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Core Drilling at Shaft Sites of Proposed Mine-Water Drainage Tunnel: Anthracite Region of Pennsylvania

Description: From Scope of Report: "This report deals with the diamond drilling of 15 holes at the shaft of the proposed main drainage tunnel and with the information obtained by a petrographic examination of the core drillings from these boreholes.
Date: 1952
Creator: Ash, S. H. (Simon Harry), b. 1889; Doherty, R. Emmet; Miller, P. S.; Romischer, W. M. & Smith, J. D.
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Investigation of the Hydraulics of Horizontal Drains in Plumbing Systems

Description: From introduction: "In this paper, data obtained by Hunter and by the author are reported from laboratory investigations of (1) surge flow introduced into empty simply drains, (2) attenuation of surges in simple drains, (3) continuous full-section flow in simple drains under substantially steady, uniform conditions, (4) steady flow in compound drains, and (5) surge flow introduced through a branch drain into the side or top of a main drain carrying steady flow."
Date: December 18, 1964
Creator: Wyly, Robert S.
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Mine Pumping Plants: Anthracite Region of Pennsylvania

Description: From Summary: "To obtain a reliable picture of the anthracite-mine-water problem and to solve that problem, it is necessary to have factual data on the volume and the quality and character of mine water handled by pumping plants in the anthracite region, as well as kinds of pumps utilized and problems concerning their operation. The main conclusion that be drawn from an investigation of drainage practices in the anthracite region is that, although efficient pumping layouts, tunnels for draining active mines, and large-scale surface-drainage facilities for keeping water out of mines are in use, the anthracite industry still is threatened with curtailment, to a major degree, and premature extinction because of the encroachment of water, unless remedial action is undertaken in the vary near future by all interests concerned."
Date: 1953
Creator: Ash, S. H. (Simon Harry), b. 1889; Hower, C. S.; Kennedy, D. O. & Lesser, W. H.
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Farm Drainage

Description: Report discussing techniques for soil drainage, including tile-drainage and open drains.
Date: 1899
Creator: Elliott, C. G. (Charles Gleason), 1850-1926
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Flood Prevention in Anthracite Mines, Western Middle and Southern Fields: Anthracite Region of Pennsylvania, Project Number 2

Description: From Summary: "This report covers the second in a series of five projects into which the Conowingo tunnel system has been divided for geographical and practical reasons. It outlines the construction work contemplated-to sink two shafts on the line of the main tunnel that are designated the Nos. 9A and 11 shafts, to turn off from the No. 9A shaft the Landsford and Lykens laterals, and to drive portions of the main tunnel."
Date: 1955
Creator: Ash, S. H. (Simon Harry), b. 1889; Dierks, H. A.; Kynor, H. D.; Lesser, W. H.; Miller, P. S. & Romischer, W. M.
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Drainage Basins in Duval County, Florida

Description: "Duval County in northeastern Florida and adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean contains approximately 840 square miles of which approximately 80 square miles are covered by water. The county is drained by three major rivers, the St. Johns, Nassau, and St. Marys. In addition, the coastal areas are drained by numerous small streams that empty into the Intracoastal Waterway or the Atlantic Ocean."
Date: 1983
Creator: Stone, Roy B. & Largen, Joseph B.
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Technique for Estimating Depth of Floods in Tennessee

Description: From introduction: The purpose of this report is to present methods for estimating depths of various recurrence interval floods for unregulated streams in Tennessee. Relations between the size of the drainage basin and flood depths for four hydrologic areas of the state are defined.
Date: 1983
Creator: Gamble, Charles R.
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Effect on Sediment Yield and Water Quality of a Nonrehabilitated Surface Coal Mine in North-Central Wyoming

