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Electrical Testing of the Full-Scale model of the NSTX HHFW Antenna Array

Description: The 30 MHz high harmonic fast wave (HHFW) antenna array for NSTX consists of 12 current straps, evenly spaced in the toroidal direction. Each pair of straps is connected as a half-wave resonant loop and will be driven by one transmitter, allowing rapid phase shift between transmitters. A decoupling network using shunt stub tuners has been designed to compensate for the mutual inductive coupling between adjacent current straps, effectively isolating the six transmitters from one another. One half of the array, consisting of six full-scale current strap modules, three shunt stub decouplers, and powered by three phase-adjustable rf amplifiers had been built for electrical testing at ORNL. Low power testing includes electrical characterization of the straps, operation and performance of the decoupler system, and mapping of the rf fields in three dimensions.
Date: April 12, 1999
Creator: Fadnek, A.; Ryan, P.M.; Sparks, D.O.; Swain, D.W. & Wilgen, J.B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

2000 KILOWATT SODIUM TEST FACILITY. Project Description and Progress Reports, June 30, 1958 through September 30, 1959

Description: The design and construction work completed on the 2000-kw Sodium Teat Facility during the period from April 1958 to Oct. 1959 is described. The purpose of the facility project in to test models of equipment components which are to be used in a moltsn plutonium, sodiumcooled fast reactor. (D. L.C.)
Date: March 1, 1961
Creator: Whinery, L.A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: A model is proposed which depicts the sources of elutriatable fines in the fluidized bed calcination process as being in two major groups, spray drying mechanisms and attrition mechanisms. Based on this model, equations are derived which express the rate of change of the concentration of a chemical tracer material in the elutriated fines, following introduction of the tracer into the feed and following its removal from the feed. This system has been simulated on an analog computer, and by matching the computer simulation to results from an actual calciner run, the rates of generation of fines by each of the two groups of mechanisms has been determined; the same technique results in an estimate of the amount of these fines remaining in the fluidized bed. Agreement between postulated results and results of actual experimental tests lends credence to the usefulness of this analytical technique. (auth)
Date: February 28, 1964
Creator: Grimmett, E.S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Transatlantic transport of Fermilab 3.9 GHz cryomodule for TTF/FLASH to DESY

Description: In an exchange of technology agreement, Fermilab built and will deliver a 3.9 GHz (3rd harmonic) cryomodule to DESY to be installed in the TTF/FLASH beamline. This cryomodule delivery will involve a combination of flatbed air ride truck and commercial aircraft transport to Hamburg Germany. A description of the isolation and damping systems that maintain alignment during transport and protect fragile components is provided. Initially, transport and corresponding alignment stability studies were performed in order to assess the risk associated with transatlantic travel of a fully assembled cryomodule. Shock loads were applied to the cryomodule by using a coldmass mockup to prevent subjecting actual critical components (such as the cavities and input couplers) to excessive forces. Accumulative and peak shock loads were applied through over-the-road testing and using a pendulum hammer apparatus, respectively. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) studies were implemented to define location of instrumentation for transport studies and provide modal frequencies and shapes. Shock and vibration measurement results of transport studies and stabilization techniques are discussed.
Date: June 1, 2008
Creator: McGee, M.W.; Vocean, V.; Grimm, C.; Schappert, W. & /Fermilab
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: A model was made of the resonator of the Oak Ridge Relativistic Isochronous Cyclotron to check the calculations for the frequency range and excitation power of the resonator. A description is given of the r-f system with a tabulation of its general specifications. Calculations of the properties of the model are given, followed by data from measurements of the model characteristics. The power loss in the model was found to be approximately 50% greater than the calculated loss of 230 kw. Corrections were suggested which would make it possible to approach the predicted power loss. (B.O.G.)
Date: June 1, 1959
Creator: Worsham, R E & Mosko, S W
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Evaluation of SAFT/T-SAFT Technology for the Inspection of Hanford's Double Shell Waste Tank Knuckle Regions

Description: Results of the examinations conducted at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory provided a firm engineering basis for establishing the proof-of-principle effectiveness for utilizing a combination of pulse-echo Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique (SAFT) and tandem-SAFT (T-SAFT) inspection methodologies as applied to the problem of flaw detection, localization, and sizing in Hanford's double shell waste tank knuckle region and beyond.
Date: September 14, 2000
Creator: Pardini, Allan F. & Diaz, Aaron A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: Tests were conducted to determine methods of removing scale deposits from the HRT heat exchangers. A mockup of the heat exchanger header was cleared of a deposit of iron rust by reverse flushing at a flow rate below 75 gpm. A tube bundle consisting of 109 1/4 in OD X 0.049 in. wall tubes was plugged with rust. Approximately 80% of these tubes were unplugged by using a 70 psi water pressure differential in combination with vibration from a pneumatic rivet gun. No mechanical method was employed in the tests which could clear the remaining tubes. (auth)
Date: July 21, 1959
Creator: Gabbard, C.H.; Eissenberg, D.M.; Moyers, J.C. & Namba, I.K.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department