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Stoichiometry, spin fluctuations, and superconductivity in LaNiPO

Description: Superconductivity in LaNiPO is disrupted by small ({approx}5%) amounts of non-stoichiometry on the lanthanum site, even though the electronic contribution to the heat capacity increases with increasing non-stoichiometry. All samples also exhibit specific heat anomalies consistent with the presence of ferromagnetic spin fluctuations (T{sub sf}{approx} 14K). Comparison of layered nickel phosphide and nickel borocarbide superconductors reveals different structure-property correlations in the two families.
Date: January 1, 2009
Creator: Klimczuk, Tomasz; Mcqueen, Tyrel M; Williams, Anthony J; Huang, Qiang & Cava, Robert J
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Stoichiometry, structure, and properties of La{sub 2}NiO{sub 4+{delta}} and La{sub 2-x}Sr{sub x}NiO{sub 4{+-}{delta}}

Description: The oxygen content phase diagram of La{sub 2}NiO{sub 4+{delta}} has been studied in detail using x-ray and neutron diffraction data from well-characterized specimens. There are numerous phase separations and phase transitions which are observed with changes in temperature and composition. The complexity of the phase diagram arises primarily from oxygen defect interactions, however the authors have also obtained evidence for coupled charge and spin ordering at {delta} = 0.125 corresponding to organization of holes into ordered domain walls. These domain walls act as antiphase boundaries between stripes of antiferromagnetically ordered nickel moments. Neutron scattering data on Sr-substituted compositions with well-defined oxygen content indicate incommensurate charge and spin correlations closely related to those in the x=0, {delta} = 0.125 composition. The incommensurability approaches 1/4 and the correlation length increases as the hole concentration approaches p = x+2{delta} = 0.25.
Date: March 1, 1995
Creator: Buttrey, D.J.; Sachan, V.; Tranquada, J.M. & Lorenzo, J.E.
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High-temperature magnetic anomalies in Sr-doped La manganite structures

Description: The temperature dependence of the magnetization M, susceptibility {chi}, and magnetoresistance MR for 3 perovskite-variant manganite structures were studied: monoclinic (x=0.075) and orthorhombic (x=0. 125) La{sub 1-x}Sr{sub x}MnO{sub 3}, and tetragonal layered La{sub 2- 2x}Sr{sub 1+2x}Mn{sub 2}O{sub 7} (x=0.4) with x also indicating the nominal fraction of Mn{sup 4+}. In each case, evidence is found for unusual magnetic states at temperatures T above their primary magnetic transitions. In the first case, the high-T {chi} deviates from Curie-Weiss expectations, in the second case the MR extends to high T, and in the last, M and {chi} exhibit short-range anomalies at high T. This suggests that a key feature of these systems is the existence of multiple magnetic energy scales, independent of structure, dimensionality, or doping levels.
Date: November 1996
Creator: Potter, C. D.; Swiatek, M.; Mitchell, J. F.; Hinks, D. G.; Jorgensen, J. D.; Bader, S. D. et al.
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Synthesis, tailored microstructures and `colossal` magnetoresistance in oxide thin films

Description: We have grown La{sub 1-x}Sr{sub x}MnO{sub 3} films, using both pulsed laser deposition and a polymeric sol-gel route. These two growth techniques result in different microstructures, but in both cases the texture (epitaxy or polycrystallinity) can be controlled by choice of substrates and growth conditions. The crystallography and microstructure of these films were studied using XRD and high- resolution TEM. The magnetic/magnetotransport properties of these films are discussed in context of their growth and microstructural parameters.
Date: September 1, 1996
Creator: Krishnan, K.M.; Modak, A.R.; Ju, H. & Bandaru, P.
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Two-dimensional intrinsic and extrinsic ferromagnetic behavior of layered La{sub 1.2}Sr{sub 1.8}Mn{sub 2}O{sub 7} single crystals

