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An Analysis of Criteria for Orientation in Public Junior Colleges as Perceived by Three Groups

Description: The problem of this study was to analyze the perceptions held by the following three groups concerning orientation criteria for public junior colleges: (1) a random sample of authorities in the field of orientation, (2) a random sample of public junior college presidents, and (3) a random sample of orientation directors of public junior colleges.
Date: June 1970
Creator: Kerbel, Larry Dean
Partner: UNT Libraries

A National Study of Junior Colleges in South Korea from 1963 to 1991

Description: This study is an analysis of the development of junior colleges in South Korea from 1963 to 1991 based on a survey of junior college presidents. It also identifies current problems facing junior colleges and future plans of junior college presidents. Chapter I states the problems and the purposes of the study. A brief background, the significance of the study, and methodology are also contained in this chapter. Chapter II contains a review of the literature. Sources related to the background of this study are somewhat limited. However, several studies are reviewed in this chapter. Chapter III describes the evolution of higher education, including modern education, Japanese colonial education, education after the liberation from Japan, effects of the Korean War, higher education reform under the military revolutionary government, 2-year colleges, 5-year higher vocational schools, professional schools and junior colleges. Chapter IV explores political, economic, and social factors influencing the establishment of the junior colleges, as well as societal obstacles to the development of junior colleges. Chapter V explores the problems facing junior colleges. Current academic facilities, including laboratories, gymnasiums, classrooms, computers, library materials, and teaching machines, are evaluated in this chapter. Chapter VI describes the junior college presidents' efforts to solve the problems. The future plans of junior college presidents are explored in this chapter. Chapter VII contains the summary, presentation of findings, conclusions, and recommendations. Recommendations for the future development of junior college education are also included.
Date: December 1992
Creator: Lee, Suk Ki
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Study of Faculty Participation and Organization in Texas Junior Colleges

Description: This study was undertaken with four purposes in mind: (1) to describe the extent to which faculty members are now involved in decision-making in Texas junior colleges as reported by four reference groups: (a) board chairmen, (b) junior college presidents, (c) faculty association presidents, and (d) other faculty members; (2) to describe the opinions of these groups relative to the extent to which faculty members should be involved in decision-making; (3) to describe the opinions of the four reference groups in regard to some characteristics of existing faculty organizations; and (4) to make recommendations for junior college faculty organization and participation in decision-making in Texas junior colleges.
Date: May 1972
Creator: Kirkpatrick, James Michael
Partner: UNT Libraries

History of the Development of the Junior Colleges in Texas

Description: In the main there are three questions to be answered in this investigation: First, what are the motives that have controlled the growth and development of the junior colleges in Texas? Second, what are the leading events in this development? Third, what is the present state of development of the junior college movement in Texas? A survey of the existing junior college situation in Texas is presented in the first chapter, while a more detailed history of development is outlined in the later chapters.
Date: August 1936
Creator: Barnard, Hilliard
Partner: UNT Libraries

Differences in Student Characteristics and Perceptions of the College Environment between Junior College Students Classified by Level of Satisfaction with Environment, Educational Classification and Sex

Description: The present research studied the differences in student characteristics and perceptions of the college environment between junior college students classified in three ways: level of satisfaction with the college environment, educational classification (transfer or terminal student) and sex of student. Secondary problems of the study were the following: 1. To determine the relationship between students' ratings of satisfaction with the college environment and perceived self-college similarity. 2. To determine the relationship between students' potential for dropping out of college and perceived self-college similarity and college-ideal college similarity. 3. To determine the difference in mean scores of satisfaction with the college environment between transfer and terminal students. 4. To construct profiles of male and female transfer and terminal students based on responses to a guidance questionnaire.
Date: August 1970
Creator: McClung, Ray O., 1935-
Partner: UNT Libraries

Identification and Analysis of Kinds of Information Needed by Community Junior College Students about Business Career Opportunities

Description: This investigation is concerned with the problem of identifying and analyzing kinds of information needed by community junior college students about career opportunities in business, as perceived by students, business teachers, and counselors in community junior colleges.
Date: August 1972
Creator: Knezek, LaVerne Dierschke (LaVerne Elizabeth Dierschke), 1935-
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Quantitative Description of Texas Public Junior College Boards of Trustees Meetings

Description: The purposes of this study were (1) to describe through the technique of content analysis the board of trustees meeting in Texas public junior colleges, (2) to determine relationships which might exist between aspects of the board of trustees meeting and various characteristics of public junior colleges, and (3) to measure differences which might exist between board proceedings of junior colleges.
Date: May 1972
Creator: Hoskins, Robert L.
Partner: UNT Libraries

An Analysis of the Understanding of Authority Relationships Between Chief District Administrators and Chief Campus Administrators in Multicampus Junior College Systems

Description: One of the newest organizational developments in the junior college world is the multicampus junior college system. The purpose of this study was to determine whether there is a difference in the understanding of authority relationships between chief district administrators and chief campus administrators in multicampus junior college systems. This information should be valuable to junior college administrators who are now, or will be, faced with the problem of clarifying this authority relationship in daily activities and future planning. The semantic differential was the measuring instrument used in this study. Its use required that a questionnaire be developed to include functions to be differentiated against a set of corresponding bi-polar adjectives. The functions selected were evaluated by several individuals experienced in multicampus junior college administration. The nine pairs of bi-polar descriptive adjectives selected were from general adjectives previous factorial studies showed to have high factor loadings on either the evaluative, potency, or activity dimensions of connotative meaning.
Date: December 1972
Creator: VanTrease, Dean Paul
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Development of a Program in Humanities for the Junior College Curriculum

