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An Evaluation of the Calder Hall Type of Nuclear Power Plant

Description: Abstract: Presented herein is the preliminary design of a natural uranium, graphite moderated, CO2-cooled reactor and power plant similar to, but larger than, the British Calder Hall plant, with a net electrical output of 130 MWE.
Date: January 18, 1957
Creator: Banks, William F.; Schneider, G. A.; Morgan, William T. & Ash, E. B.
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PM-1 Nuclear Power Plant Program: Final Progress Report, September 1, 1962 Through Completion

Description: From abstract: The principal efforts during the final period were concerned with plant testing, modifications to the plant to enable it to produce full design load at high ambient temperatures, the compilation and evaluation of plant performance data, preparation of documents and transfer of the plant to the AEC and final resolution of all outstanding contract scope items.
Date: July 15, 1963
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PM-1 Nuclear Power Plant Program: Plant Performance Studies, Final Periodic Report, September 1, 1962 to December 31, 1962

Description: From abstract: Data obtained during the performance testing of the PM-1 plant was compiled and evaluated. It is concluded from the data that the plant performance in general meets or exceeds specifications. Transient and steady-state electrical fluctuations are well within specified limitations. Heat balance data for both the primary and secondary systems agree reasonably well with design predictions. Radiation levels are below those anticipated.
Date: April 1963
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Study of Remote Military Power Applications: Report 8, Nike-Zeus Far Site

Description: From introduction: The study is essentially an economic evaluation of the construction and operation of nuclear power plants at several designated military installations where increased power generating capabilities of 5 to 40 mwe may be required by the Government during the period 1963 through 1970.
Date: July 1960
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PM-3A Nuclear Power Plant Program

Description: From summary: Progress report on the production of detailed piping and equipment installation drawings for the PM-3A nuclear power plant program. Attention has been paid to the procurement of those valves and specialty items associated with the piping system.
Date: July 21, 1961
Creator: Martin Company. Nuclear Division.
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Power Cost Normalization Studies Civilian Power Reactor Program - 1959

Description: Introduction: In connection with the development of a comprehensive plan for a ten year civilian power reactor program, the Evaluation and Planning Branch, Division of Reactor Development, United States Atomic Energy Commission has had a series of status reports prepared to present a comprehensive review of the technical and economic status of various nuclear power reactor concepts.
Date: January 1960
Creator: Sargent & Lundy
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ABWR: PL-2 Design Report

Description: From preface: This report satisfies the quarterly progress report requirements for PL-1 and PL-2 plant design work for the period ending September 30, 1960 At present time a SL-1 Core 2 is under construction. This is a replacement core for SL-1 (ALPR) and will be identical to a PL-2 core; a PL condenser is under test at the SL-1 facility; final construction plans for PL components and modules which are not site sensitive will be completed in March 1961.
Date: October 15, 1960
Creator: Combustion Engineering, inc. Nuclear Division.
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Owners of Nuclear Power Plants

Description: Commercial nuclear power plants in this country can be owned by a number of separate entities, each with varying ownership proportions. Each of these owners may, in turn, have a parent/subsidiary relationship to other companies. In addition, the operator of the plant may be a different entity as well. This report provides a compilation on the owners/operators for all commercial power reactors in the United States. While the utility industry is currently experiencing changes in organizational structure which may affect nuclear plant ownership, the data in this report is current as of November 1999. The report is divided into sections representing different aspects of nuclear plant ownership.
Date: January 12, 2000
Creator: Reid, R. L.
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Engineering Geology of the Proposed Nuclear Power Plant Site on Bodega Head, Sonoma County, California

Description: From abstract: "This report summarizes the geology of a shaft excavated for the proposed nuclear reactor and discusses geologic features on Bodega Head and on Point Reyes peninsula that relate to geologic aspects of earthquake-resistant design."
Date: December 1963
Creator: Schlocker, Julius & Bonilla, Manuel G.
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Aging Nuclear Power Plants: Managing Plant Life and Decommissioning

Description: This report examines the following: the outlook for safety management and economic life decisions for the Nation’s existing nuclear power plants as they age, the prospects for decommissioning, and current and potential Federal efforts that could contribute to more timely and better informed decisions regarding plant life and decommissioning.
Date: September 1993
Creator: United States. Congress. Office of Technology Assessment.
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Nuclear Power Plant Security and Vulnerabilities

Description: This report discusses the physical security at nuclear power plants and concerns of radiological sabotage, a deliberate act against a plant that could directly or indirectly endanger public health and safety through exposure to radiation.
Date: January 3, 2014
Creator: Holt, Mark & Andrews, Anthony
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Appendices to: An Assessment of Large Nuclear Powered Sea Water Distillation Plants

Description: Series of five appendices to accompany a report about nuclear-powered seawater distillation plants including case studies, financial assessment, evaluations of water markets in California, and other compiled information and documentation.
Date: March 1964
Creator: United States. Task Group on Nuclear Power and Saline Water Conversion.
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Federal/State Regulatory Permitting Actions in Selected Nuclear Power Station Licensing Cases

Description: Abstract: This report documents the Federal/State regulatory permitting actions in 12 case histories of nuclear power station licensing in nine different states. General observations regarding Federal/State siting roles in the siting process include: new regulations, with the exceptions of those imposed by NEPA, were not found to be the source of significant delay; interventions were the sources of significant delay in only two cases; in only two cases was a local agency a source of delay; no one factor was found to be a source of delay, rather several factors often combined to cause delay; it is still too early to assess the influence of State power plant siting laws on the licensing process; clarification of the word "delay" is needed; water related issues predominate in State permitting requirements associated with delay; generalizations on the sources and nature of delay in the licensing process are difficult to make because of site specific characteristics; and frequently problems outside the Federal/State realm have had, or can have, a delaying effect on the process. Eleven of the case histories are illustrated with a logic network that gives the actions of the utilities in addition to the Federal/State permits.
Date: June 1977
Creator: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Office of State Programs.
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