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Investigation of clean water test sites for prototype turbomachinery. [Two-phase impulse expander]

Description: Expanded development of total-flow expander technology in order to obtain efficient energy extraction from the liquid flow component of the geothermal well flow, in addition to steam enthalpy conversion, has been undertaken by the University of California, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (LLL). The flow conditions necessary for this type of complete system performance characterization are beyond the capabilities of the test facility utilized in the preliminary tests at the LLL hot-water test facility. As an alternative to increasing the existing facility to meet the expanded test requirements, test facilities in the industrial California community are being surveyed to assess their capability in supporting future tests of the LLL expander. Biphase Engines, Inc. of Santa Monica, California was contracted by LLL to perform this survey. The goal of the Biphase Engines survey is to identify organizations with, first, an interest in supporting the LLL turbine test program and, second, to review their test capabilities with respect to the turbine test requirements. The results of the survey are described in the following sections which includes a listing of all organizations contacted. The responses to all inquiries are given. The affirmative responses to the test-support requirement are detailed with a description of the test facility, range of operating conditions, facility modifications and auxiliary equipment required and costs thereof, and testing schedule costs. (JGB)
Date: January 5, 1978
Creator: Cerini, D.J.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Identification of environmental control technologies for geothermal development in the Imperial Valley of California

Description: Control technologies to manage environmental impacts from geothermal developments in California's Imperial Valley from development to 1985 are discussed. Included are descriptions of methods for managing land subsidence by fluid injection; for preventing undesirable induced seismicity or mitigating the effects of seismic events; for managing liquid wastes through pretreatment or subsurface injection; for controlling H/sub 2/S by dispersal, reinjection, and chemical treatment of effluents; and for minimizing the impact of noise from power plants by setting up buffer zones and exclusion areas.
Date: October 5, 1978
Creator: Snoeberger, D.F. & Hill, J.H.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department