Description: The low-field magnetization M and susceptibility {chi} are reported for the two-layered Ruddleson-Popper phase SrO(La{sub 1{minus}x}Sr{sub x}MnO{sub 3}){sub 2} for x = 0.4 (denoted La{sub 1.2}Sr{sup 1.8}Mn{sub 2}O{sub 7}) with an in-plane magnetic easy axis. As T approaches the Curie temperature (T{sub C} = 116 K) on cooling, where the metal-insulator transition occurs in zero-field, {chi} diverges as H{sup {minus}1/{delta}{prime}}, with {delta}{prime} = 21 {+-} 5. Also, near an extrinsic Curie transition attributed to {approximately} 0.1% volume fraction of intergrowths at T* = 2.47T{sub C}, M scales as (1 {minus} T/T*){sup {beta}}, with {beta} = 0.25 {+-} 0.02. These results can be understood within the context of 2D XY models, and provide a new perspective of the layered manganites.
Date: June 6, 1997
Creator: Potter, C. D.; Swiatek, M.; Bader, S. D.; Argyriou, D.N.; Mitchell, J. F.; Miller, D. J. et al.
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Short range spin correlations in the CMR material La{sub 1.41}Sr{sub 1.6}Mn{sub 2}O{sub 7}

Description: The (La{sub 1{minus}x}Sr{sub x}){sub 2}Mn{sub 3}O{sub 7} compounds are layered materials that exhibit higher magneto-resistance than the corresponding 3D manganite perovskites. Quasi-elastic neutron scattering on a polycrystalline sample of La{sub 1.4}Sr{sub 1.6}Mn{sub 2}O{sub 7} shows that the spin fluctuation spectrum of these layered CMR materials is qualitatively similar to those found in the perovskite manganites (La,Ca)MnO{sub 3}; their concentration, lifetime, and coherence length increase as T decreases to {Tc}. Unlike the perovskites the authors found a lower spin-diffusion constant above {Tc} of {approximately} 5 meV {angstrom}{sup 2}.
Date: December 1, 1997
Creator: Kelley, T.M.; Argyriou, D.N.; Robinson, R.A.; Nakotte, H.; Mitchell, J.F.; Osborn, R. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Vacancy related defects in La{sub 0.5}Sr{sub 0.5}CoO{sub 3-{delta}} thin films

Description: Laser ablated La{sub 0.5}Sr{sub 0.5}CoO{sub 3-{delta}} thin films have been studied by Doppler-broadening-detected positron annihilation using a variable-energy positron beam. The oxygen partial pressure during cooling from the growth temperature was altered through the range 760 torr to 10{sup -5} torr to change the oxygen non-stoichiometry of the films. The measured Doppler broadened lineshape parameter S was found to increase with increasing oxygen nonstoichiometry. For films cooled with an oxygen partial pressure of {le} 10{sup -4} Torr positron trapping to monovacancy type defects is inferred. For the film cooled in 10{sup -5} torr oxygen the magnitude of the increase in S, with respect to that measured from the film cooled in 760 Torr oxygen, showed positron trapping to vacancy cluster defects was occurring.
Date: 1997
Creator: Keeble, D. J.; Krishnan, A. & Nielsen, B.
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Time dependent effects and transport evidence for phase separation in La{sub 0.5}Ca{sub 0.5}MnO{sub 3}

Description: The ground state of La{sub 1{minus}x}Ca{sub x}MnO{sub 3} changes from a ferromagnetic metallic to an antiferromagnetic charge-ordered state as a function of Ca concentration at x {approximately} 0.50. The authors present evidence from transport measurements on a sample with x = 0.50 that the two phases can coexist, in agreement with other observations of phase separation in these materials. They also observe that, by applying and then removing a magnetic field to the mainly charge-ordered state at some temperatures, they can ``magnetically anneal'' the charge order, resulting in a higher zero-field resistivity. They also observe logarithmic time dependence in both resistivity and magnetization after a field sweep at low temperatures.
Date: February 17, 2000
Creator: Roy, M.; Mitchell, J. F. & Schiffer, P.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Structural and magnetic states in layered manganites: An expanding view of the phase diagram