Description: The purpose of this study is to develop a Humanities program for use in the junior college curriculum. This program shall derive as much as possible from a stated foundation of philosophy and shall be in accord with conclusions already achieved from research in the humane sciences.
Date: January 1961
Creator: Trieber, Jacob Marshall
Partner: UNT Libraries

A Study of the Emphasis that Junior College Counselors, Academic Faculty and Occupational Faculty Believe that Counselors Should Place on Specific Counseling Activities

Description: The purpose of this study was to determine whether differences exist among counselors, academic faculty, and occupational faculty, on two campuses of a junior college district, with respect to the emphasis they believe that counselors should place on specific counseling activities.
Date: December 1980
Creator: Mogor, Albert G.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Some Comparisons between Conventional College Teaching Methods and a Composite of Procedures Involving Large Lecture Groups, Seminars, and Reduced Class Time

Description: The problem of this study was to determine the differences in achievement, critical thinking, and attitude toward subjects of junior college freshmen which could be attributed to two approaches to the teaching of English composition and American history. The purpose of the study was to yield information for use as the basis for administrative and instructional judgments concerning pupil deployment, and plant and staff utilization.
Date: May 1969
Creator: Bean, Alvin T. (Alvin Truett)
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Relationship between Shorthand Achievement and Two Plans of Homework in Shorthand

Description: The purposes of the study were: 1. To design two contrasting plans of shorthand homework, Method A plan to be used by control groups and Method B plan to be used by experimental groups. 2. To implement Method A plan and Method B plan through control and experimental groups respectively. 3. To define criteria by which achievement levels may be determined. 4. To make comparative analysis of achievement levels between the control groups and the experimental groups.
Date: August 1972
Creator: Pankhurst, Barbara Elaine, 1940-
Partner: UNT Libraries

Conducting Floristic Studies of Local Plant Populations: The Potential of Two-Year College Students and Faculty

Description: The purpose of this research was to evaluate the ability of two-year college students and faculty in one area of activity and to gain a more adequate understanding of them. A dearth of taxonomic literature on plant populations at the local level prompted this study. It has been observed that amateur botanists have accomplished satisfactory and commendable work in plant taxonomy. Also, it has been observed that a high percentage of students in two year colleges commute considerable distances. These disparate observations led to a potential solution to the botanical dilemma.
Date: December 1993
Creator: Prather, Stanley A. (Stanley Albert)
Partner: UNT Libraries

The attitudes of presidents and chief academic officers toward faculty collective bargaining in Texas' community and junior colleges

Description: The problem of this study was to collect, analyze, and interpret the attitudes of administrators in Texas' community and junior colleges with respect to faculty collective bargaining. The purpose of the study were (1) to assess the attitudes of administrators in higher education institutions in Texas toward faculty collective bargaining, and (2) to determine if a relationship exists between attitudes of administrators toward faculty collective bargaining and seventeen independent variables.
Date: August 1978
Creator: Birmingham, Joseph C.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Accounting Instruction in Public Junior (Community) Colleges in the United States

Description: The focus of this study was the status of accounting instruction in public junior (community) colleges in the United States. The purposes were: (1) to make a survey and comparison of the accounting instruction which was being offered by the four types of post-secondary public institutions as listed in the Directory of Junior Colleges, (2) to determine the extent to which specially prepared materials were being utilized, (3) to determine the methods of instruction which were being utilized, and (4) to determine the work experience and educational level of the average full-time instructor who taught accounting in these institutions. The following conclusions have been drawn from an analysis of the findings: 1. The post-secondary institutions in the United States have accepted the challenge to provide technical accounting instructional programs provided this acceptance is indicated by the number of courses in accounting offered. 2. Although the institutions reported extensive offerings of different accounting courses, the instructional materials and methods were found to be the same as those in traditional accounting classes at four-year institutions which offer only degree programs in accounting. 3. Use of the cooperative method of instruction for technical accounting students was minimal. 4. The accounting instructors employed by the institutions appeared to have sufficient teaching and work experience to enhance their classroom activities, although only slightly more than half had majored in accounting.
Date: December 1974
Creator: Young, Ralph LeRoy
Partner: UNT Libraries

Self-Perceived Administrative Leadership Styles of Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and Deans in Public Community and Junior Colleges inTexas

Description: The major purpose for this study was to determine the self-perceived leadership styles of the presidents, vice-presidents, and deans of public community and junior colleges in Texas in 1994. Administrators' choices of leadership style were also compared with personal characteristics of leaders, such as age, gender, title, number of years in current position, number of years in current institution, number of years in administration, degree earned, number of years in teaching, and number of full-time subordinates. The backgrounds of the administrators, particularly their previous experience, control over their respective budgets, size of their budgets (state, local, other, percentage of workers' compensation), and the ethnicity of leaders, were also examined. The Styles of Leadership Survey and a Demographic Information Form were used to collect the data.
Date: August 1994
Creator: Ali, Hamad Abdulkareem
Partner: UNT Libraries

A History of the Kilgore College

Description: "This is a history of the Kilgore College, Kilgore, Texas, a junior college for Kilgore and the oil belt. The data concerning the history of this very young publicly owned junior college has been secured through personal interviews with its originators, its administrators past and present, Kilgore newspapers, college catalogs, college annuals, and educational references, public laws and board minutes...The material dealing with the history of this college has been organized to cover the following topics: origin of the college, three periods of material development, internal growth of the college, and summary, conclusions and recommendations." -- leaves 2-3
Date: August 1948
Creator: Bradford, Q. L.
Partner: UNT Libraries