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Gamma-ray decay schemes for $sup 93$Kr, $sup 93$Rb, and $sup 93$Sr

Description: A study of the gamma-ray de-excitation following the beta decays of $sup 93$Kr, $sup 93$Rb, and $sup 93$Sr using the TRISTAN on-line separator facility is reported. Gamma-ray singles and gamma-gamma coincidence measurements were made using Ge(Li) detectors. Of the 162 gamma rays observed in the decay of $sup 93$Sr, 143, representing more than 99 percent of the total gamma-ray intensity observed, were placed in a level scheme containing 36 levels. For the decay of $sup 93$Rb, 243 gamma rays were observed, of which 231 are placed in a level scheme consisting of 74 levels. This again represents a placement of over 99 percent of the total gamma-ray intensity measured. In the case of the $sup 93$Kr decay approximately 98.5 percent of the observed gamma-ray intensity has been accounted for by the proposed level scheme. This results from the placement of 203 of the 217 gamma rays assigned to this decay in a level scheme comprising 56 levels. Beta-branching for these decays were determined from transition intensity balances. Spin and parity assignments were proposed, whenever possible, on the basis of gamma-ray transition probabilities and deduced log ft values. A comparison is made with the available reaction data for the $sup 93$Y level scheme. In all cases an attempt has been made to explain some of the levels in terms of the nuclear shell model and decay systematics. 18 figures, 20 tables, 68 references. (auth)
Date: January 1, 1976
Creator: Bischof, C.J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Delayed neutron emission from mass-separated fission products

Description: Thesis. Delayed neutron characteristics of six fission product nuclides were determined using a mass separator operated on-line with a nuclear reactor. Beta-decay half-lives were- measured using neutron multiscaling techniques for the precursors /sup 88/Br, /sup 89/Br, /sup 98/Kr, /sup 93/Kr, /sup 137/I, and / sup 138/I. The observed half-lives were 16.52 plus or minus .17 seconds, respectively.. Energy spectra were measured for delayed neutrons emitted in the beta-decays of /sup 17/N, /sup 137/I, /sup 93/Kr , and /sup 93/Rb. The spectra of neutron emissions in the mass 93 parentdaughter decay chain were observed using a moving tape collector to effect isobaric separation. Two different types of /sup 3/He- filled neutron spectrometer were used to determine the spectra; a proportional counter with risetime discrimination electronics, and a high resolution ionization chamber. The measured delayed, neutron spectra using both detector types are presented, and the results compared, where possible, with other reported measurements. (auth)
Date: February 1, 1974
Creator: Norman, J.H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Radioactive atoms: supplement I

Description: Decay schemes and decay data are presented for 15 radioactive atomic species of special importance in the monitoring of reactor effluents. In addition to the nuclear radiations required for this purpose, there are listed the atomic radiations of additional importance to workers in the fields of nuclear medicine and health physics. Listed in tabular form are best'' values for half-lives, energies, intensities, equilibrium absorbed-dose constants, and 90% absorbed-dose ranges (in water) for each of the atomic and nuclear radiations emitted by these radioactive species. The basic data from which the best'' values were chosen, along with literature references, are also given. All data received before August 1, l973, were included. (auth)
Date: November 1, 1973
Creator: Martin, M.J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department