Description: Colossal magnetoresistive (CMR) manganites display a spectacular range of structural, magnetic, and electronic phases as a function of hole concentration, temperature, magnetic field, etc. A1though the bulk of research has concentrated on the 3-D perovskite manganites, the ability to study anisotropic magnetic and electronic interactions made available in reduced dimensions has accelerated interest in the layered Ruddlesden-Popper (R-P) phases of the manganite class. The quest for understanding the coupling among lattice, spin, and electronic degrees of freedom (and dimensionality) is driven by the availability of high quality materials. In this talk, the authors will present recent results on synthesis and magnetic properties of layered manganites from the La{sub 2{minus}2x}Sr{sub 1+2x}Mn{sub 2}O{sub 7} series in the Mn{sup 4+}-rich regime x >0.5. This region of the composition diagram is populated by antiferromagnetic structures that evolve from the A-type layered order to G-type ''rocksalt'' order as x increases. Between these two regimes is a wide region (0.7 < x < 0.9) where an incommensurate magnetic structure is observed. The IC structure joins spin canting and phase separation as a mode for mixed-valent manganites to accommodate FM/AF competition. Transport in these materials is dominated by highly insulating behavior, although a region close to x = 0.5 exhibits metal-nonmetal transitions and an extreme sensitivity to oxygen content. They suggest two possible explanations for this transport behavior at doping just above x = O.5: localization by oxygen defects or charge ordering of Mn{sup 3+}/Mn{sup 4+}sites.
Date: January 5, 2000
Creator: Mitchell, J. F.; Millburn, J. E.; Ling, C.; Argyriou, D. N. & Bordallo, H. N.
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Structure--properties relationships for manganese perovskites

Description: By combining the results of dc magnetization, ac susceptibility, magnetoresistivity, magnetostriction, and x-ray and neutron powder diffraction data for stoichiometric La{sub 1{minus}x}Sr{sub x}MnO{sub 3} the authors have constructed a phase diagram that describes the magnetic, transport, and structural properties and the relationships among them as a function of composition and temperature. Correlations among physical and structural properties have been observed that are consistent with a competition between ferromagnetism and JT distortion. A metallic state occurs below the Curie temperature when both coherent and incoherent JT distortions are suppressed.
Date: October 14, 1999
Creator: Dabrowski, B.; Xiong, X.; Chmaissem, O.; Bukowski, Z. & Jorgensen, J. D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Grain boundary structures in La{sub 2/3}Ca{sub 1/3}MnO{sub 3} thin films

Description: As with many other oxide-based compounds that exhibit electronic behavior, structural defects have a strong influence on the electronic properties of the CMR manganites. In this work, the authors have studied the effect of grain boundaries on the transport properties and on the local orientation of magnetization. Thin films of the perovskite-related La{sub 2/3}Ca{sub 1/3}MnO{sub 3} compound were deposited onto bicrystal substrates using pulsed laser deposition. Transport measurements showed some enhancement of magnetoresistance across the grain boundary. The structure of the boundary was evaluated by electron microscopy. In contrast with the highly meandering boundaries typically observed in bicrystals of high temperature superconductors, the boundaries in these films are relatively straight and well defined. However, magneto-optical imaging showed that the local magnetization was oriented out of the plane at the grain boundary while it was oriented within the plane in the grains on either side. This coordinated reorientation of local magnetization near the grain boundary leads to enhanced magnetoresistance across the boundary in low fields.
Date: October 26, 1999
Creator: Miller, D. J.; Lin, Y.-K.; Vlasko-Vlasov, V. & Welp, U.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The temperature dependent anomalous Hall effect in La-Ca-Mn-O films

Description: The colossal magnetoresistance of La{sub 1{minus}x}Ca{sub x}MnO{sub 3} has been reported in many experiments. The authors present their study of the anomalous Hall effect in epitaxial La{sub 0.67}Ca{sub 0.33}MnO{sub 3} thin films. They have measured the temperature dependence of resistivity, magnetization and AHE coefficients between 300K and 5K for the samples grown on different substrates. From these studies, the relation between the resistivity and AHE coefficient as well as the temperature dependence of AHE coefficient are explored. The results show that the direction of AHE is reversed below approximately 100K. This sign reversal is discussed in term of the change of band structure and the co-existence of hole-like and electron-like conduction.
Date: October 27, 1999
Creator: Lin, Y.; Miller, D. J.; Jiang, J. S.; Pearson, J. & Bader, S. D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Intrinsic and extrinsic magnetic properties of the naturally layered manganites

