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Fabrication by BelgoNucleiare of plutonium fuel rods for the SNR reactor

Description: From symposium on fuel and elements for fast reactors; Brussels, Belgium (2 Jul 1973). After having summarized the basic specifications of fuel rods for the first SNR core, this document briefly describes the fabrication process that will be used, sets out certain problems linked with the industrial operation of a plutonium fuel production unit, and comments on some fabrication stages of particular importance as regards obtaining the characteristics desired for the fuels. The facilities in which the fuel will be fabricated are briefly described. (auth)
Date: January 1, 1973
Creator: Leblanc, J.M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Liquid metal fast breeder reactors, 1972--1973

Description: Reference to 1467 publications on liquid sodium fast breeder reactors cited in Nuclear Science Abstracts Volume 26 (1972) through Volume 27 (1973 through June) are contained in this citation to provide information on the contents of the document. References are arranged in order by the original NSA abstract number which approximately places them in chronological order. Sequence numbers appear beside each reference, and the personal author index refers to these sequence numbers. The subject index refers to the original abstract numbers. (auth)
Date: January 1, 1974
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department