment is proposed which will compare the effectiveness of individual versus group brainstorming in addressing difficult, real world challenges. Previous research into electronic brainstorming has largely been limited to laboratory experiments using small groups of students answering questions irrelevant to an industrial setting. The proposed experiment attempts to extend current findings to real-world employees and organization-relevant challenges. Our employees will brainstorm ideas over the course of several days, echoing the real-world scenario in an industrial setting. The methodology and hypotheses to be tested are presented along with two questions for the experimental brainstorming sessions. One question has been used in prior work and will allow calibration of the new results with existing work. The second question qualifies as a complicated, perhaps even wickedly hard, question, with relevance to modern management practices.
Date: September 1, 2007
Creator: Dornburg, Courtney C.; Stevens, Susan Marie; Davidson, George S. & Forsythe, James Chris
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Sandia's mentoring program : an ongoing success.

Description: This report summarizes the Mentoring Program at Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), which has been an on-going success since its inception in 1995. The Mentoring Program provides a mechanism to develop a workforce able to respond to changing requirements and complex customer needs. The program objectives are to enhance employee contributions through increased knowledge of SNL culture, strategies, and programmatic direction. Mentoring is a proven mechanism for attracting new employees, retaining employees, and developing leadership. It helps to prevent the loss of corporate knowledge from attrition and retirement, and it increases the rate and level of contributions of new managers and employees, also spurring cross-organizational teaming. The Mentoring Program is structured as a one-year partnership between an experienced staff member or leader and a less experienced one. Mentors and mentees are paired according to mutual objectives and interests. Support is provided to the matched pairs from their management as well as division program coordinators in both New Mexico and California locations. In addition, bi-monthly large-group training sessions are held.
Date: December 1, 2003
Creator: Brewer, Soila
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department