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Changes in Spirituality as Reported By Death-Workshop Attendees

Description: This paper assesses the reliability of The Life, Death, and Transition Workshop conducted by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross with the Alexander Spirituality Change Survey. "Significant positive change in spirituality by attendees was reported and appeared to be sustained over time" (abstract).
Date: June 1982
Creator: Alexander, John B. & Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth
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Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind

Description: "The theoretical significance of out-of-body experiences in blind people is explored. In this context I report results of a survey of a small sample of blind adults. It is concluded that we have yet to locate a case of an out-of-body experience in the blind that has critical implications for the interpretation of the experience among the general population" (abstract).
Date: Autumn 1987
Creator: Irwin, Harvey J.
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The Use Of Physics In Answering Metaphysical Questions

Description: This paper by Hoyt Edge comments on Janusz Slawinski's paper "Electromagnetic Radiation and the Afterlife" by looking at Slawinski's arguments from a logical and structural point of view. Edge points out the logical shortcomings of Slawinski's arguments, and criticizes Slawinski for making bold claims upon lacking evidence. Edge gives credit to Slawinski for continuing the conversation about the afterlife, however.
Date: Winter 1987
Creator: Edge, Hoyt
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When Science is Nonscientific

Description: This paper addresses the connection that science has to philosophy and the use of presuppositions. The author critiques Slawinski's paper titled "Electromagnetic Radiation And The Afterlife" by pointing out a variety of flaws in Slawinski's reasoning.
Date: Winter 1987
Creator: Braude, Stephen E., Ph.D
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Comments on Slawinski's Paper

Description: This paper by Keith Harary addresses Janusz Slawinki's paper "Electromagnetic Radiation And The Afterlife." Harary expresses why he remains unconvinced by Slawinski's electromagnetic radiation argument.
Date: Winter 1987
Creator: Harary, Keith, Ph.D.
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Comments On "Electromagnetic Radiation And The Afterlife"

Description: This paper by Evan Harris Walker comments on Janusz Slawinski's paper named "Electromagnetic Radiation and the Afterlife." It states the shortcomings of Slawinski's electromagnetic radiation argument by specifying a variety of points that run counter to the argument's physical possibility.
Date: Winter 1987
Creator: Walker, Evan Harris, Ph.D.
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The Emerging Intelligence and Its Critical Look at Us

Description: Abstract: In response to Susan Gunn's editorial, I offer a less comforting but more utilitarian perspective on the life and death of artificial consciousness. Admittedly an unpopular view, it suggests that concurrence with Gunn's message represents the seeds of our own destruction, as an emerging synthetic intelligence begins to extinguish us.
Date: Autumn 1998
Creator: Thaler, Stephen L.
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Afterward: Making Meaning After a Frightening Near-Death Experience

Description: Abstract: The routes by which individuals attribute meaning to a near-death experience (NDE) appear to be similar, whether the experience was radiant or terrifying. This article explores three such avenues in relation to frightening experiences. I argue that resisting a terrifying NDE is likely to intensify fearfulness in an individual, and also that a similar effect occurs within society when this type of experience is resisted and misunderstood. The article concludes with an approach to synthesis and suggested techniques that may be useful in integrating the experience.
Date: Winter 2002
Creator: Bush, Nancy Evans
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Near-Death Experience by Proxy: A Case Study

Description: Abstract: A recent interview with a 34-year-old man, currently serving a life sentence for murder, revealed a remarkable case of "near-death experience by proxy." The phenomenological features of the experience unfolded typically, with some slight variation in content. The immediate drastic changes in attitude and belief following the experience are described.
Date: Summer 1990
Creator: Sutherland, Cherie
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Near-Death Visions of Unborn Children: Indications of a Pre-Earth Life

Description: Abstract: A limited number of accounts of near-death visions that include unborn children suggest a life before birth. The unborn children in these visions have been described as spirits, as children or children but full-grown, and as residing in another world, perhaps different from the realm of the afterlife. The arrival of these children into our earthly world is similar to the departure of near-death experiencers into the other world.
Date: Winter 1992
Creator: Lundahl, Craig R.
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The Near-Death Experience as a Shamanic Initiation: A Case Study

Description: Abstract: The field of near-death studies shares a number of interesting, often compelling, similarities with the ancient spiritual tradition known as shamanism. Not least among these similarities is the fact that a near-death experience (NDE) is a time-honored form of shamanic initiation. I present a case example illustrating how a deep NDE can propel a person who had no prior knowledge or interest in shamanism into spontaneous, often classic, shamanic experiences, while living an apparently normal life in the midst of modern Western society.
Date: Summer 2001
Creator: Green, J. Timothy
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