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Banning the Use of Racial Preferences in Higher Education: A Legal Analysis of Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action

Description: This report discusses the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Laws based on suspect classifications such as race or gender, however, typically receive heightened scrutiny and require a stronger, if not compelling, state interest to justify the classification.
Date: September 3, 2013
Creator: Feder, Jody
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Arbitration of racial discrimination in employment: an analysis of arbitrators' awards 1964-1975

Description: The purpose of this study is threefold: (1) to analyze grievance arbitration cases involving racial discrimination which occurred from 1964 to 1975; (2) to recommend guidelines suitable to the use of grievance arbitration in the settlement of racial-discrimination disputes; and (3) to predict trends regarding future utilization of grievance arbitration as a forum through which racial-discrimination victims can seek redress.
Date: August 1977
Creator: Nyanibo, Archibong I.
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the Supreme Court: A Legal Analysis of Young v. United Parcel Service

Description: In 2015, the Supreme Court issued a decision in Young v. United Parcel Service. In the case, a United Parcel Service (UPS) worker named Peggy Young challenged her employer’s refusal to grant her a light-duty work assignment while she was pregnant, claiming that UPS’s actions violated the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA). This report begins with a discussion of the facts in the Young case, followed by an overview of the PDA. The report then provides an analysis of the Young case, its implications, and a potential legislative response.
Date: September 25, 2015
Creator: Feder, Jody
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Racial Profiling: Legal and Constitutional Issues

Description: Racial profiling is the practice of targeting individuals for police or security detention based on their race or ethnicity in the belief that certain minority groups are more likely to engage in unlawful behavior. Examples of racial profiling by law enforcement agencies suggest that minorities are disproportionately the subject of security-related practices. The issue has periodically attracted congressional interest and several courts have considered the constitutional ramifications of the practice as an "unreasonable search and seizure" under the Fourth Amendment and, more recently, as a denial of the Fourteenth Amendment's equal protection guarantee. A variety of federal and state statutes provide potential relief to individuals who claim that their rights are violated by race-based law enforcement practices and policies.
Date: April 16, 2012
Creator: Feder, Jody
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination in Employment: A Legal Analysis of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)

Description: This report discusses issues surrounding the proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would prohibit discrimination based on an individual's actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity by public and private employers in hiring, discharge, compensation, and other terms and conditions of employment. The stated purpose of the legislation is "to address the history and widespread pattern of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity by private sector employers and local, State, and Federal Government employers," as well as to provide effective remedies for such discrimination. Patterned on Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the act would be enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
Date: June 8, 2012
Creator: Jody Feder & Brougher, Cynthia
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Title IX and Sex Discrimination in Education: An Overview

Description: This report provides an overview of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and the various aspects of education affected by this law. Although Title IX has been only partially successful in eliminating sex discrimination in education, the effects of this legislation have been far-reaching.
Date: March 4, 2004
Creator: Galemore, Gary L.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Unauthorized Immigration

Description: This video recording is of the faculty lecture series UNT Speaks Out on Unauthorized Immigration. This series features Dr. Valerie Martinez-Ebers, Dr. David Molina, Dr. Mariela Nuñez-Janes, and Shaun Chapa. Dr. Martinez-Ebers, professor of political science, will provide a demographic profile of the U.S. immigrant population and introduce the various policy options that have been discussed in Congress. Dr. Molina, professor of economics and interim director of UNT's Immigrant Research and Policy Center, will focus on policy and economic impacts of labor. Dr. Nuñez-Janes, professor of anthropology, and Shaun Chapa, graduate student, will discuss undocumented students as a case study. They focus on issues of policy and practices, drawing on the students' experiences to raise questions about cultural citizenship, assimilation as the proxy for legal rights, new forms of racism and educational equity.
Date: April 13, 2011
Creator: University of North Texas. Libraries.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Knowledge-of-Correct-Response vs. Copying-of-Correct-Response: a Study of Discrimination Learning

Description: Copying prompts with subsequent unprompted practice produced better learning of simple discriminations than feedback only of a correct response without subsequent practice. The Copy condition promoted faster acquisition of accurate performance for all subjects, and shorter response latencies and durations for 3 of 4 subjects. The data support the findings of Barbetta, Heron, and Heward, 1993 as well as Drevno, Kimball, Possi, Heward, Garner III, and Barbetta, 1994. The author proposes that response repertoires are most valuable if easily reacquired at times after original learning. Thus, reacquisition performance data are emphasized. The data suggest that discriminations acquired by copying prompts may result in useful repertoires if a practice procedure is used which facilitates transfer of stimulus control from a formal prompt to a naturally occurring stimulus.
Date: August 1996
Creator: Geller, David, 1952-
Partner: UNT Libraries