Description: From introduction: The purpose of this study was to determine the magnitude of some effects of an abandoned surface coal mine on the hydrologic environment. Specific objectives were (1) to define areas of erosion and deposition; (2) to determine if the sediment yield from an undisturbed drainage basin was less than that from a drainage basin partly disturbed by mining activity; and (3) to determine if there were differences in chemical composition of hillslope materials, sediment, and pond water in the two basins.
Date: March 1979
Creator: Ringen, Bruce H.; Shown, Lynn M.; Hadley, Richard F. & Hinkley, Todd K.
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Drainage and Erosion Control Facilities: Field Performance Investigation

Description: Partial summary: "The drainage and erosion control facilities of 54 installations were observed to evaluate performance of surface and subsurface drainage systems, erosion control measures, and conditions of buried conduits and associated facilities. Although the facilities observed varied from only 1 to 30 years or more of age and it is recognized that basic demands have increased as well as the fact that design and construction procedures have been improved continuously, many of the old familiar problems still exist and a few new ones have developed" (p. xi).
Date: June 1973
Creator: Grace, John L., Jr.; Calhoun, C. C., Jr. & Brown, D. N.
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The Drainage of Irrigated Farms

Description: "Methods of draining irrigated farms are described in this bulletin." -- p. 2. Drainage requirements; types of drains; sizes of drains; constructions methods, devices, and costs; and maintenance are among the topics discussed.
Date: 1917
Creator: Hart, R. A.
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Organization, Financing, and Administration of Drainage Districts

Description: "This bulletin is prepared to aid landowners, district officials, and others interested in forming drainage districts for the purpose of reclaiming swamp and overflowed lands. It presents methods of organizing the interested property owners and principles which should be considered in the administration and financing of drainage districts. It is particularly applicable to drainage districts in the humid regions of the United States. Because the laws in no two states are exactly alike, the subject necessarily must be treated in a general way." -- p. 3
Date: 1917
Creator: Yohe, H. S.
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Trenching Machinery Used for the Construction of Trenches for Tile Drains

Description: "This bulletin describes the types of trenching machines, and discusses the limiting conditions of work and the cost of trenching.... It will be of service to those whose lands need tile drainage. It does not deal with the drainage of irrigated lands, where the requirements for good trenching machines are often unusual and the cost of work much greater." -- title page
Date: 1915
Creator: Yarnell, D. L. (David Leroy)
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Preliminary Results of Preimpoundment Water-Quality Studies in the Tioga River Basin, Pennsylvania and New York

Description: Abstract: The Tioga River and its major tributaries were sampled monthly from September 1973 to May 1975. Water quality in the Tioga River is degraded by acid-mine drainage entering the stream near Blossburg from both strip- and deep-mined areas. The stream supports few species of aquatic life from Blossburg to its confluence with Crooked Creek- Alkaline water of tributaries Mill Creek, Crooked Creek, and the Cowanesque River counteract the acidity carried downstream from Blossburg, and ┬Ěthe water-quality of the Tioga River gradually improves, supporting a more diversified population of fish and aquatic life. Relationships between selected water-quality parameters have been developed for the sampling stations throughout the basin. Downstream trends were also examined. The relationships will be further refined and implemented in predictive water-quality models as more data are collected.
Date: July 1976
Creator: Ward, Janice R.
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Hydrology of Selected Basins in the Warrior Coal Field, Alabama -- A Progress Report

Description: Abstract: Hydrologic data are being collected in four basins in the Warrior coal field to provide baseline information to aid in determining the effect mining will have on water resource Basins monitored are in two different geologic and hydrologic environments. Well yields from the Pottsville Formation generally range from 0 to 0.3 L/s, whereas well yields from the Coker Formation generally range from 0.3 L/s to 6.4 L/s. Streamflow distribute reflects seasonal precipitation. Streams draining basins underlain chiefly by the Pottsville Formation frequently go dry, whereas those draining basins underlain chiefly by the Coker Formation have well sustained low flows. Water in the Pottsville Formation is slightly acidic and moderately hard to very hard. Dissolved solids concentrations ranged from 176 to 268 mg/L. Water in the Coker Formation is soft, far less mineralized and more acidic than water in the Pottsville. Surface water is generally soft, acidic, and low in dissolved solids concentrations. Water in streams draining basins underlain chiefly by the Pottsville Formation was slightly more mineralized and less acidic than water in streams draining the Coker Formation.
Date: March 1980
Creator: Puente, Celso; Newton, J. G. & Hill, Thomas J.
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Hydrologic Characteristics and Possible Effects of Surface Mining in the Northwestern Part of West Branch Antelope Creek Basin, Mercer County, North Dakota

