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Bird Houses and How to Build Them

Description: "A few years ago only four species were commonly regarded as house birds -- the house wren, the bluebird, the tree swallow, and the martin. Since the movement to protect birds and make neighbors of them began, however, their natures and needs have become better understood, and it is now known that many other species will avail themselves of houses constructed for them by their human friends. The practice of erecting bird houses in this country, while now nation-wide, is not so common and uniformly distributed as it should be, and more extended provisions of this nature can not fail to result in a largely increased number of house birds." -- p. 2
Date: 1914
Creator: Dearborn, Ned, 1865-
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Syphon diaphragms : a method for predicting their performance for purposes of instrument design

Description: Here, the purpose is to show that the characteristic performance of a syphon diaphragm can be predicted from a knowledge of its stiffness and of its dimensions. The proof is based on a mathematical analysis of this type of diaphragm, together with enough experimental data to prove the validity of the assumptions and the sufficiency of the analysis. Equations are developed for the performance of syphons under various conditions of loading, both for concentrated loads and for hydrostatic pressure.
Date: May 1922
Creator: Eaton, H. N. & Keulegan, G. H.
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The vector ruling protractor

Description: The theory, structure and working of a vector slide rule is presented in this report. This instrument is used for determining a vector in magnitude and position when given its components and its moment about a point in their plane.
Date: March 1924
Creator: Zahm, A. F.
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Mollier diagrams for air saturated with water vapor at low temperatures

Description: Report presenting two Mollier diagrams relating the thermodynamic properties of air saturated with water vapor in equilibrium with water and with ice at low temperatures. The range of the charts created includes temperatures of 400 to 540 degrees R and a pressure range of 2 to 28 pounds per square inch absolute in order to provide the greatest utility concerning icing of aircraft.
Date: September 1948
Creator: Hensley, Reece V.
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Statistical Fluctuation of Intensity in Debye-Scherrer Lines Due to Random Orientation of Crystal Grains

Description: Note presenting an exploration of the Debye-Scherrer diagram of a stationary polycrystalline sample, which has an intensity distribution with an erratic line because of statistical irregularities of the crystal grain orientation. The fluctuations of intensity are discussed for the case that the only causes of line breadth are the natural spectral width of the primary radiation and the finite size of the grains.
Date: August 1951
Creator: Ekstein, Hans
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Description: Details concerning a recommended system of flow-plan symbols and drawings are given. The system is designed to identify the function of all major instrument components and to show schematically the operation of the instrument relative to the particular process. The system is used for identification and designation. (J.R.D.)
Date: June 19, 1962
Creator: Adams, R.K.; Davis, D.G.; Hyland, R.F. & Lieberman, B.
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Magnesium-Uranium Alloy System

Description: Analytical, x-ray, thermal, and metallographic data have been obtained in the study of the magnesium-uranium system, and a proposed phase diagram has been constructed.
Date: 1954
Creator: Tracy, George A.; Chiotti, P. & Wilhelm, Harley A.
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Transformation Kinetics of Plutonium. Part 2. A Study of the Gamma to Beta to Alpha and Alpha to Beta to Gamma Transformations

Description: The kinetics of the gamma deg C was con- beta deg C was con- alpha , beta deg C was con- gamma , and alpha deg C was con- beta deg C was con- gamma transformations were determined with a fiuid displacement technique. The rates of formation of the alpha and beta phases from the gamma phase were determined after gamma heat treating and allowing a sample to traasform isothermally in the alpha and beta ramges. Isothermal reaction curves were obtained from 160 C to -78C. The time-temperature-transformation curve of the gamma deg C was con- beta deg C was con- alpha transformation was plotted. The effect of the gamma heat treating time and temperature on the rate of transformation was examined. Isothermal reaction curves and time-temperature- transformation curves of the beta deg C was con- gamma , and alpha deg C was con- beta deg C was con- gamma transformations were plotted. Photomicrographs of specimens having transformed from the gamma range at different rates of transformation are presented. (auth)
Date: July 18, 1958
Creator: Nelson, R. D.
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Effective determination of coexistence curves using reversible-scaling molecular dynamics simulations

Description: We present a simulation technique that allows the calculation of a phase coexistence curve from a single nonequilibrium molecular dynamics (MD) simulation. The approach is based on the simultaneous simulation of two coexisting phases, each in its own computational cell, and the integration of the relevant Clausius-Clapeyron equation starting from a known coexistence point. As an illustration of the effectiveness of our approach we apply the method to explore the melting curve in the Lennard-Jones phase diagram.
Date: December 18, 2000
Creator: de Koning, M; Antonelli, A & Yip, S
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department