Conditional Discriminations and Derived Relations: Pinpointing the Moment of Emergence

Description: Four subjects were exposed to the four trial types that define stimulus equivalence from the beginning of the experiment. Procedures were designed to identify acquisition dynamics and relate these observations to responding indicative of equivalence class formation. The data show that, for all subjects, the acquisition of training conditional discriminations was correlated with systematic changes in the subjects' selection responses. The results also indicate that the traditional percent correct measures obscure some important information about the subjects' behavior. The data are discussed in the context of the following statements. 1) Subjects' performances on derived trials are not indicative of relations among stimuli at some other level of analysis but are instances of "equivalencing". 2) "Equivalencing" itself can be characterized as changes in the conditional and conditionally discriminative functions of stimuli involved in the experiment. The potential benefits of this preparation are discussed.
Date: August 1994
Creator: Vaidya, Manish
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Student Non-Discrimination Act (SNDA): A Legal Analysis

Description: Report that discusses current laws that prohibit discrimination in education, and continues with an analysis of the specific provisions contained in SNDA, including provisions relating to coverage, prohibited acts, and enforcement and remedies under the proposed legislation.
Date: June 20, 2013
Creator: Feder, Jody
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

The Ministerial Exception of the First Amendment: Employment Discrimination and Religious Organizations

Description: This report analyzes the history and constitutional bases for the ministerial exception and examines selected statutory provisions reflecting its protections under federal employment laws. The report examines the distinction between the constitutional and statutory protections for religious organizations and addresses critical questions involved in judicial consideration of the ministerial exception. It analyzes which employees may qualify as ministerial, the extent to which courts may defer to religious entities claiming the exception, and whether the exception may apply to any claim brought against a religious entity.
Date: December 10, 2014
Creator: Brown, Cynthia
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Title IX, Sex Discrimination, and Intercollegiate Athletics: A Legal Overview

Description: This report provides an overview of Title IX in general and the intercollegiate athletics regulations in particular, as well as a summary of the commission’s report and ED’s response and a discussion of legal challenges to the regulations and to the three-part test.
Date: December 7, 2012
Creator: Feder, Jody
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Agency Enforcement of the Prohibition Against Sex Discrimination Mandated by Title IX and EO 13160

Description: This report provides a summary of the federal agencies’ enforcement of and compliance with the prohibition against sex discrimination mandated by Title IX and Executive Order 13160. Specifically, this report discusses the implementation of regulations and procedures for enforcing the Title IX compliance of grant recipients and for enforcing the compliance of the federal agencies themselves with President Clinton’s Executive Order.
Date: October 28, 2002
Creator: Feder, Jody
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Women and Television: Summary of Image Research and Survey of Organizational Response to Depiction and Employment

Description: This study first summarizes extant empirical research concerning role depiction of women in television. Analysis of these studies show television's portrayal of women as discriminatory. Second, this study reports results of an original survey of women's organizations to determine what stands and actions had been taken concerning (1) role depiction and (2) employment of women by the television industry. Out of ninety-two organizations surveyed, fifty-one (55 percent) returned useable questionnaires. Responding groups fell into nine categories, with political and educational organizations most active. National Organization for Women was particularly active. Responding groups most often used "citizen action" and "informational actions" to achieve goals.
Date: August 1975
Creator: Doyle, Holly S.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Effects of Conditional Discrimination Training on Symmetry and Semantic Priming

Description: Psychologists interested in the study of language find that people are faster at making decisions about words that are related than they are at making decisions about words that are not related – an effect called semantic priming. This phenomenon has largely only been document in laboratory settings using natural languages as contest and real words as stimuli. The current study explores the relation between the semantic priming effect and a laboratory procedure designed to give rise to performances that can be described as linguistic. Six adult participants learned to partition a collection of eight stimuli into two sets of four stimuli. Following this, the subjects showed the semantic priming effect within a set of stimuli but not across sets. These data suggest that it may be possible to study linguistic phenomenon in laboratory-based procedures allowing better control and the ability to ask very precise questions about linguistic functioning.
Date: August 2011
Creator: Hudgins, Caleb D.
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Effects of Concrete, Symbolic, and Verbal Reinforcement of the Discrimination Learning of Moderately and Severely Retarded Boys

Description: The present study is an attempt to determine which of several different types of reinforcers is most effective in discrimination learning using institutionalized mentally retarded boys of different intellectual levels as subjects. If one type of reinforcement works more effectively in conditioning one level of institutionalized mentally retarded subject, then that type of reinforcement could be used to greater advantage in controlling behavior than some other, less effective kind of reinforcer.
Date: January 1968
Creator: Johnson, James E.
Partner: UNT Libraries