Description: From introduction: The specific objectives of the study were to: (1) Determine the premining hydrologic and geochemical conditions in the 28 mi2 area; (2) provide a premining data base from which to measure the magnitude of change in the hydrologic system due to coal mining; and (3) determine the probable effects of mining on the water resources in the area.
Date: December 1981
Creator: Crawley, Mark E. & Emerson, Douglas G.
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The Effect of the Faka Union Canal System on Water Levels in the Fakahatchee Strand, Collier County, Florida

Description: From purpose and scope: The purpose of the investigation was to make a preliminary evaluation of the effects of the Faka Union Canal system on water levels in the Fakahatchee Strand. The evaluation includes more of a data collected specifically for the report as well as other data.
Date: September 1977
Creator: Swayze, L. J. & McPherson, B. F.
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Farm drainage.

Description: Describes the benefits of having a drainage system, and methods for planning and executing a variety of such systems.
Date: October 1952
Creator: Jones, Lewis A.
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Drain Holes for Criticality Safety Control Guidance for the Analyst

Description: Drain and overflow holes are integral to the nuclear criticality safety basis of many processes and provide different functions in achieving their safety goal. In most cases, unverified engineering judgement was used to conclude that the holes were adequate to accomplish their mission. Such judgement may adequately serve some configurations but is inadequate in other applications. It was determined that the exact function of every hole for both normal and upset process conditions must be understood and clearly documented. Y-12 has embarked on an effort to document engineering analyses of drain and overflow holes. This effort is essential to demonstrating that the holes are capable performing their intended safety function. The Y-12 EUO approach is based on criticality safety function and engineering analysis. The main components of the policies regarding drain holes are: C The criticality safety requirements are written in terms of function (e.g., depth in pan filter must always be less than 5 cm). C Engineering justifications are being written to show existing drains meet required function. Sometimes, detailed analysis of inflows and outflows is required. In some other cases, physical functional tests are performed. C Drains are documented on controlled drawings to ensure configuration control. A program of periodic inspections (usually annual) is in place for each required drain.
Date: November 30, 1998
Creator: LeTellier, m.s. & Smallwood, d.j.
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Terrace Outlets and Farm Drainageways

Description: "This bulletin is a compilation of the best information now available for farmers on the construction and use of terrace outlets and the protection, improvement, and maintenance of other sloping drainageways. The term "drainageways" as used in this bulletin refers primarily to channels of surface drainage in the upper reaches of watersheds or in unit drainage basins. 'Outlet' is a more restricted term and refers only to drainageways that are provided to receive and convey the discharge from the ends of terraces. The scope of this material is limited to surface runoff-disposal measures required in upland or rolling terrain where slopes are steep enough to cause channel erosion. It does not cover surface drainage or underdrainage of flatlands where natural drainage is inadequate." -- p. ii
Date: 1939
Creator: Hamilton, C. L.
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Water drainage model

Description: The purpose of the water drainage model presented in this AMR is to assess the ability of the EBS to drain water that may enter the EBS.
Date: September 27, 1999
Creator: Rosenberg, N. D.
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Availability and Quality of Water from Underground Coal Mines in Johnson and Martin Counties, Kentucky

Description: From abstract: This report provides water users with detailed information on the location, quantity, and quality of water available from underground coal mines in the Breathitt Formation of Pennsylvanian age in part of eastern Kentucky. The principal coal seams mined are the Van Lear in Johnson County and the Alma in Martin County. Coal mines that contained water were located by field inventory and coal-mine maps.
Date: 1981
Creator: Mull, D. S.; Cordiviola, Steven & Risser, Dennis W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department