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Proposal for a direct numerical control system

Description: This report describes a Direct Numerical Control (DNC) System proposed for use in the LLL Mechanical Shops. The DNC system includes a small digital computer that will provide the capability to store, manipulate, and distribute parts programs to the various machine tool stations. The system will also provide editing capabilities for parts program development and optimization. Diagnostic routines will be included to provide preventive maintenance. Logging of machine on'' time can be instituted to provide data for improved scheduling and machine tool usage. (auth)
Date: July 24, 1973
Creator: Eckard, R. D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

LLL computer graphics output devices

Description: The purpose of the included chart is to let a user quickly see what is available in computer graphics output devices and thereby to aid him in choosing the most appropriate method for putting out computer-contained information in graphic form. Listed on the chart are the most commonly used graphic output devices with those used more frequently appearing higher on the list. At the bottom are devices which are anticipated in the near future. In addition to providing technical information, the chart also includes information about available literature and use of the devices. (MOW)
Date: November 1, 1973
Creator: Vickers, D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

RECOG: pattern recognition analysis of generalized data sets. A user's manual

Description: Pattern recognition is a developing branch of artificial intelligence that has shown great promise in providing a general approach to solutions of a large class of data analysis problems in such diverse areas as medical diagnosis, environmental protection, materials science, production control, and the experimental physical sciences. The computer program RECOG is described. (MOW)
Date: December 1, 1973
Creator: Pritchard, R. H. & Bender, C. F.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Progress report No. 51, July 1, 1974--June 30, 1975. Technical summary

Description: Research work in the following areas is briefly reviewed: applied mathematics and mechanics (computational fluid dynamics, controlled thermonuclear research, numerical analysis); computational physics, chemistry, and biology; computer science research (computer netting; programing languages and compilers; operating systems, micro-processor networks, and modular systems); and systems programing, user services, and hardware support. A list of publications is also given. (RWR)
Date: November 1, 1975
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department