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Equations of Motion of a Rocket

Description: "In considering the motion of the rocket, at each instant of time only the state of those material particles which at that instant are within the control surface passing through the exterior surface of the body of the rocket and the exit section of the nozzle shall be included. In order to obtain the equations of motion of the rocket, the following procedure is used. An arbitrary but fixed instant of time is considered" (p. 1).
Date: April 1950
Creator: Gantmacher, F. R. & Levin, L. M.
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[Tercio de Varas]

Description: Photograph of a bullring during the Tercio de varas (the lancing third) segment of a bull fight. The focus is on the bull and a picador. Taken in Venezuela during the time that the Princeton Film Center crew filmed the series, Venezuela on the March.
Date: 1948~
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Notes on Aerodynamic Forces 1: Rectilinear Motion

Description: "The study of the motion of perfect fluids is of paramount importance for the understanding of the chief phenomena occurring in the air surrounding an aircraft, and for the numerical determination of their effects. The author recently successfully employed some simple methods for the investigation of the flow of a perfect fluid that have never been mentioned in connection with aeronautical problems. These methods appeal particularly to the engineer who is untrained in performing laborious mathematical computations, as they do away with these and allow one to obtain many interesting results by the mere application of some general and well-known principles of mechanics" (p. 1-2).
Date: July 1922
Creator: Munk, Max M.
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Two-Dimensional Subsonic Flow Past Elliptic Cylinder by the Variational Method

Description: "A method of solution is presented for compressible fluid flow past an elliptical cylinder by means of the variational method. The solution is obtained as a function of thickness ratio and free-stream Mach number. Numerical examples are carried out for several thickness ratios and Mach numbers and the results are compared with those obtained by other methods" (p. 1).
Date: March 1952
Creator: Rao, G. V. R.
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Motion of Spheres in Still Fluids

Description: "The behavior of a liquid or gaseous medium, in which a solid body can move freely under the action of a force of constant magnitude and direction, is yet little known. Only in connection with a few special problems, which belong in this field, have experiments been tried and these chiefly concern technically important cases. The behavior of the simplest shaped bodies has as yet been scarcely investigated at all" (p. 1).
Date: April 1924
Creator: Hirsch, P.
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Some Aspects of the Radial Stability in a Magnetic Mirror Machine

Description: Abstract: "The radial motion of an ion in an axially symmetric magnetic field is discussed. It is pointed out that particles of constant velocity have clearly defined upper limits to their radial motion. This is a result of the other constant of the motion, the canonical angular momentum. These limits are independent of the number of times an ion is reflected from the mirrors, providing the field is truly axially symmetric."
Date: March 19, 1954
Creator: Henrich, Louis R.
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Dynamic stability of vehicles traversing ascending or descending paths through the atmosphere

Description: From Summary: "An analysis is given of the oscillatory motions of vehicles which traverse ascending and descending paths through the atmosphere at high speed. The specific case of a skip path is examined in detail, and this leads to a form of solution for the oscillatory motion which should recur over any trajectory. The distinguishing feature of this form is the appearance of the Bessel rather than the trigonometric function as the characteristic mode of oscillation."
Date: July 1958
Creator: Tobak, Murray & Allen, H. Julian
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Effect of Transverse Body Force on Channel Flow With Small Heat Addition

Description: Note presenting an analysis of the steady, compressible, inviscid channel flow to which heat is added at a cross-sectional plane and which is also subject to a transverse body force. The prime parameters governing the flow are a dimensionless heat parameter and the Mach and Froude numbers. Solutions were obtained for uniform or nonuniform heat addition at a cross-sectional plane under the simplifying assumption of either small Mach number or large Froude number.
Date: February 1956
Creator: Ostrach, Simon & Moore, Franklin K.
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