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Calculation of Airplane Performances Without the Aid of Polar Diagrams

Description: For good profiles the profile-drag coefficient is almost constant in the whole range which comes into consideration for practical flight. This is manifest in the consideration of the Gottingen airfoil tests and is confirmed by the investigations of the writer (measurements of the profile drag during flight by the Betz method), concerning which a detailed report will soon be published. The following deductions proceed from this fact. The formulas developed on the assumptions of a constant profile-drag coefficient afford an extensive insight into the influences exerted on flight performances by the structure of the airplane.
Date: March 1928
Creator: Schrenk, Martin
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

General Formulas and Charts for the Calculation of Airplane Performance

Description: This report presents general formulas for the determination of all major airplane performance characteristics. A rigorous analysis is used, making no assumption regarding the attitude of the airplane at which maximum rate of climb occurs, but finding the attitude at which the excess thrust horsepower is maximum. Equations and charts are developed which show the variation of performance due to a change in any of the customary design parameters.
Date: 1932
Creator: Oswald, W. Bailey
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Manifest Anxiety and Task as Determiners of Performance in Paired Associate Learning

Description: The purpose of the present study was to investigate the relationship between drive level, defined in terms of scores on the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale, and performance in a complex paired-associate learning task, in which an attempt was made to control the number and strength of the competing responses.
Date: August 1965
Creator: Brown, Bill Rondol
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General Airplane Performance

Description: "Equations have been developed for the analysis of the performance of the ideal airplane, leading to an approximate physical interpretation of the performance problem. The basic sea-level airplane parameters have been generalized to altitude parameters and a new parameter has been introduced and physically interpreted. The performance analysis for actual airplanes has been obtained in terms of the equivalent ideal airplane in order that the charts developed for use in practical calculations will for the most part apply to any type of engine-propeller combination and system of control, the only additional material required consisting of the actual engine and propeller curves for propulsion unit" (p. 241).
Date: June 1, 1937
Creator: Rockfeller, W. C.
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An Analysis of Teacher Performance Evaluation Policies and Criteria in Texas Public Schools

Description: The purposes of this study were to identify the procedures and criteria used for conducting teacher performance evaluation in Texas public schools, to determine the degree to which teacher performance evaluation procedures and instruments reflect the stated evaluation policies of Texas public schools, and to determine the degree to which teacher performance evaluation instruments used in Texas public schools reflect presage criteria (teacher characteristics) as opposed to process criteria (teacher behavior) as opposed to product criteria (student change or gain) as opposed to general job performance requirements (job expectations). The main findings include the following. (1) Teacher performance evaluation is required in all Texas public school districts and is often performed several times a year by more than one observer. The building principal is the key person involved in this process. (2) Although all school districts stated the supervisory function of the improvement of instruction as the major purpose of their teacher performance evaluation policy, a large number of school districts utilize teacher performance evaluation for the administration functions of serving as a basis for retention or dismissal. (3) If in reality teacher performance evaluation were construed as the improvement of instruction or teaching performance, it should be predictable that process criteria (teacher behavior) would account for the majority of items in the evaluation instruments. However, these items accounted for only about one-fourth of the total number. At the same time, items relating to general job requirements accounted for over 50 percent of the items. This exhibits a maintenance rather than teaching thrust. (4) The data gathered on current teacher performance evaluation instruments appear to be highly pertinent to maintaining the school as an organization and appear to be helpful in making personnel decisions. (5) Teacher performance evaluation instruments in Texas public schools are much more heavily weighted toward assessing ...
Date: December 1986
Creator: Marlin, Thomas William
Partner: UNT Libraries

Loitering and range performance of turbojet-powered aircraft determined by off-design engine cycle analysis

Description: From Summary: "The loitering and range performance of airplanes equipped with several different turbojet engines was analytically investigated by applying the results of off-design cycle analyses to specific airplane characteristics. The method of off-design cycle analysis is presented herein and is verified by a check with experimental data. For all engines considered, the loitering and the range fuel flows obtained with rated tail-pipe nozzle area, variable engine speed operations were within 2 or 3 percent of the optimum fuel flow obtainable with any method of engines operation. The optimum loitering altitude generally occurred between approximately 25,000 and 35,000 feet with corresponding optimum flight Mach numbers of 0.4 to 0.65. In general, the optimum range fuel flows occurred at 3000 to 5000 feet higher altitude and at approximately 0.15 higher flight Mach numbers than the optimum loitering fuel flow."
Date: February 5, 1952
Creator: Koutz, Stanley L. & Hensley, Reece V.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Rhapsody in Green - A Happening: An Examination of the Happening as a Rhetorical Tool