Description: Structural and magnetic properties of the two-layered Ruddlesden-Popper phase SrO(La{sub 1{minus}x}Sr{sub x}MnO{sub 3}){sub 2} with x = 0.3--0.5 are highlighted. Intrinsic properties of these naturally layered manganites include a colossal magnetoresistance, a composition-dependent magnetic anisotropy, and almost no remanence. Above the Curie temperature there is a non-vanishing extrinsic magnetization attributed to intergrowths (stacking faults in the layered structure). These lattice imperfections consist of additional or missing manganite layers, as observed in transmission electron microscopy. Their role in influencing the properties of the host material is highlighted.
Date: November 30, 1999
Creator: Berger, A.; Mitchell, J. F.; Miller, D. J.; Jiang, J. S. & Bader, S. D.
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The Effect of Thermo-mechanical Processing on the Mechanical Properties of Molybdenum-2 Volume%Lanthana

Description: Variations in oxide species and consolidation method have been shown to have a significant effect on the mechanical properties of oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) molybdenum material. The mechanical behavior of molybdenum - 2 Volume % La[sub]2O[sub]3 mill product forms, produced by a wet doping process, were characterized over the temperature range of -150 degrees C to 1800 degrees C. The various mill product forms evaluated ranged from thin sheet stock to bar stock. Tensile properties of the material in the various product forms were not significantly affected by the vast difference in total cold work. Creep properties, however, were sensitive to the total amount of cold work as well as the starting microstructure. Stress-relieved material had superior creep rupture properties to recrystallized material at 1200 degrees C, while at 1500 degrees C and above the opposite was observed. Thus it is necessary to match the appropriate thermo-mechanical processing and microstructure of molybdenum - 2 volume % LA[sub]2O[sub]3 to the demands of the application being considered.
Date: March 14, 2001
Creator: Mueller, A.J.; R.W. Buckman,Jr. & A.J. Shields,Jr
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: The experimental Mn K-edge x-ray absorption spectra of La{sub 1-x}Sr{sub x}MnO{sub 3}, x = 0 - 0.7 are compared with the band structure calculations using spin polarized density functional theory. It is explicitly shown that there is a correspondence between the inflection point on the absorption edge and the center of gravity of the unoccupied Mn 4p-band. This correspondence has been used to separate the doping and size contributions to edge shift due to variation in number of electrons in valence band and Mn-O bond lengths, respectively when Sr is doped into LaMnO{sub 3}. Such separation is helpful to find the localization behavior of charge carriers and to understand the observed transport properties and type of charge carrier participating in the conduction process in these compounds.
Date: December 4, 2006
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Transmission electron microscopy of oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) molybdenum: effects of irradiation on material microstructure

Description: Oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) molybdenum has been characterized using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to determine the effects of irradiation on material microstructure. This work describes the results-to-date from TEM characterization of unirradiated and irradiated ODS molybdenum. The general microstructure of the unirradiated material consists of fine molybdenum grains (< 5 {micro}m average grain size) with numerous low angle boundaries and isolated dislocation networks. 'Ribbon'-like lanthanum oxides are aligned along the working direction of the product form and are frequently associated with grain boundaries, serving to inhibit grain boundary and dislocation movement. In addition to the 'ribbons', discrete lanthanum oxide particles have also been detected. After irradiation, the material is characterized by the presence of nonuniformly distributed large ({approx} 20 to 100 nm in diameter), multi-faceted voids, while the molybdenum grain size and oxide morphology appear to be unaffected by irradiation.
Date: March 3, 2003
Creator: Baranwal, R. and Burke, M.G.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Oxygen Transport Ceramic Membranes

