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[Members American White Plymouth Rock Club]

Description: Portraits of the members of the American White Plymouth Rock Club. Frank Pudney Kalkaskia, Michigan; J. A. Bickerdike Millersville, Illinois; G. W. Swarts Ariel, Pennsylvania; Dr. Robert Buchanan Nevada, Missouri; F. K. Linhard Kipling, Ohio. on the flip side is a photo of the home of Sass Brothers White Plymouth Rocks, Ancona, Illinois.
Date: unknown
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His Peculiarities

Description: The article discusses the correspondence between a man that was unfamiliar with the Bible and how the author tried to inform him. The subject was a man of knowledge and posed as a philosopher.
Date: unknown
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[Letter from Willie McGee and Dinky McGee to Mary Ann Dodd Moore and Charles B. Moore, September 12, 1880]

Description: The first two pages are from Willie McGee to his aunt Mary Ann Dodd Moore. He primarily discusses his life at school. The last two pages are from Dinkie to her sister and brother-in-law Charles. She talks about her recent poor health. The envelope has a 3 cent postal stamp and is addressed to Mrs. Mary Moore, Melissa, Collin Co., Texas. A handwritten note on the front reads: " Willy + Dinky McGee; Received September 18th; 1880." A postal stamp on the front reads: "Gallatin, Tenn; Sept 14" and one on the back reads: "Melissa, Collin Co., Texas; Sep 18, 1880."
Date: September 13, 1880
Creator: McGee, Dinkie & McGee, Willie
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[Letter from George B. Buckler to Charles B. Moore, November 7, 1873]

Description: Letter from George Buckler? saying that he had fallen off a wagon and was unable to come into town. He was no longer able to work as a teacher because the government was too unreliable to pay him a salary. He was owed for three months work already and the pay would only be $50.00 in greenbacks which was not enough remuneration.
Date: November 7, 1873
Creator: Buckler, George B.
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[Letter from George Wilson]

Description: A letter from George Wilson of Livingston, TN to Charles B. Moore. The sender is a cousin by marriage to Charles Moore. The letter itself remits news of Mr. Moore's family.
Date: December 29, 1874
Creator: Wilson, George
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[Newspaper Fragment]

Description: A newspaper clipping that details the yearly rainfall amounts from 1839 to 1861. This fragment is torn and the missing pieces makes the rainfall table unintelligible.
Date: unknown
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