Description: In this study I outline seven characteristics of a traditional Happening (the use of games and play, an inherent intertextual element, an emphasis on place/space, an element/spirit of anarchy, an element of chance, an emphasis on the fusion of art with everyday life, and the existence of both a purpose and a meaning) and seek to determine which characteristics contribute to the Happening's current usage as a rhetorical tool. I created a traditional Happening containing a message of environmental consumption and destruction, and surveyed audience members regarding their interpretation and experience. The survey responses were coded using a top-down narrative analysis. I discovered that intertextuality, place/space, and the fusion of art with everyday life are particularly effective communicators of a message in a socially or politically conscious Happening.
Date: December 2004
Creator: Walker, Rebecca Ann
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Evaluation of Correspondence between Preference and Performance under a Progressive Ration Schedule with College Students

Description: Preference assessments are used in clinical settings to identify stimuli with reinforcing potential. The progressive-ratio schedule has shown to be useful in clinical assessments in identifying stimuli with stronger reinforcer efficacy that corresponds to formalized assessments.The current study utilized a progressive-ratio schedule to compare videos of high and low preference assessed by verbal reports of preference with college students. Results indicated breakpoints were higher for high preferred videos than low preferred videos for three out of five participants, but preference was not indicative of performance.
Date: December 2016
Creator: Johnson, Jamarious
Partner: UNT Libraries

Evaluation of GPFS Connectivity Over High-Performance Networks

Description: We present the results of an evaluation of new features of the latest release of IBM's GPFS filesystem (v3.2). We investigate different ways of connecting to a high-performance GPFS filesystem from a remote cluster using Infiniband (IB) and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. We also examine the performance of the GPFS filesystem with both serial and parallel I/O. Finally, we also present our recommendations for effective ways of utilizing high-bandwidth networks for high-performance I/O to parallel file systems.
Date: February 17, 2009
Creator: Srinivasan, Jay; Canon, Shane & Andrews, Matthew
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Teacher Perceptions of Pay-for-Performance: An Investigation of Four Middle School Pay-for-Performance Programs in a Large Urban School District

Description: In this study, I explored the different perceptions of teachers in a large urban school district in Texas towards a pay-for-performance program used on their respective campuses between 2011-2016. In total, 97 teachers from four different middle school campuses participated in this study. A descriptive analyst was conducted on teacher responses to an online survey to answer the research questions examined in this study: 1) What are teachers' perceptions of the pay-for-performance program's impact on teacher motivation?, 2) What are teachers' perceptions of the pay-for-performance program's impact on teacher retention?, and 3) What are the differences among teachers' perceptions of the pay-for-performance programs on the participating campuses? The results indicate 48.3% and 53.4% of the participants perceive pay-for-performance programs as having a positive impact on teacher motivation and teacher retention, respectively. Additionally, the results demonstrate 47.5% of participating teachers responded positively towards the pay-for-performance program on their respective campuses. This study has implications for policymakers and school district leaders who may consider implementing teacher pay-for-performance programs. Future research studies might explore school districts of different sizes throughout Texas and across the United States to gain a broader prospective of pay-for-performance programs.
Date: May 2017
Creator: Whitaker, Norbert L
Partner: UNT Libraries

Extreme Performance Scalable Operating Systems Final Progress Report (July 1, 2008 - October 31, 2011)

Description: This is the final progress report for the FastOS (Phase 2) (FastOS-2) project with Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Oregon (UO). The project started at UO on July 1, 2008 and ran until April 30, 2010, at which time a six-month no-cost extension began. The FastOS-2 work at UO delivered excellent results in all research work areas: * scalable parallel monitoring * kernel-level performance measurement * parallel I/0 system measurement * large-scale and hybrid application performance measurement * onlne scalable performance data reduction and analysis * binary instrumentation
Date: October 31, 2011
Creator: Malony, Allen D. & Shende, Sameer
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Printability and inspectability of programmed pit defects on teh masks in EUV lithography

Description: Printability and inspectability of phase defects in ELlVL mask originated from substrate pit were investigated. For this purpose, PDMs with programmed pits on substrate were fabricated using different ML sources from several suppliers. Simulations with 32-nm HP L/S show that substrate pits with below {approx}20 nm in depth would not be printed on the wafer if they could be smoothed by ML process down to {approx}1 nm in depth on ML surface. Through the investigation of inspectability for programmed pits, minimum pit sizes detected by KLA6xx, AIT, and M7360 depend on ML smoothing performance. Furthermore, printability results for pit defects also correlate with smoothed pit sizes. AIT results for pattemed mask with 32-nm HP L/S represents that minimum printable size of pits could be {approx}28.3 nm of SEVD. In addition, printability of pits became more printable as defocus moves to (-) directions. Consequently, printability of phase defects strongly depends on their locations with respect to those of absorber patterns. This indicates that defect compensation by pattern shift could be a key technique to realize zero printable phase defects in EUVL masks.
Date: March 12, 2010
Creator: Kang, I.-Y.; Seo, H.-S.; Ahn, B.-S.; Lee, D.-G.; Kim, D.; Huh, S. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department