Description: The present quarterly report describes some of the investigations on the structural properties of dense OTM bars provided by Praxair and studies on newer composition of Ti doped LSF. Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) was carried out on La{sub 0.2}Sr{sub 0.8}Fe{sub 0.55}Ti{sub 0.45}O{sub 3-{delta}} to investigate oxygen deficiency ({delta}) of the sample. The TGA was performed in a controlled atmosphere using oxygen, argon, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide with adjustable gas flow rates. In this experiment, the weight loss and gain of La{sub 0.2}Sr{sub 0.8}Fe{sub 0.55}Ti{sub 0.45}O{sub 3-{delta}} was directly measured by TGA. The weight change of the sample was evaluated at between 600 and 1250 C in air or 1000 C as a function of oxygen partial pressure. The oxygen deficiencies calculated from TGA data as a function of oxygen activity and temperature will be estimated and compared with that from neutron diffraction measurement in air. The LSFT and LSFT/CGO membranes were fabricated from the powder obtained from Praxair Specialty Ceramics. The sintered membranes were subjected to microstructure analysis and hardness analysis. The LSFT membrane is composed of fine grains with two kinds of grain morphology. The grain size distribution was characterized using image analysis. In LSFT/CGO membrane a lot of grain pullout was observed from the less dense, porous phase. The hardness of the LSFT and dual phase membranes were studied at various loads. The hardness values obtained from the cross section of the membranes were also compared to that of the values obtained from the surface. An electrochemical cell has been designed and built for measurements of the Seebeck coefficient as a function of temperature and pressure. Measurements on La{sub 0.2}Sr{sub 0.8}Fe{sub 0.55}Ti{sub 0.45}O{sub 3-{delta}} as a function of temperature an oxygen partial pressure are reported. Further analysis of the dilatometry data obtained previously is presented. A series of ...
Date: February 1, 2005
Creator: Bandopadhyay, S.; Nagabhushana, N.; Nithyanantham, T.; Zhou, X.-D; Sin, Y-W.; Anderson, H.U. et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Local structure of La1-xSrxCoO3 determined from EXAFS and neutron PDF studies

Description: The combined local structure techniques, extended X-ray absorption fine struture (EXAFS) and neutron pair distribution function (PDF) analysis, have been used for temperatures 4 {<=} T {<=} 330 K to rule out a large Jahn-Teller (J-T) distortion of the Co-O bond in La{sub 1-x}Sr{sub x}CoO{sub 3} for a significant fraction of Co sites (x {<=} 0.35), indicating few, if any, J-T active, single-occupied e{sub g} Co sites exist.
Date: January 1, 2008
Creator: Proffen, Thomas; Sundaram, Nalini; Jiang, Y; Anderson, Ingrid; Belanger, D P; Booth, C H et al.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Strain engineering to control the magnetic and magnetotransport properties of La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 thin films

Description: This work studies the control of the magnetic and magnetotransport properties of La{sub 0.67}Sr{sub 0.33}MnO{sub 3} thin films through strain engineering. The strain state is characterized by the tetragonal distortion (c/a ratio), which can be varied continuously between a compressive strain of 1.005 to a tensile strain of 0.952 by changing the type of substrate, the growth rate, and the presence of an underlying La{sub 0.67}Sr{sub 0.33}FeO{sub 3} buffer layer. Increasing tensile tetragonal distortion of the La{sub 0.67}Sr{sub 0.33}MnO{sub 3} thin film decreases the saturation magnetization, changes the temperature dependence of the resistivity and magnetoresistance, and increases the resistivity by several orders of magnitude.
Date: June 15, 2010
Creator: Yang, F.; Kemik, N.; Biegalski, M.D.; Christen, H.M.; Arenholz, E. & Takamura, Y.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Charge delocalization and structural response in layered La{sub 1.2}Sr{sub 1.8}Mn{sub 2}O{sub 7}: Enhanced Jahn-Teller distortion in the metallic regime

Description: Temperature dependent neutron diffraction studies on melt-grown crystals of the layered compound La{sub 1.2}Sr{sub 1.8}Mn{sub 2}O{sub 7} reveal a dramatic structural response to the onset of ferromagnetism and the coincident insulator-metal transition. Unlike the related manganite perovskites, whose Jahn-Teller distorted octahedra become more regular at temperatures below the metal-insulator transition, the MnO{sub 6} octahedra of this layered material are more severely distorted when the charge is itinerant than when it is localized.
Date: November 1996
Creator: Mitchell, J. F.; Argyriou, D. N. & Jorgensen, J. D.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department