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Significant Metalliferous Lode Deposits and Placer Districts of Alaska

Description: From preface: "This report is a compilation of the significant metalliferous lode deposits and placer districts of Alaska, and is a comprehensive data base for a companion article on the metallogenesis and major mineral deposits of Alaska that will be published in the volume of Alaskan geology for the Decade of North American Geology (DNAG) by the Geological Society of America."
Date: 1987
Creator: Nokleberg, Warren J.; Bundtzen, Thomas K.; Berg, Henry C.; Brew, David A.; Grybeck, Donald; Robinson, Mark S. et al.
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Regional Hydrology of the Dolores River Basin, Eastern Paradox Basin, Colorado and Utah

Description: From introduction: The purpose of the investigation was to compile and interpret available hydrologic data, with principal emphasis on the hydrologic relation of the water resources with respect to the salt deposits, in order to serve as a basis for more detailed evaluations of potential repository sites.
Date: 1983
Creator: Weir, J. E., Jr.; Maxfield, E. Blair & Zimmerman, E. A.
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Geology of the Tulare Formation and Other Continental Deposits, Kettleman City Area, San Joaquin Valley, California, with a Section on Ground-Water Management Considerations and Use of Texture Maps

Description: From introduction: The purpose of this report is to compile the available geologic information on the Kettleman City area of the Central Valley that would aid others in the proper management of the valley's ground-water resources.
Date: May 1983
Creator: Page, R. W.
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Raton Quadrangle, New Mexico and Colorado

Description: From Purpose and Scope: "The Raton Quadrangle, New Mexico and Colorado (Fig. 1), was evaluated to identify geologic units and delineate areas that exhibit characteristics favorable for uranium deposits. All geologic environments exposed at the surface were considered. In the subsurface, all geologic environments to a depth of 1500 m were considered using either projection of findings for outcrops or subsurface information from borings."
Date: unknown
Creator: Reid, Bruce E.; Griswold, George B.; Jacobsen, Lynn C. & Lessard, Robert H.
Location Info:
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Sandstone Quarrying in the United States

Description: From Preface: "It is the aim of this bulletin to point out in a general way the location of workable sandstone deposits in the United States, and to outline the most efficient and economical methods of quarrying and preparing the rock for structural and other purposes."
Date: 1917
Creator: Bowles, Oliver
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Some Statistical Techniques for Analyzing Mine and Mineral-Deposit Sample and Assay Data

Description: From Abstract: "In addition to elementary statistical theory the material presented in the bulletin includes: (1) Certain special statistical techniques that have been found useful in mining applications; (2) problems, implications, and limitations that may be encountered in applying these techniques in mine sampling and evaluation; and (3) numerous examples to demonstrate application of the theory and techniques." From Introduction: "This report presents some of the statistical techniques that are useful for evaluating a mineral deposit and makes it possible for the analyst to derive much additional information from a set of assay data."
Date: unknown
Creator: Hazen, Scott W., Jr.
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Consumption of Slab Zinc in the United States by Industries, Grades, and Geographic Divisions, 1940-45: Including a Summary of Consumption Since 1900

Description: Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines discussing the U.S. slab-zinc consumption between the years of 1940-1945. As stated in the introduction, "this information circular summarized basic data collected for many years by the Bureau of Mines, but in particular presents for the 1940-45 period details derived from the comprehensive slab zinc consumption survey inaugurated in 1940" (p. 3). The different uses for slab zinc are presented. This report includes maps, tables, and illustrations.
Date: February 1948
Creator: Ransome, Alfred L.
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Coal Resources of the Fabius-Flat Rock Area, Jackson Countym Alabama

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines discussing studies conducted on the coal resources of the Flat-Rock area of Jackson County, Alabama. As stated in the introduction, "an investigation was planned to determine the extent, quality, and economic minability of coal deposits in Alabama reasonably close to ample fresh water sources that might be available for possible thermal electric power-plants" (p. 1). This report includes tables, maps, illustrations, and photographs.
Date: 1966
Creator: Shotts, Reynold Q. & Riley, H. L.
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Radioactive Carbonaceous Shale and Lignite Deposits in the Goose Creek District, Cassia County, Idaho

Description: From abstract: Uranium-bearing carbonaceous shale and lignite beds are exposed in the Goose Creek district of southern Cassia County, Idaho. The district includes about 150 square miles in Tps. 14 to 16 So, Rs, 20 to 22 E., Boise meridian.
Date: January 1953
Creator: Hail, William J., Jr. & Gill, James R.
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Distribution and Thickness of Salt in the Paradox Basin of Southwestern Colorado and Southeastern Utah, A Preliminary Report

Description: The following report covers investigation work done on the distribution of thick deposits of salt that had occurred in the Paradox member of the Hermosa formation of Pennsylvanian age in an area nearly 12,000 square miles of southwestern Colorado and southeastern Utah.
Date: February 1957
Creator: Baltz, Elmer H.
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Distribution of Ore Deposits and Spectrographic Analyses of Some Rocks and Ores on the Colorado Plateau

Description: Report discussing an investigation of rocks and ores found on the Colorado Plateau. These studies were conducted in order to determine distribution of elements and the various relationships of ore deposits and igneous rocks.
Date: December 1952
Creator: Riley, Leonard B. & Shoemaker, Eugene N.
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Annotated Bibliography of Salt Deposits: A Supplement to U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1019-J

Description: Abstract: "This bibliography supplements the information on salt published in U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1019-J, "Annotated Bibliography and Index Map of Salt Deposits in the United States," by Walter B. Lang, 1957. The supplement contains additional information on the salt deposits of the United States and of foreign countries, as well as data on the composition, chemistry, geologic occurrences, geophysical exploration, distribution, technology, and production of salt. Additional supplements will be issued from time to time to keep information on these subjects current."
Date: January 1958
Creator: Lang, Walter B.; Read, Charles B. & Moore, George W.
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Investigation of carbon deposition in an I-16 jet-propulsion engine at static sea-level conditions

Description: Report presenting a study of the effect of fuel properties on carbon deposition in jet-propulsion engine combustors using seven fuels: kerosene, Diesel fuel oil, toluene, xylene, 62-octane gasoline, a commercial solvent, and AN-F-32 (JP-1) in an I-16 engine at static sea-level conditions and constant rotor speed. Results regarding the reproducibility of data, reduced exhaust-jet-nozzle area, and fuel comparison are provided.
Date: April 29, 1947
Creator: Jonash, Edmund R.; Barnett, Henry C. & Stricker, Edward G.
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