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Out-of-Body Experiences in the Blind

Description: "The theoretical significance of out-of-body experiences in blind people is explored. In this context I report results of a survey of a small sample of blind adults. It is concluded that we have yet to locate a case of an out-of-body experience in the blind that has critical implications for the interpretation of the experience among the general population" (abstract).
Date: Autumn 1987
Creator: Irwin, Harvey J.
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Comments on Slawinski's Paper

Description: This paper by Keith Harary addresses Janusz Slawinki's paper "Electromagnetic Radiation And The Afterlife." Harary expresses why he remains unconvinced by Slawinski's electromagnetic radiation argument.
Date: Winter 1987
Creator: Harary, Keith, Ph.D.
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Unresolved Problems in the Study of Near-Death Experiences: Some Suggestions for Research and Theory

Description: This paper means to progress the research of near-death experiences (NDEs) by analyzing potential methodology and addressing assumptions. It also analyzes different kinds of NDEs and the limitations that restrict the deriving of strong conclusions from data. The author makes it clear that their own assumption leans towards the existence of NDEs as a cognitive phenomenon until further research can be conducted.
Date: July 1981
Creator: Drab, Kevin J.
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The NDE Enlarged by Swedenborg's Vision

Description: This paper describes Emanuel Swedenborg and his out-of-body experiences that have been documented. It also describes Swedenborg's ceasing of his work in the natural sciences and commencing with the publishing of spiritual books.
Date: June 1982
Creator: Rhodes, Leon S.
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Multiple Mind/Body Perspectives and the Out-of-Body Experience

Description: "This study reviews and analyzes evidence for a rare but persistently reported facet of out-of-body experience (OBE)/near-death experience (NDE) phenomenology designated the "multiple-body/split-consciousness" effect. Those who experience this effect describe the sensation of possessing and in some instances simultaneously occupying a multiple number of "bodies" at varying locations, sometimes in conjunction with the sense of being disembodied" (abstract). The paper also analyzes this phenomenon from a neurological perspective and the mathematical branch called topology.
Date: June 1983
Creator: Greene, F. Gordon
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Dissociation: Normal or Abnormal?

Description: Abstract: Recent articles have addressed the question of whether or not the out-of-body experience reported by many people near death is a form of dissociative behavior. If so, is it related to other mental or emotional pathologies or is it a normal protective response to stress? This paper explores the history of dissociation and related terms, uncovering a multiplicity of uses and connotations. New orientations in physics and the rise of the New Science in the form of Chaos Theory allow a plethora of additional interpretations.
Date: Spring 1996
Creator: Spencer, Marlene
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Further Evidence For Veridical Perception During Near-Death Experiences

Description: Abstract: We briefly survey research designed to validate alleged out-of-body perceptions during near-death experiences. Most accounts of this kind that have surfaced since Michael Sabom's work are unsubstantiated self-reports or, as in claims of visual perception of blind persons, completely undocumented or fictional, but there have bee n some reports that were corroborated by witnesses. We briefly present and discuss three new cases of this kind.
Date: Summer 1993
Creator: Ring, Kenneth & Lawrence, Madelaine
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Corroboration of the Dentures Anecdote Involing Veridical Perception in a Near-Death Experience

Description: Abstract: One of the most striking examples of near-death experience stories is the account of a clinically dead patient whose dentures were removed from his mouth prior to resuscitation, and which dentures were then lost. Days later the patient saw a nurse and told him that it was he who had removed those dentures. The patient was right, but he should not have known this information, because tat the time the nurse had removed his dentures, the patient was clinically dead. Since publication of this account in a prestigious mainstream medical journal, speculations have abounded. In this article I describe the investigation I undertook to put these speculations to rest and the outcome of that investigation.
Date: Autumn 2008
Creator: Smit, Rudolf H.
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Book Review: Beyond the Body: An Investigation of Out-of-the-Body Experiences

Description: This book review addresses the book "Beyond the Body: An Investigation of Out-of-the-Body Experiences" by Susan J. Blackmore-Heinemann. The author's perspective on out-of-body experiences (OBEs) is summarized, as well as strategies that allow an individual to project beyond their body. The book reviewer points out inadequacies in the author's methodology for a variety of points and proposes questions that elicit further research.
Date: Spring 1984
Creator: Cook, Emily Williams
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Near-Death Experiences: Evidence for Survival?

Description: Abstract: "This paper argues that the out-of-body experience (OBE) and other elements of a near-death experience (NDE), as well as the positive affects that accompany them, do not yeild conclusive evidence for survival after death. The OBE has features that suggest a physical basis for it, the other elements show the influence of cultural background, and positive affects may simply occur to conserve one's energy and prolong life. Other explanations for near-death elements, such as sensory deprivation, extrasensory perception, and eyeless sight, are addressed."
Date: Spring 1985
Creator: Krishnan, V.
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Letter to the Editor: Susan Blackmore Replies

Description: Letter written to the editor of the Journal of Near-Death Studies where Susan Blackmore elaborates on information to address Emily Cook's critique of her original paper on the Wilmot case. Blackmore agrees with some of Cook's points and disagrees with others.
Date: Autumn 1984
Creator: Blackmore, Susan
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Rationale and Considerations for Proposed Near-Death Research in the Hospital Setting

Description: Abstract: Further research into the question of veridical perception during the "naturalistic" near-death out-of-body experience (nND OBE), that phase of the near-death experience in which the experiencer seems to be perceiving a normal earthly realm, would be of value to NDErs, their caregivers, and humanity in general. I propose a research procedure that targets visual perception during nND OBEs that occur in the hospital setting. I discuss unresolved issues in the design and implementation of such a procedure, and identify further areas of research.
Date: Autumn 1988
Creator: Holden, Janice Miner
Partner: UNT Libraries

Similarities Between Near-Death Experiences and Multiple Personality Disorder

Description: Abstract: In this paper I compare the phenomenology of near-death experiences to that of multiple personality disorder. The comparison reveals a number of similarities, including out-of-body experiences, the transcendental environment, encounter with the higher self, possible temporal lobe involvement, and antecedent child abuse. Rather than being disparate and unrelated experiences, I suggest that the near-death experience and multiple personality disorder may be variants of the same basic phenomenological pattern.
Date: Autumn 1992
Creator: Serdahely, William J.
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Other Shoe Drops: Commentary on "Does Paranormal Perception Occur in Near-Death Experiences?"

Description: Abstract: Keith Augustine raises questions about my report of a case of veridical out-of-body perception during a near-death experience (NDE). His analysis is based not on my original description of the case but rather on a distorted account in a magazine written by two college students who misrepresented the facts and made unwarranted assumptions to support their beliefs.
Date: Summer 2007
Creator: Sharp, Kimberly Clark
Partner: UNT Libraries